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LIVE BLOG: NCAA Nationals Semifinal Two

Hello again from Fort Worth! Though top seeds LSU and Cal advanced as expected, session one delivered on its promise to have lots of twists and turns. The teams stayed within a tenth of one another through the first three rotations before the Tigers went full throttle on floor while Cal did exactly what it needed to do to avoid counting a fall on beam. Arkansas dug itself a hole early on, but finished strong on vault and bars while the unseeded Cardinal stayed within striking distance of the top two throughout the entire competition (ultimately, there just weren’t any opportunities for them to capitalize on).  

If the morning session was a battle of the underdogs, this session features the blue bloods—these are four of the only seven teams ever to win an NCAA title. 

I’m going to get this out of the way up front: Over-scoring has been a pervasive issue across the board this season, and I’m not going to re-litigate anyone’s previous performances. These are four exceptional teams. This meet is likely to be a nail-biter from start to finish, so let’s take a look at the contenders: 

There’s no such thing as a sure bet in this sport, but it’s going to take some serious work for Oklahoma to miss out on Saturday’s final. This roster isn’t just great for 2024, it’s arguably one of the best ever (and has the top score in history to prove it). 

Alabama arguably has the lowest scoring ceiling of this group, but it’s been remarkably consistent and has bested SEC rival Florida in both of their previous match-ups this season. The Crimson Tide haven’t been to the final since head coach Ashley Priess Johnston’s senior season, so this would be a 

Utah seems to be thriving under first-year head coach Carly Dockendorff, bouncing back from its preseason turmoil to claim the final Pac-12 championships and qualify to its record 48th consecutive national championship. 

Florida has been the very definition of “peaking at the right time,” its scores gradually ramping up all season long culminating in a truly stellar performance at the Gainesville regional. This is a fairly young roster, but the Gators have shown they still have plenty of bite. 

Oklahoma is the clear favorite to advance to Saturday, but the second spot is up for grabs.

The race is also wide open as far as the individual titles go. The standings after session one are as follows:


  1. Haleigh Bryant (LSU) 39.713
  2. Mya Lauzon (Cal) 39.638
  3. Kiya Johnson (LSU) 39.613


  1. Anna Roberts (Stanford) 9.950
  2. Hailey Klein (Arkansas), Anaya Smith (ASU) 9.9375
  3. Savannah Schoenherr (LSU), Haleigh Bryant (LSU), Mya Lauzon (LSU) 9.900


  1. Courtney Blackson (Boise State), Haleigh Bryant (LSU), Lily Smith (UGA), Gabby Perea (Cal), Skylar Killough-Wilhelm (UW), Reese Drotar (Arkansas) 9.925
  2. Konnor McClain (LSU), Andi Li (Cal) 9.9125
  3. Kiya Johnson (LSU), Mya Lauzon (Cal), Ella Cesario (Cal), eMjae Frazier (Cal) 9.900


  1. Mya Lauzon (Cal) 9.950
  2. Savannah Schoenherr (LSU) 9.925
  3. Konnor McClain (LSU), Haleigh Bryant (LSU), Lily Smith (UGA) 9.9125


  1. Aleah Finnegan (LSU) 9.9625
  2. KJ Johnson (LSU) 9.950
  3. eMjae Frazier (Cal), Haleigh Bryant (LSU), Kiya Johnson (LSU) 9.9375

Individual qualifiers for session two are listed below:

  • Rotation 1: VT – Gabby Wilson (Michigan), UB – Carly Bauman (Michigan), BB – Selena Harris (UCLA), FX – Jade Carey (Oregon State)
  • Rotation 2: VT – Carey, UB – Wilson, BB – Isabella Magnelli (Kentucky), FX – Raena Worley (Kentucky)
  • Rotation 3: VT – Mya Hooten (Minnesota), UB – Carey, BB – Wilson, FX – Sierra Brooks (Michigan)
  • Rotation 4: VT – Brooks, UB – Mara Titarsolej (Missouri), BB – Carey, FX – Wilson

You can watch all the action on ESPN2 and follow live scores here.

