LIVE BLOG: No. 5 Florida at No. 6 Kentucky

The No. 5 at No. 6 matchup for senior night is bound to be a great competition, but this meet also decides the regular season SEC title. Florida is in the lead with only one conference loss, while Kentucky has two with the ability to hand Florida its second SEC loss. Florida will be looking to beat Kentucky to claim the SEC regular season title outright as a loss will create a three way tie between Kentucky, LSU and Florida.

While regular season titles mean a lot to the school, NQS means more. Both teams will be looking to improve on the lowest counting score with just a few weeks left in the season. Kentucky will be looking for a final score above 197.350 to replace the home score from the meet against Missouri. Florida has continued to improve its team total every week this season, and it will be a tall task to continue that trend, but any score above 197.325 will be a NQS booster.

The 10 floodgates for Raena Worley have blasted open this season, and with it being senior night, watch for her to potentially add to her 10 tally on bars or floor. Speaking of floor, Danie Ferris has been warming up on floor before meets and could add that event back soon, could the last regular season SEC meet be the time?

Rotation 1: Kentucky vault, Florida bars

Rodriguez (UK): Big Yfull with open hips and a small hop on the landing. 9.825

Blakely (UF): Leg separation on the Maloney to pak connection, but hit the cast half. Over on the toe blind. Cowboys the double front dismount and takes a step forward. 9.8

Rizo (UK): Similar height to the first Yfull and some early turning on the table. Slight pike at the end and a small hop back. 9.85

Nguyen (UF): Better leg form in the Maloney to pak, but still some small leg separations. Floated the double layout and piked it down a bit at the end. Scooches the feet forward. 9.85

Patterson (UK): Some feet in her front pike half and is leaning back on the landing and takes a couple of mini steps back. Good height and distance. 9.925

Disidore (UF): Cleanest Maloney to pak so far. Clean VL. Bends over on the double layout dismount landing to try to hold the stick, but hops forward. 9.9

Magnelli (UK): Similar dynamics to Patterson’s front pike half. Small bounce back. Good chest position on the landing. A little off directionally. 9.9

Lazzari (UF): Low on the tkachev. Leg separation on the pak. Slightly over on the cast half. Low landing on the FTDT dismount and takes lunges forward. Might have brushed the mat with her knee. 9.5

Worley (UK): Good block off the table on her Y1.5 and takes a large pace forward. Good leg form in the air. 9.775

Pilgrim (UF): Not the highest Maloney to pak combination, but good leg form. Feet on the FTDT dismount and sticks it. A little low in that landing. 9.9

Wilson (UK): The twisting seemed off from the angle we had, but she sticks her front pike half. Slightly off center. 10

Wong (UF): Floaty Maloney to pak combination as well as the VL. Good leg form and toe point throughout. Sticks the double layout dismount. 9.975

After 1: Kentucky 49.500, Florida 49.425

Florida avoided a early large deficit with Wong’s clutch bars routine at the end of the rotation. Kentucky will also be thrilled with adding another 10 to Wilson’s resume. The live scores have not been working so I will try to go back and fill those in if it chooses to start working.

Rotation 2: Florida vault, Kentucky bars

Draser (UF): Good block off the table. Not the biggest Y1.5 that Florida will have. Soft knees throughout. Stuck the landing. 9.95

Davis (UK): Feet on the jaeger. Good distance from the bar on that. Clean bail. Legs glued together on the double layout dismount and took a step back. 9.825

Blakely (UF): Similar height on her Y1.5 and similarly soft knees. A hop forward on the landing. 9.9

Rizo (UK): Not as high on the jaeger or narrower straddle, but similar bail position. Hits the last handstand and sticks the double layout. 9.875

Nguyen (UF): Bent arms on the table which made her come in short on her Y1.5 and sits it down. Knees throuhgout. 9.2

Rodriguez (UK): Missed the opening release thanks to a buffer. Nice Clear hip to bail. Sticks the double layout dismount. Nice and high. 9.875

Pilgrim (UF): High Y1.5 with slighlty soft knees, not as much as the last few. Little piking in the hips. Big hop on the landing. 9.825

Procasky (UK): Leg separations on the Maloney and the pak. Good cast half. Stuck double layout dismount. 9.925

Ferris (UF): Great height and distance on her Y1.5 the biggest today. Great body position throughout. Small hop on the landing. 9.95

Bunn (UK): Lower jaeger than some of the others, but clean bail. Almost sticks her double layout dismount, but leans back and steps back to salute. 9.8

Wong (UF): Small leg separation throughout her half on half off. Some feet and direction. Small hop back. 9.875

Worley (UK): Big tkachev. Clean pak. Snaps the last handstand. Some feet on the FTDT dismount. 9.95

After 2: Kentucky 98.950, Florida 98.925

Finally got the live scores working so that was helpful. Kentucky stuck most of the bars dismounts in this rotation which helped the Wildcats keep the lead at the halfway point. Florida also hit some of those landings as well and minimized deductions on the non stuck vaults.

