Bridgeport, Brown and Cortland at West Chester


Full Results West Chester: 193.100 Brown: 192.875 Cortland: 182.800 Bridgeport: 172.600
VT: Mei Li Costa 9.800 UB: Mei Li Costa 9.925 BB: Natalie Marshall, Nicole Javinett 9.825 FX: Jessica Meakim 9.900 AA: Jessica Meakim 38.625

The Big Storyline: West Chester continued to prove its consistency but Bridgeport had a few hiccups. 

Implications: West Chester took home the team title, notching its second-highest score and its second score over a 193 so far this season, holding tight to its third place ranking in the USAG division. Brown should see itself creep up a spot into seventh, otherwise holding in eighth as well. Mei Li Costa led the charge for the Bears, as they tallied a season-high 192.875. Brown has improved nearly a point and a half each on vault and beam since the start of the season. Cortland scored its own season-high of 182.800, helped by Kamryn Rodriguez and adding nearly three points to its opening score of the season. Despite Bridgeport’s six-for-six on beam, it unfortunately only put up four on vault and bars, missing freshman Alyssa Wiggins, presumably to injury, dropping Bridgeport into last place in USAG and GEC.

Records: Mei Li Costa’s 9.925 is not only a new personal high but a program record for Brown on bars.

The event is finished.


Feb 05 2022


Eastern Time
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm



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