Courtney Blackson Boise State does a release on bars

Projected Individual Qualifiers for the 2024 National Championships

The way individuals qualify to nationals is complicated and difficult to understand, so we did the hard part for you and figured out which individuals are projected to advance based on Friday’s scores and Saturday’s team results.

Individual tie-breakers look first at the average of all four judges’ scores, then at the head judges’ score on the event, and then at NQS if things are still tied.

All information presented below is unofficial until confirmed by the NCAA and/or the teams and regional organizers.

Ann Arbor

Teams: Oklahoma, Alabama
AA: Gabby Wilson, Michigan
VT: Sierra Brooks, Michigan
UB: Carly Bauman, Michigan
BB: Amani Herring, Penn State
FX: Sierra Brooks, Michigan


  • Bauman wins a bars tie over Mia Takekawa with a higher NQS, after four-judge score total and the head judge scores were also tied.


Teams: LSU, Arkansas
AA: Jade Carey, Oregon State
VT: Mya Hooten, Minnesota
UB: Courtney Blackson, Boise State
BB: Isabella Magnelli, Kentucky
FX: Raena Worley, Kentucky


  • Magnelli wins on a tie-break over Ella Sirjord based on a higher NQS, after both remained tied by four-judge total and head judge score.
  • Worley wins a tie-break over Hooten on floor by NQS, after both remained tied by four-judge total and head judge score.


Teams: Florida, Utah
AA: Lily Smith, Georgia
VT: Emma Silberman, Maryland 
UB: Mara Titarsolej, Missouri
BB: Nikki Smith, Michigan State
FX: Skyla Schulte, Michigan State


  • L. Smith beats out Nikki Smith in an all-aroudnd tie break via the highest single-event score, her 9.975 on bars.
  • On bars, Titarsolej surpasses Ni. Smith via the four-judge total.
  • Schulte wins a tie break with Jocelyn Moore on floor via the four-judge total.


Teams: California, Stanford
AA: Skylar Killough-Wilhelm, Washington
VT: Anaya Smith, Arizona State
UB: Jada Mangahas, Arizona State
BB: Selena Harris, UCLA
FX: Chae Campbell, UCLA


  • Mangahas wins a tie on bars by way of highest four-judge total.
  • Harris wins a five-way tie for first on beam, and Campbell wins a nine-way tie for first on floor both with the highest four-judge total score.

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Article by Emily Minehart

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