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LIVE BLOG: No. 82 Gustavus Adolphus at No. 70 UW-Whitewater

Division III gymnastics as a whole has been on fire this season, breaking records left and right from all calibers of teams. UWW has just set the all time Division III score record at a 194.4500 at everybody’s favorite meet: The Tennessee Collegiate classic! Since then Whitewater has remained around the 190 range, moving up or down a point or two every few meets finding themselves ranked right around the other UW schools. After missing out on nationals last year, the Warhawks have clearly been working hard determined to not suffer the same fate, but the WIAC regional competition will be a bloodbath between the UWs for those three national spots. Gustavus on the other hand has had a record breaking season, breaking the team record twice already this season, which now sits at 188.875, getting close to that 190 mark. This meet will likely go to the Warhawks unless something disastrous happens, but the Gusties will love the opportunity to continue working towards that 190 mark and prep some individuals for nationals, as the team national qualification will be a difficult for any team.  

Rotation 1: Whitewater VT Gustavus UB

Going to be a touch live blog as I am trying to following two video streams, the scoring stream and have the live blog tab open all on my laptop at the same time, so bear with me.

Dudziak (VT): Tuck full with just a hop back, with the chest up on the landing. Great start.

Michaud (UB): Blind to front giant to half piroette to bail. Toe up to the highball. Finishes with a double tuck. Good start

Bailey (VT): Yurchenko layout half. Beautiful stretched position and just a step forward.

Guy (UB): Blind full to blind half to bail handstand to a nice toe up. Ends with a stuck double tuck. great positions and form.

Pesch (VT): Another tuck full. Stuck cold. What a vault rotation so far.

Horsch (UB): Toe to clear hip to Laummen. Wow. Love this combo. Ends with a blind half to double tuck. Stumbles back, but nice.

Moore (VT): Another tuck full

Smaby (UB): Blind half to pike jeager. Bail to a nice handstand and a small leg separation. Ends with a blind full to double tuck.

Hammond (VT): Layout yurchenko full with just a step back. Beautiful with a decent layout position.

Schmitz (UB): Blind half to bail handstand. Nice. Closes with a blind full right on top of the bar into a very short double tuck, but keeps it up.

Balian (VT): Crashed yurchenko full. Arms very bent on table.

Lee (UB): Toe hand and almost arches over, does another toe hand into her Maloney and connects to a shootover. Kip hand, another kip hand to three giants and comes off. Something is off. Finishes with a blind full to an extra giant to a double tuck that she crashes.

After 1: Whitewater 47.850 Gustavus 46.200

Decent bar rotation for the Gusties, but will need to get some points back on vault to not fall too far behind.

Rotation 2: Whitewater UB Gustavus VT

Pesch (WW): Blind to Jaeger to bail. Solid connection. Ends with a blind full to double tuck with a big step back. great opener. m

Cash (G) Yurchenko layout. A little more hollow than stretched, but didn’t grab the legs.

Talley (WW): Blind full to gienger. Bail and misses the handstand. Ends with a blind to double tuck. Loved seeing her break into the lineup this year.

Horsh (G): Yurchenko layout full to a stick. Great body position, but doesn’t get much lift off the table.

Magel (WW) Blind to piked jeager. A little short on the the bail handstand. Ends with a stunning, flared double layout to a big step back. Vertical cast handstands throughout.

Bangs (G): Tusk layout with a big step back. Not my favorite body position.

Flom (WW) Blind to piked jeager. Nice catch. Pak with some noticeable flexed feet to a half pirouette. Ends with a blind full to a dynamic double tuck above the bar.

Willis (G): Yurchenko layout, a little too hollow for my liking.

Scott (WW): Blind full to a delchev. Queen. Ends with a dynamic double layout. Obsessed with the double lays from whitewater.

Michaud (G): Another layout with some low chest and a step forward.

Kollhoff (UWW): Blind half to a BIG tkatchev into a dynamic bail. Ends with a blind full, a tiny bit archy to a nice double tuck. Love the way she swings on bars.

Guy (G): Huge layout. Open hips and great amplitude.

After 2: Whitewater Gustavus

Whitewater bringing itself to a steady lead after a fantastic bar rotation breaking into the 48s which is a big deal for Division III bars. Gusties falling behind on vault, needing a bit more difficulty and amplitude to bring in those big scores

Rotation 3: Whitewater BB Gustavus FX

Magel (WW): Handspring lay. Perfection. Switch leap with a big wobble and breaks the connection. Split jump quarter. Great split. Ends with a roundoff to a 1.5

Willis (G): Double tuck a lunge to open. Front full to front lay with a step.

Kolhoff (WW): Perfect side arial. Side facing split half with a lean foward. Handspring layout step out with a small check forward.

Michaud (G): Ou a rudi to back tuck to open. I love it. A little low on the tuck. Front double full to end. Omg I stan. Love love loved that

Guy (G): Another front double full to open. Okkkkk Gustavus. Front lay to front full to a step forward. Good routine.

Gupta (WW): Handspring layout with a small check and lean. Punch front, a little under rotated with a step back. Roundoff 1.5 with a step forward to dismount.

Greeder (G): A THIRD front double full for the gusties. Closes with a front full to front lay. I see a theme in these floor routines.

Hammond (WW): Flawless handspring layout step out. Switch to switch side with a bent back leg. Gainer layout step out with a perfect landing. Ends with a gainer full off the side.

Knetzke (WW): Front toss to backhandspring. Great connection. Cat leap to side Arial.

Jahnke (G): Rudi to stag jump. Back 1.5 to front layout to end. Good finish. Nice leaps.

After 3: Whitewater Gustavus

Rotation 4: Whitewater FX Gustavus BB

Knetzke (WW): Rudi with the chest up and just a step back. Tour jete half to a popa to a wolf full. 1.5 to front lay. Tour jete half to end. Almost gets it around.

Bretitkreutz (G): Side arial to a big wobble. Tries again and connects to a backhandspring. Somehow saves it. Split to a split 3/4. Sticks the dismount

Bailey (WW): Double pike with an interesting pull technique. 1.5 to front lay. A little bit of legs on the 1.5. Ends with a double tuck with a lack of precision on the tuck.

Back (G): Split to split 3/4. Nice position. Side sumi. Stuck nicely but chest a bit down. Ends with a gainer full off the side. I missed her series.

Haberstock (WW): Front full to front layout to open. Good control. Switch half to straddle jump. Double tuck with the chest a bit down, but a controlled step.

Cash (G): Off on the handspring handspring layout series. Switch switch leap series. Front walkover. Tuck front full to dismount.

Dudziak (WW): Front full to front pike. Switch half to wolf 3/2.

Lee (G): Split to split 3/4. Front toss to beat jump with a wobble. Sticks her dismount.

Kolllhoff (WW): Big double tuck, but opens it a bit early and steps forward. 1.5 to front lay with exquisite form. Front handspring rudi and lands with the chest up to land. Nice.

Jahnke (G): Handspring layout step out. Perfect. Side facing straddle half. Gainer full off the side to a stick.

FINAL: Whitewater 191.975 Gustavus 186.075

VT: Pesch 9.625
UB: Kollhoff 9.725
BB: Knetzke 9.850
FX: Kollhoff 9.725
AA: Guy 36.825

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