Shoutout to Kreigha–ESPN’s spotter on vault–for coming in clutch to get me lineups before start time <3

Rotation 1: Oklahoma VT, Alabama UB, Utah BB, Florida FX


Torrez: Oh man, Torrez sat her Y 1.5 after drilling the final one in warm-ups. 9.325

Wells: Gorgeous Y 1.5, just a small hop forward. 9.900

Bowers: OH… Short on her Y 1.5 and has to gut out a non-fall. 9.450

LeVasseur: We officially have a situation on vault. LeVasseur’s vault was nearly identical to Bowers. 9.375

Scheible: Stopped the bleeding with a solid fhs pike half, moderate hop back. 9.875

Davis: Lineup change with Davis coming in for Siegfeldt. OU currently with a 47.925. Her usual Y 1.5 with a large step forward, but not a fall. 9.725

Wilson (UM): Big Y 1.5 with a step forward. 9.850


LaCoursiere: Couldn’t see UB until the end, but a lovely FTDT, stuck. 9.9125

Hudson: Toe-hand to Maloney, very clean. A little loose on the bail to handstand, but a perfectly stuck blind full to double tuck. 9.900

Adams: Phenomenal blind full to double tuck, and the third stick in a row for the Tide! 9.850

Waligora: Close catch on the straddled Jaeger, but the fourth stick in a row on her DLO. Alabama is ROCKING bars! 9.8875

Machado: Toe-hand, great. VL, lovely. Slightly shy on her final handstand and a very minor adjustment on the double tuck. 9.850

Blanco: Good Pak and half pirouette. A hair close on the VL regrasp and little trunk adjustment after a sky-high FTDT. 9.9375

Bauman (UM): Exquisite blind change to straddled Jaeger. Bail position was a little indistinct. Lovely blind change to front double tuck with a tiny step in place. 9.900


Morgan: Missed the beginning due to latecomers *shakes fist*. Good switch leap, a little shy on switch half. A little form on both. Very nice front side gainer full, stuck. 9.925

M. Smith: Candle mount, good. Hitch kick to front aerial, very solid. Lovely bhs loso. Side gainer full sailed wide and she rocked back on her heels, but kept it under control.  9.925

McCallum: A little nervy on her wolf turns. Slow connection between her switch leap to split leap. Tucked gainer full sails way off to the side, but a stick. 9.8875

Paulson: Foot form on the side aerial to loso, and a tiny hip check. Leap series was great. Nicely done on the side gainer full. Wide stance, but good chest position and a decisive stick. 9.950

O’Keefe: Hip check on the side aerial to loso, but steadies herself quickly. Lovely side gainer full, stuck. 9.950

Gilstrap: Oh, a… fall? on her wolf turn? Knee touched the beam. Little check after the front aerial, but rock solid layout to two feet. Came off  on her leaps as soon as I typed that… 9.250

Harris (UCLA):  Bhs loso bhs, absolutely solid. Switch leap to split leap connection a little bit slow. Front toss with a side-to-side wobble. Stuck the back 1.5. 9.950


Nguyen: Big front double full, gets it all the way around but carries the Sissone almost OOB. Very precise Y full. Back 1.5 to front lay with soft knees on both. 9.875

Lazzari: A little stutter step on the front double full. Doesn’t get the punch out of the back 1.5 and has to slightly tuck down the front lay. 9.825

Pilgrim: Gorgeous back 1.5 through to double tuck, beautifully controlled. Tour jete half series, very well done. Great height and extension. 9.875

Blakely: Decent sized bounce back on her double tuck. Switch leap to switch ring half were excellent, best she’s done this season. Bach 1.5 9.8875

Ferris: Back 1.5 to front lay, very well done. Good form and nice rise on the punch front. 9.900

Wong: BIG DLO from Wong, minor foot slide back. Gorgeous position on her Popa. Whip half to front full, really springy (in a good way) and the elegant Gator chop to finish. 9.9125

Carey (OSU): HOLY GEEZ, fantastic Chuso with a minor little adjustment but whatever. It’s a Chuso. I missed her leaps because the OU mascot is high -fiving Haleigh Bryant’s parents (who are absolutely as lovely as their daughter’s gymnastics). Front lay through to a double tuck with controlled lunge. Awesome routine. 9.950

After 1: Utah 49.6375, Alabama 49.4875, Florida 49.4500, Oklahoma 48.3250

I’m gonna let KJC do the talking:

Rotation 2: Florida VT, Oklahoma UB, Alabama BB, Utah FX

Gabby Wilson’s dad is the warm-up period entertainment, and just a delight.


