Jade Carey posing on floor exercise.

LIVE BLOG: No. 18 Arizona State at No. 17 Oregon State

Well, it doesn’t get any closer than this! Two teams ranked within one spot of each other is a formula for an exciting, competitive meet. 

On top of holding the higher ranking, Oregon State is hosting this meet and will rely on the energy from the home crowd to edge out the Sun Devils in their first matchup of the year. The Beavers are led by Olympic gold medalist Jade Carey, who has been in and out of the all-around this year to preserve her body as she attempts to make her second Olympic team. With most of the spotlight going to Carey, freshman Sophia Esposito has quietly been a game-changer for Oregon State this year. Esposito broke into the all-around the last three meets and has been a 9.900+ machine on vault and floor this season. Expect those two to lead the Beavers in Corvallis this weekend.

Arizona State has showcased pure consistency this season. After some hiccups on floor and beam during the first three weeks of the season, the Sun Devils have been able to put it together in nearly every meet and haven’t scored below 49.000 on any event since week 3. Arizona State is led by two upperclassmen, Jade Mangahas and fan favorite Hannah Scharf, who have both competed in the all-around consistently throughout this season. Mangahas has broken the 9.900 barrier on three different events this season, proving that she is one of the top all-arounders in the conference. Scharf had some trouble on beam early on in the season, but has brought it back together and is slated to compete in the all-around during the meet.

Rotation 1: Oregon State VT, Arizona State UB

Briones (OSU): Really nice Yurchenko full! Maybe a slight hop on the landing, but that was pretty close to a stuck. 9.825.

Barbanente (ASU): Piked jaegar + overshoot, nicely done. Dismounts with a double layout and sticks the landing. Solid leadoff! 9.850.

Thompson (OSU): Another Yurchenko full, big distance and takes a big hop on the landing. Clean form throughout the air as well. 9.775.

Samiley (ASU): Straddled Jaeger to overshoot. Double layout dismount and takes a shuffle on the landing. 9.800.

Buckner (OSU): Yurchenko 1.5, a little short on rotation and takes major steps backward. 9.600.

Scharf (ASU): Maloney to Pak, follows with a nicely held handstand, but misses the half pirouette. Recovers well, and dismounts with a giant full to double tuck with a stuck landing. 9.775.

Garcia (OSU): Huge Yurchenko full, flares out at the end, and stuck the landing. 9.850.

Mangahas (ASU): Huge piked Jaeger to overshoot, that was nicely done! Full twisting double back dismount and takes just a small step. 9.900.

Esposito (OSU): Yurchenko full, huge height in the air and takes a small hop backward. 9.750.

White (ASU): Maloney half, so nicely done! Half pirouette on the high bar followed by Bail. Double layout dismount and takes a small step on the landing. 9.850.

Carey (OSU): Huge Yurchenko full, shows off a huge flare out and takes a hop on the landing. 9.950.

Clark (ASU): Straddled Jaegar to start, followed with a nice Pak. Double layout dismount and sticks it cold. 9.900.

After 1: Arizona State 49.300, Oregon State 49.150

Jade Carey just showed a huge Yurchneko full on vault, scoring a perfect 9.950. A little bit questionable on the landing, but no doubt that is the best vault that we’ll see tonight. Arizona State had a stellar bar rotation, edging out the Beavers to take the lead in the first rotation.

Rotation 2: Arizona State VT, Oregon State UB

Mangahas (ASU): Big Yurchenko full, flares it out and takes a hop on the landing. 9.700.

Espositio (OSU): Huge Ray to shooter, nicely done! Hits the final handstand. Giant full to double tuck, gets the stick. 9.875.

Gregoire (ASU): Big Yurchenko 1.5 and gets the stick! A little bit of early twisting onto the table, but still manages a big block. 9.875.

Briones (OSU): Nice Maloney to Pak. Hits the half pirouette on the low bar. Double layout dismount, just the tiniest shuffle forward. 9.850.

Reeves (ASU): Tucked Yurchenko 1.5, nicely controlled but takes a small step back. Solid vault! 9.800.