Rotation 3: Kentucky beam, Florida floor

Rodriguez (UK): Not the cleanest split positions on the switch to split. Feet on the bhs bhs loso series. Controlled full turn. Feet on the side somi. Feet on the ro before the back 1.5 dismount. Stuck the landing. 9.875

Brubach (UF): Feet on the front layout to Rudi and slide back quite a bit on the landing and went out of bounds. Hit the rotation on the leap combo. Feet on the double tuck and controlled that landing better. 9.75

Brose (UK): Lean on the front tuck. Slow connection between the front toss to bhs. Smooth switch to beat jump. Overturn on the full turn. Under on the back 1.5 and took a step back. Not a lot of height on that dismount. 9.775

Nguyen (UF): Knees on the front double full, but connected better into the sissone than she has in past weeks. Great positions on the switch ring and switch half. Very clean Y turn. Controlled the back 1.5 to front layout. 9.9

Bunn (UK): Clean full turn to start. Feet on the bhs loso loso series. Smooth switch to split jump. Leg form on the double full dismount and comes in a little low and has low chest and hop forward. 9.875

Hurd (UF): Slides thr front foot on the double layout to open. Not the highest. Great positions on the switch ring to switch half to wolf full. Not all the way turned on the wolf full. Not the highest front layout to front full, but controlled landing and clean form. 9.95

Patterson (UK): Clean full turn to start. Hip adjustment on the loso series. Clean front aerial and keeps the arms moving before the split jump. Falls on the switch to switch combination. Steps forward on the gainer pike dismount. 9.15

Pilgrim (UF): Back 1.5 to double tuck is controlled. Not the highest double tuck. Clean positions on the leap combo and fully rotated the split full. Clean landing on the double pike. 10. The judges are setting up the Raena 10 next rotation.

Worley (UK): Clean cat leap to switch side. Soft knees and feet on the front aerial to bhs loso. Precise full turn. Leaning back on the landing of the back 1.5 and steps into the salute. 9.925

Blakely (UF): Really high front tuck through to double tuck. Slide the front foot back a little. Hit the switch to switch ring half. Slightly large step out of the back 1.5 to front full. 9.925

Magnelli (UK): Soft knee on the last of the bhs loso loso series. Quick switch to split quarter combo. Slight waiver on the front aerial. Clean full turn. Sticks the gainer pike dismount. 9.95

Wong (UF): Great finish to the double wolf. Bounce back on the double layout, but stays in bounds. Good positions in the switch half to Popa. Hop in place on the whip half to front full. 9.95

After 3: Florida 148.650, Kentucky 148.350

The floor scoring for Florida seemed like the judges were preparing to give Worley a 10 in the final rotation so we shall see. Pilgrim’s 10 reaction was fantastic though. Kentucky overcame a mid rotation fall to still put up at 49.400, but there will be work to do on floor to try to claim a share of the regular season SEC title.

Rotation 4: Florida beam, Kentucky floor

Draser (UF): Feet and a waiver on the bhs loso series. Slow connection and short of split on the switch to switch half. Might have stepped in place with one foot on the back 1.5, but very controlled. 9.85

Rodriguez (UK): Not fully rotated on the front double full. Little amplitude on the switch to tour jete half. Solid double tuck. Lacking some amplitude on the back 1.5 to front half to split jump as well. 9.875

Blakely (UF): Quick front aerial to bhs. Adjustment and loss of toe point on the split leap to switch half. Waiver on the full turn. Sticks the switch the gainer full dismount. 9.9

Wilson (UK): Good amplitude on the back 1.5 to front layout. Not precise rotation on the switch side to wolf 1.5. Feet and a slide back on the front tuck through to double tuck. 9.925

Pilgrim (UF): Good toepoint on the loso series. Bent elbows on the bhs. Calm full turn. Hesitation on the beat to front aerial. Clean switch to split leap. Sticks the bhs gainer full dismount. 9.95

Magnelli (UK): High Rudi to loso. Soft knees and some leg crossing. Switch side quarter to straddle three quarters is what she did, not intended though, but it is very high. A lack of amplitude on the double pike, but sticks the landing. 9.925

Lazzari (UF): Feet and a lean on the bhs loso loso series. Clean switch to split. Controlled full turn. Great toe point on the straddle quarter. Sticks the cartwheel to gainer full. 9.9

Davis (UK): Large lunge on the double pike. Looks to have done a switch side half to straddle half. Very high back 1.5 to front layout. Opened very early on that first salto. Feet on the double tuck, but controls the lunge. 9.925

Nguyen (UF): Soft knees on the Onodi to bhs. Clean full turn. Slow connecting the switch to split jump. Leg crossing and knees in the air on the back 1.5 and a step back on the landing. 9.825

Brose (UK): Very high double pike with good toe point and controlled lunge. Tour jete half to wolf full was around. Great amplitude on the front full to front layout with a slight stutter on the landing. Very controlled front double full. 9.975

Wong (UF): Smooth switch to split leap. Feet on the bhs loso but solidly landed. Clean full turn. Feet on the front aerial and clean beat jump out of it. Sticks the double full dismount. Little leg crossing. 9.975

Worley (UK): Wonky legs in the full in, but controls the landing. Clean switch ring to switch side. Sticks the back 1.5 to front layout. Sticks the double tuck as well with some feet. 10. Predicted it last rotation.

FINAL: Florida 198.225, Kentucky 198.100

With this win, Florida takes the SEC regular season title outright and have an eight consecutive week of improving its team score. Kentucky might not have won, but it did set a new program record which is nothing to be sad about.

VT: Wilson 10
UB: Wong 9.975
BB: Wong 9.975
FX: Pilgrim, Worley 10
AA: Wong 39.775

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Live blog by Alyssa Van Auker

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