Draser: Very solid Y 1.5, some form and a little underrotated but she hung onto the stick. 9.875

Nguyen: Really good Y 1.5, decently high block with some form in the air and a minor adjustment on the landing. 9.850

Pilgrim: Excellent Y 1.5, stick straight throughout and just a tiny little shuffle on the landing. She’s literally skipping, haha. 9.9125

Ferris: Another strong Y 1.5, small hop to the side. 9.850

Wong: No problems with the Podkopayeva today. One of the best she’s done. 9.9375

Lazzari: WOW! Best Y 1.5 I’ve seen from her, super high and tight form and (I think?) stuck. 9925

Carey (OSU): Y double full with some form and a small bounce back. 9.900


Sievers: Excellent handstand positions throughout, staying aggressive. FTDT is stuck. Great start. 9.900

LeVasseur: A hair close on her Tkatchev. Tight bail to handstand. Blind full maybe a touch late, but excellent open back double tuck. 9.950

Torrez: Big air on the Ray, comes in a little close. Same on the Pak, but holsters it. DLO with a tiny hop forward.  9.850

R. Smith: Huge Ray, no problems on the Pak. Big DLO with an up-and-down. 9.900

Davis: Blind change to that ridiculously high piked Jaeger. Gorgeous Pak. Crisp half pirouette. Blind change to FTDT, sky-high and stuck with minimal stagger. Wow. 9.9625

Bowers: Blind change to clean piked Jaeger, maybe a hair close. Floaty Pak, half pirouette, good. Fantastic FTDT, chest down but a stick. Oklahoma is back on track! 9.950

Wilson (UM): Good position on her piked Jaeger and no issues on the FTDT, more or less stuck. That was about as good as she’s done it. 9.8625


Hudson: Front aerial to bhs, no question it was connected. Slight adjustment on her dance. RO back 1.5, stuck. Great start! 9.900

Waligora: Zero movement on the bhs loso. Side aerial also rock solid. Split jump to tuck jump full and comes off. Ugh, too bad. 9.025

Burgess: Kicked out the full turn with a little tiny lean. One-armed bhs loso and she comes off. Omg, what is going on?! Clean side aerial. Switch leap to beat jump with a check. Switch side with a leg-up check. Stuck piked gainer. 9.050

Gladieux: AGGRESSIVE bhs layout, awesome job. Looks like she broke the connection on her leaps and had to redo them. RO back double full, stuck. 9.875

Adams: Slow and deliberate 2.5 wolf turn. Front aerial with a hip check. Bhs loso with a touch of form and small adjustment, but nothing major. Bhs back 1.5 was a little crooked, and a tiny hop to the side. 9.2875 OK, apparently I missed a fall or similarly major break…

Blanco: Very calm and steady full turn. Bhs loso loso and hops off. I’m speechless right now. Lovely RO back 1.5, stuck. 9.1375

Magnelli (UK): Bhs loso loso, nicely done. Switch leap to switch side, love the trunk position. Front aerial, super steady. full turn sliiiightly overrotated, but not a big deal. Piked gainer stuck. Gorgeous routine! 9.950


M. Smith: Juuust gets the front double full around, but a well finessed landing. Love the L hop full, great position throughout. Powerful Rudi to high straddle jump, again with nice control. 9.8875

Rucker: And Rucker immediately goes down on her FTDT after Waligora. 9.0875

Paulson: Front tuck through to front double full, a little wild but she finessed it well. Clean front full to front lay. Switch full to Sissone, good. RO back 1.5 to a stuck front lay, awesome. 9.900

Gilstrap: Front lay to Rudi, super clean. Gorgeous stag jump. Very tidy leap series. Perfectly controlled front lay to front full to close. 9.950

O’Keefe: Front lay to front full with a hint of knees. Was a little out of position on her leaps, but kept rocking. Excellent front full to front lay to finish. 9.950

McCallum: RO bhs FTDT with form and a little foot adjustment. Switch leap looked shy, but good height on the Popa. You’d think I’d know the back dive was coming by now, but it scares me every time… Front lay to Rudi a bit crooked, but controlled landing. 9.900

Worley (UK): HUGE FTDT, stuck with a lunge out as an after thought. Switch ring to straddle, fantastic. Front full to front lay, so floaty and well-controlled. Really tight double tuck, kicked out. That was phenomenal. I’ve been wrong a few times today, but I’ll be stunned if that doesn’t go at least 9.950. And it goes exactly 9.950…

After 2: Utah 99.2250, Florida 98.9500, Oklahoma 97.9875, Alabama 96.7375

For those of you keeping track, Oklahoma and Bama are both counting fall(s) at this point. Oklahoma did everything possible to bounce back from that vault rotation, though.