DeVries (OSU): Maloney to Pak, really clean. A bit short on the half pirouette on the low bar. Double layout dismount and sticks the landing! 9.950.

Scharf (ASU): Clean Yurchenko full and gets the stick! 9.875.

McMillan (OSU): Maloney to Bail, slight leg separation on the Maloney. Double layout dismount, pikes down on the landing and takes a small step backward. 9.850.

Smith (ASU): Yurchenko 1.5, big height but takes a step backward on the landing. Some loose form in the air as well. 9.675.

Thompson (OSU): Maloney to Pak, so nicely done. Maybe a bit shy on the half pirouette on the low bar. Double layout dismount and sticks the landing. 9.875.

Purler (ASU): Yurchenko half on, front tuck off. Doesn’t get the biggest block on the table, but still lands it well, just a step forward. 9.750.

Carey (OSU): Nice Maloney to full twisting Pak, nicely done. Maloney half with nice leg form in the air. Full twisting double back, and sticks the landing! Great routine! 9.925.

After 2: Oregon State 98.625, Arizona State 98.300

Oregon State showed some really nice bar routines with clean form, with every performance scoring at least a 9.850. The Beavers notched a big 49.475, proving why they are the sixth-ranked bar team in the country.

Arizona State had their lowest scoring vault rotation of the year, yet still managed above a respectable 49.000. The judges were a bit tougher on the Sun Devils on vault, but the scores still seemed to accurately match the quality of the routines.

Rotation 3: Oregon State BB, Arizona State FX

Esposito (OSU): Switch leap to standing switch leap, misses the connection to a standing LOSO. Beat jump + LOSO, nicely done. BHS + LOSO, nicely done. RO + double full dismount, leg separation in the air but sticks the dismount.

Lee (ASU): Front double full to start, takes a big step forward. Back 1.5 to front layout, nicely landed. Switch ring to switch half, nice split position in the leaps. Rudi dismount, takes a controlled step back. 9.875.

Thompson (OSU): A bit off on the BHS + LOSO but stays solid. Switch leap to split quarter, nicely done. Side somi, clean. Confident on the full turn. Back 1.5 dismount, doesn’t get a big pop off the beam and takes a step back. 9.775

Gregoire (ASU): Full twisting double back for the first pass, a bit of early twisting off the ground and doesn’t get great height on the pass. It was landed nicely, though. Rudi to back tuck, bails on the LOSO but shouldn’t affect the start value. 9.850.

Buckner (OSU): Full turn, huge wobble and has to grab the beam to stay on. Follows with a super clean BHS + LOSO. Split jump to double stag, a bit short of the ring position on the second leap. Solid side aerial. Back 1.5 dismount, big hop back. 9.450.

Smith (ASU): First pass is a well-landed double pike. Front full to front layout, nicely done! Tour jete half to Popa, nice height but lacking precision. Big double tuck dismount, but opens up a tad early causing her to take a step forward. 9.875.

McMillan (OSU): Front toss to back swingdown, nicely done. Clean full turn. Switch leap by itself, nicely done. Split jump to split ring jump, nicely done. Gainer full off the side, sticks the landing! Good routine, especially coming after a fall. 9.875.

White (ASU): First pass is front double full with a nicely controlled step forward. Back 1.5 to front full, major lack of amplitude on the second salto, and takes a step to the side. 9.800.

Young (OSU): Front aerial, slight wobble and misses the back tuck connection. Follows with BHS + LOSO, nicely done. Full turn, so well done. Split jump to split ring jump, I question that ring position. Front gainer full off the end and sticks the landing. 9.900.

Mangahas (ASU): Full twisting double back, a bit of a stutter step but finesses the landing. Front tuck through to double back, big step back and a bit off balance. Switch half + wolf jump full + wolf jump full, nicely done. 9.825.

Carey (OSU): Full turn, solid. Front aerial and wobbles on the landing. BHS + LOSO, nicely done. Switch leap to switch half, nicely done. Gainer full off the side and sticks the landing. 9.875.

Clark (ASU): Front tuck through to double back, slightly short on the landing and takes a step forward. Front full to front tuck, clean. Switch half to wolf full, nicely done. Double pike dismount, gets that landing controlled. 9.850.

