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2024 Recruit Ratings By the Numbers

The classes of 2024, 2025, and 2026 are teeming with exceptional talent. By examining key metrics and performance indicators, we offer an in-depth look at the future stars of college gymnastics. From how many total gymnasts received a rating this cycle to which college has the most rated recruits at this point, there are so many fun elements to this year’s group of rated gymnasts.

If you’re curious about how our rating system works—or just want a refresher—check out our frequently asked questions for more info.

444 Total Rated Recruits

After our evaluations, 444 total recruits received a rating across all three classes, an increase from 249 last year when we only rated two classes. In the class of 2024, that includes 38 five-stars, 74 four-stars, and 93 three-stars. The class of 2025 has 24 five-stars, 46 four-stars, and 66 three-stars. The class of 2026 made its debut with 11 five-stars, 39 four-stars, and 53 three-stars.

166 Gymnasts Improved

One of our favorite parts of each ratings cycle is seeing how the previously rated gymnasts improve. This year includes 93 previously unrated athletes who received a star rating for the first time, including 54 in the class of 2024 and 39 in the class of 2025.

Top States

Texas is once again the leader in ratings by state, with a total of 66 athletes across all three classes. California falls into second place with 51 gymnasts, followed by Florida with 26. North Carolina and Ohio round out the top five states with 22 and 21 gymnasts, respectively.

International Recruits

NCAA gym’s popularity is steadily growing, and that trend continues outside the U.S. A whopping 50 international recruits earned star ratings this year: Canada boasts the lion’s share with 45 gymnasts. Across the pond, England has three, Wales has one, and Belgium has one.


Top Clubs

Last year, WOGA was the only club to have 10 rated recruits. This year, with three full classes included in the ratings, three other clubs join them in the 10-plus club; Metroplex leads the way with 14 recruits, followed by Olympus and World Champions Centre with 12 each, and WOGA with 10.

Breaking down each class, Twin City Twisters leads the field with six rated recruits in the class of 2024 while Sonshine and WOGA both have five. Eight of Metroplex’s 14 recruits come from the class of 2025, followed by Olympus with seven, and World Champions Centre with six. Finally, keep an eye on Empire in future rankings—it has five recruits in the class of 2026, while Buckeye, Gymnastics Olympica, and Metroplex all have four. 

Colleges With the Most Rated Recruits

UCLA tops the list of colleges with the most rated recruits this year with a total of 10 across both recruitable classes, including six in the class of 2024 and four in the class of 2025. Kentucky and Michigan both follow UCLA with nine rated athletes apiece. Arkansas, Auburn, BYU, Missouri, Ohio State, and Oklahoma all have eight rated recruits in this year’s ratings.

12 Perfect Event Totals

It is incredibly difficult for a recruit to receive a perfect total on any event, so when one does, we want to highlight that achievement. Utah commit Avery Neff (2024) was the only athlete to achieve perfection on two events (vault and bars), with 10 gymnasts reaching the mark on one event, including Lily Pederson (Oklahoma, 2024) and Mackenzie Estep (Oklahoma, 2024) on vault, Haley Mustari (LSU, 2025) and Presley Duke (2026) on bars, and Haylee Hardin (Iowa Stat,e 2024), Baylie Belman (Ohio State, 2025), Madelyn Dorbin (Florida, 2025), Kimarra Echols (Missouri, 2025), Quincy Walters (California, 2025), and Kendall Torrens (2026) on floor.

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Article by Claire Billman and Jenna King


  1. in the article you on 2024 recruits by the numbers you failed to mention that Kailin Chio had 10.0 on Vault and Bars in 2024. I am just wondering why she was not included.

    1. This is not referring to perfect 10s. It is referring to gymnasts who received a perfect event total in our rating system, which is 25 out of 25 and is a combination of “score points” and “video points.”

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