Utah brushed off that early-lineup fall and was otherwise electric while Florida put up one of its best vault rotations of the season.

Rotation 3: Utah VT, Florida UB, Oklahoma BB, Alabama FX


Sabado: Y 1.5 a hair under and takes a step.

Zirbes: Y 1.5 fairly tucked down, but decent landing.

Glynn: Nice height, but overcooks the Y 1.5 and takes a big step, knee almost to the ground.

M. Smith: A beauty of an Omelianchik for the Utes! One of the best Smith has done this season (which is saying something).

Rucker: Well short on her Y 1.5. Lands back on her heels and takes several steps back.

McCallum: RO half on tuck half off, lands well outside the lines and a medium hop back.

Hooten (UMN): Strong Y 1.5, tons of amplitude, just a little step forward.


Blakely: Her usual form on the front double tuck and a little step back. Solid start for Florida. 9.850

Nguyen: Clean VL, very crisp DLO, stuck. 9.9125

Lazzari: Lovely Tkatchev. She’s milking the handstands. Pak, good. FTDT down to her knees. I’m done. 9.1625

Pilgrim: Maloney with great form. A little sketchy on the Pak, but doesn’t slow her down. Excellent FTDT, stuck. Pilgrim has got ice water in her veins. 9.900

Draser: Maloney to Pak, nicely done. Big DLO, stuck.9.825

Wong: Could’t see much until the dismount (lots of seat moving), but the DLO was exemplary and she was CELEBRATING. 9.9625

Carey (OSU): A little crooked on the Bhardwaj and minor leg sep on the VL, but nothing major. FTDT with a small hop back and a high five from Morgan Hurd.

Davis: Really stead bhs loso. Ditto the front aerial. Beat jump to ring, no wobbles but I’m head on so no clue about the position. RO back double full, stuck. 9.9625

Siegfeldt: Comes off on the bhs loso. Steady full turn. Front aerial, good. 9.2875

Bowers: Small hip check on her bhs loso, but mostly good. Switch leap to switch half, looked shy but my view isn’t great. RO back double full with a small shuffle. Nice recovery after the fall. 9.9375

Torrez: Love that wolf jump. Side aerial to loso with minor foot form and so steady. Switch leap to straddle jump, gorgeous. She’s attacking. Bhs side gainer full, stuck. 9.9625

LeVasseur: Full turn kicked out. Very secure bhs loso. Turns out of her front aerial and comes off. Welp. 9.1375

R. Smith: Bhs loso with a hip pop. Huge rise on the side gainer full, stuck. 9.950

Wilson (UM):Bhs loso with a hip check. I’m starting to think this beam is cursed. Well done RO back double tuck, small hop back. 9.875


Waligora: Front double full with a stutter step. Couldn’t see much in the middle, but a nice and clean front full to front lay to close. 9.8625

Machado: Little quick on the lunge coming out of the RO back double tuck. Double wolf looked a little overrotated. Little bit crunched on the front full to front lay, but overall a solid routine. 9.8625

Burgess: Big double pike to open. RO back double tuck, really tight and well-controlled. Nice height and extension on her Popa. Clean front full to front lay, big lunge out if I’m being picky, but that was excellent. 9.8625

Blanco: Big, pretty double pike to open. Small front foot adjustment. RO bhs double tuck, perfect. Big air on her Popa series. 9.900

Hudson: Front lay to front double full, plenty of power. Very tidy double tuck. 9.8875

Gladieux: Awesome height on her FTDT, significant lunge, but good control. Tons of heigh on the Popa. Rudi to straddle jump with tons of height and minimal travel. Awesome job. 9.900

Brooks (UM): RO bhs FTDT, so high and well controlled. Switch full series, good. Maybe just shy on the second? Front tuck through to a beautiful double tuck, small hop. Well done. 9.950

After 3: Utah 148.4250, Florida 148.4000, Oklahoma 147.0875, Alabama 146.150

This is the Upside Down. I have never seen anything like this, and I’m just beyond words a. So… Every team has had at least one fall? Utah and Florida are still  The individual competitors continue to be exceptional.

Rotation 4: Alabama VT, Utah UB, Florida BB, Oklahoma FX


Sears: Strong Y full to open, couldn’t see the landing.

LaCoursiere: Y 1.5 with slightly soft knees and a medium step forward.

German:  Really sharp Y full, small hop back.

Hudson: Very nice Y 1.5, stuck with a decent amount of trunk adjustment and arm wave to steady.