After 3: Oregon State 147.875, Arizona State 147.575

Oregon State was able to drop Buckner’s fall and stayed solid in the 9.800 range for most of the routines. The Beavers are capable of scoring higher, but they’ll take five hit routines and a lead heading into the third rotation.

Arizona State had one of their better floor rotations of the year score wise, but the judging was quite questionable. I think some of their scores were a bit high, but it is still a rotation that the Sun Devils should be proud of.

Rotation 4: Arizona State BB, Oregon State FX

Lee (ASU): Split leap to full turn, a bit shy of split on the split leap. BHS + BHS + LOSO, very well done. Beat jump + sheep jump, nice! Back 1.5 dismount with a step forward. 9.850.

Garcia (OSU): Back 1.5 to front layout, really clean and nice height on both elements. Switch straddle to straddle jump, very clean. Double tuck dismount, way too much power and takes two big steps back. 9.775.

Smith (ASU): Beat jump to side aerial, slight balance check. Split half on the side of the beam, nice. Another balance check on the full turn. BHS + LOSO, well done. Switch leap to straddle quarter, very nice split position on both of those leaps! Gainer full off the side, just a small hop back. 9.650.

Chavez (OSU): Double pike dismount, chest down and takes a controlled step back. Back 1.5 to front layout, threw her chest forward on the second salto, but still managed a solid landing. Dismounts with a double tuck, much better landing with a controlled step back. 9.850.

Mangahas (ASU): Solid full turn to begin. Front aerial + BHS, solid connection. Switch leap to switch half, wobble with the leg up on the landing. Sticks the front toss. Gainer pike off the end, chest forward on the landing but fights for a stick. 9.700.

Thompson (OSU): Back 1.5 to front layout, nicely done. Tour jete full. Double pike dismount, great chest position and controlled step back. 9.900.

Clark (ASU): Solid full turn. BHS + BHS + LOSO, that was nice. Split jump to double stag, very well done. Front aerial, great! Front gainer full off the end, a small hop but that was VERY clean. Her technique on beam stands out from the rest of the routines I’ve seen tonight. 9.825.

Young (OSU): Double pike, really nice landing but just a shuffle forward. Huge double back to follow with a controlled step back. Split ring leap full. Front layout to front full, a bit off center but finesses the landing. 9.875.

Scharf (ASU): Double wolf turn, solid. BHS + LOSO. Side somi, slight balance check. Switch leap to split jump, back leg is short of horizontal on both leaps. Back 1.5 with a small step back. 9.800.

Esposito (OSU): Front layout + Rudi, a bit of a bounce out of the landing. Switch straddle to Popa, nice split position! Double pike, huge height and nicely landed. 9.925.

White (ASU): BHS + LOSO, beautiful extension. Really solid full turn. Front aerial + beat jump, great! Split jump + double stag, back leg was low in the split jump. Back 1.5, just a small step forward. Wonderful routine. 9.875.

Carey (OSU): Front layout through to double pike, big step back and front foot moves. Switch half to Popa, really nice split position. Huge double back to finish with a solid landing. 9.975.

FINAL: Oregon State 197.400, Arizona State 196.625

Arizona State took the lead after the first rotation, but couldn’t keep up the momentum, letting the Beavers take the win in today’s meet. Despite the loss, Arizona State is holding true to the consistency they’ve shown all season, scoring 49.000 or above in all four events. Small mistakes are preventing the Sun Devils from getting those higher scores, and as the post season approaches, they are going to need to clean up those small errors. This team holds a lot of potential and they are on the verge of breaking through.

Oregon State just smashed their season-high by three-tenths. The Beavers were especially strong on floor, where they scored yet another season high with a 49.525. Junior Jade Carey had a great meet, winning the all-around and two individual events. In just her fourth all-around appearance of the season, the Olympic gold medalist scored 9.900+ in three events, even with a downgraded vault.

VT: Jade Carey 9.950
UB: Taylor DeVries 9.950
BB: Ariana Young 9.900
FX: Jade Carey 9.975
Jade Carey 39.725

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Live blog by Aaron Doyle

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