Blanco: Solid Y 1.5 to finish, lovely in the air and just a small hop forward.

Gladieux: Beautifully done Y full, stuck. Gladieux has been clutch today.

Brooks (UM): Beautiful vault from Brooks. Small hop means she probably won’t challenge for the podium, but it’s


M. Smith: Stalled a little on the Pak, but worked through. Toe-hand, good. Slight leg sep on the VL, but a stuck tuck double front.

Zirbes: Pak and half pirouette, great. Nice aggressive final handstand and a stick!

Morgan: Leg form on the Bhardwaj and VL. Strong front double tuck and another stick.

O’Keefe: Falls out of the LB half pirouette. Huge air on the front double tuck, gets kind of thrown forward but minimizes the step.

McCallum: I could not see a thing, but there was a huge roar on her dismount so I’m assuming it was a stick.

Sabado: Very nice blind change to straddled Jaeger. Wow, textbook DLO, stuck cold. A few hiccups along the way, but an awesome day for Utah overall.

Titarsolej (Mizzou): Missed the toe-hand and had to redo. After that, lovely handstands, half pirouette right on, and blind full finished right on top and one of her best double tucks, perfectly stuck. Brava.


Draser: Zero movement on the bhs loso or leaps. Leg up check after the full turn. RO back 1.5, stuck.

Blakely: Stead front aerial to bhs. Didn’t quite make the switch half, but steady. Side gainer full, stuck and an immediate head bob. Love it.

Pilgrim: Candle mount, check. Bhs loso, very crisp and deliberate. Front aerial, great. Small check on her series, and a stuck side gainer full.

Nguyen: Very quick on the Onodi to bhs, one of the best she’s done this season. Switch leap to split jump, great. Bhs back 1.5, stuck.

Wong: Switch leap to split leap with a slow connection and  minor adjustment. Excellent bhs loso. Full turn, good. RO back double full a little wonky in the air and a college stick. Great day for Wong!

Lazzari: YIKES, bhs loso and she split the beam and smacked her knee. Jenny Rowland immediately tells her to stay down (good call because I can already see a big bruise from here). Switch leap to split jump, well done. Clean full turn.

Carey (OSU): Clean full turn. Little check after something… Bhs loso with some form. Very slow connection on her switch leap to switch half. Side gainer full, stuck. Well done.


Davis: Slightly crunched on thr front double full. Switch half to wolf full to Sissone, good height. Back 1.5 to front full, a little form but good control.

Sievers: Beautifully kicked-out double pike. Awesome position on the switch side and Popa series. Not OU’s day, obviously, but great to see Sievers in the lineup after being limited to bars most of the season.

R. Smith: Big, open double tuck with a little foot slide. Well done double pike to end.

LeVasseur: Nice, open FTDT. Whip half to straddle jump was lovely. Glad to see her finish strong.


Bowers: Fhs front double  full to front tuck, just gorgeous. Kicked out double pike to finish.

Wilson (UM): Fabulous open FTDT, big lunge, but well-controlled. Switch side to Popa, tons of pop. Front lay to Rudi with a little chest down, but an excellent performance. Hats off, Gabby Wilson.

FINAL: Utah 197.9375, Florida 197.875, Oklahoma 196.6625, Alabama 195.4125

Your four final teams will be LSU (198.1125), Utah (197.9375), Florida (197.875), and California (197.7125).

VT: Anna Roberts (9.950), Hailey Klein, Anaya Smith, and Leanne Wong (9.9375), Ellie Lazzari (9.9250)

UB: Audrey Davis and Leanne Wong (9.9625), Kat LeVasseur and Jordan Bowers (9.950), Luisa Blanco (9.9375)

BB: Audrey Davis and Faith Torrez (9.9625), Mya Lauzon, Abby Paulson, Maile O’Keefe, Selena Harris, Isabella Magnelli, Ragan Smith, and Jade Carey (9.950), Jordan Bowers (9.9375)

FX: Aleah Finnegan (9.9625), KJ Johnson, Jade Carey, Jaylene Gilstrap, Maile O’Keefe, Raena Worley, Sierra Brooks, Faith Torrez, and Jordan Bowers (9.950), eMjae Frazier, Konnor McClain, Haleigh Bryant, and Kiya Johnson (9.9375)

AA: Haleigh Bryant (39.7125), Jade Carey and Leanne Wong (39.700), Mya Lauzon and Makenna Smith (39.6375)

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Live blog by Claire Billman


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