LIVE BLOG: No. 42 UC Davis at No. 35 San Jose State

A late night Friday matchup brings us an exciting clash between two NorCal teams. Although no longer in the same conference with San Jose State in the Mountain West, these two teams still have a fierce rivalry. UC Davis enters this meet looking to get a solid road score for NQS if it wants to contend for regionals this year. The Aggies have yet to break 195.500 this year as a result of struggles on beam and will be looking to put a complete meet together tonight. 

As for San Jose State, the Spartans are looking to break 196.000 for the second time this season. Similar to the Aggies, San Jose State has been held back by misses on beam, and is looking to continue its streak of two meets in a row without counting a fall. As for individual awards, both teams have some stellar routines on vault and floor with Megan Ray and Keanna Abraham being highlights for the Aggies and Madison Kirsch and Jada Mazury leading the Spartans. Tonight’s matchup should be a good one, and as we enter midseason, an important meet for these teams with regional aspirations.

Looks like we should be starting about ten minutes, they’re still doing

Rotation 1: San Jose State VT, UC Davis UB

Valuch (SJSU): Nice yfull, hop back, really good twisting form. 9.750

Scafani (UCD): Nice hs, Deltchev to overshoot, a touch of bent arms on the catch. Dismount with a 1.5 and a step, nice. 9.750

Long wait, not really sure why.

Macpherson (SJSU): Another nice yfull, step backwards. 9.825

Otsu (UCD): Missed a lot because they were replaying Macpherson’s vault. Sounds like a hit so far, double layout is stuck but a little bit of leg separation. 9.775

Nelson (SJSU): Yfull, higher than the other two. Step back, solid. 9.800

Wakita (UCD): Nice hs, Jaeger is dynamic. Another good hs, great Pak. Fantastic pirouette. Stuck double layout, great routine! 9.875

Pitts (SJSU): Front hand tuck half, step backwards. Very dynamic, hoping to see this be a pike soon! 9.775

Fitz-Gerad (UCD): Good hs, Straddled Jaeger, some bent knees, overshoot, some form. Double layout is stuck but with visible leg separation 9.850

Kirsch (SJSU): Tucked Yurchenko 1.5, hop forward and flexed feet, nice tuck position

Oshiro (UCD): Slight short hs, Tkatchev, Pak with a small leg separation. Fine hs, giant full, double tuck is stuck!

Lopes (SJSU): Yurchenko 1.5, slightly bent knees and a hop forward. 9.775

Moneymaker (UCD): Great handstand, Maloney, Bail small leg separation. Excellent final hs, double layout tiniest hop in place. 9.850

After 1: UC Davis 49.175, San Jose State 49.000

A great opening rotation for both teams. UC Davis looked really nice on bars for a season high. Really nice work from the underclassman. San Jose State looked fine on vault, but would have wanted to get another stick or two. Onto the next!

Rotation 2: UC Davis VT, San Jose State UB

Wakita (UCD): Yfull, step back, nice line throughout 9.675

Valuch (SJSU): Missed the first half of this, double layout with a step. 9.725

Holtan (UCD): Tucked yfull, hop and a lunge out of it, chest forward. 9.550

Lopes (SJSU): Fine hs, Maloney, Bail, legs together. Great hs, blind full double tuck, stuck. Some flexed feet throughout, but nice. 9.725

Moneymaker (UCD): yfull, hop back solid.

Konieczny (SJSU): Nice hs, really good Jaeger. Solid hs, bail. Good hs, double layout, stuck. Great routine for her 9.875

Otsu (UCD): Omelchek, I think it was supposed to be piked, very bent/tucked knees towards the end though. 9.850

Mazury (SJSU): Piked Jaeeger great, good hs. Pak with a small leg separation. Good hs, double layout with a hop. 9.850

Ray (UCD): Yurchenko half on, tucked half, step forward and chest a little low, leg up. 9.725

Macpherson (SJSU): Nice hs, big Tkatcehv, flexed feet. Bail is great. Another great hs, excellent blind full to stuck FTDT! 9.825

Abraham (UCD): Yurchenko 1.5, stuck! Fantastic vault, great line and chest position on that landing. 9.900, would’ve been good with a 9.950

Weyhmiller (SJSU): Nice hs, good Jaeger. Pak has a great leg position, double layout with a step. 9.700, did I miss something?

After 2: UC Davis 98.050, San Jose State 98.000

After two, UC Davis has a slight lead, after both teams had okay rotations. The real test for both of these teams comes in the second half of the meet as they take on beam, should be exciting!

Rotation 3: San Jose State BB, UC Davis FX

Ashton (SJSU): Full turn, bhs loso is secure, Switch leap, switch half, lacking some split. Straddle 3/4, balance check, chest down. Gainer full stuck 9.725

Senthill (UCD): Back 1.5, front lay controlled. Tour jete half, wolf 1.5, a little bit messy on both jumps in terms of hitting the position. Double tuck, chest a touch low but well controlled. 9.750

Valuch (SJSU): Bhs loso is solid. Balance check on choreography, Punch front is good, some horrible camera angles right now lol. Switch half, beat jump, slow connection. Back 1.5 with a step. 9.775

Otsu (UCD): Front double full, small leg separation nice control. Switch side,?? I might be losing it, but I don’t think there was a second jump here. Back 1.5, front lay well done. Double wolf turn.

Kirsch (SJSU): Bhs, Onodi, great this week, some knees. Full turn, switch leap, split quarter solid. Bhs 1.5 is stuck, great routine 9.800

Judges are conferring, long wait.

Holtan (UCD): Front lay, front full, nice form. Double pike OOB. Switch half, Popa, solid. 9.825 ?? One judge gave it a 9.900? Thinking an error in entry, maybe. Yup, corrected to 9.725

Weyhmiller (SJSU): Full turn. Bhs, loso, very nice/ Switch leap, switch half, small check, really nice leg position in the switch leap. Side aerial, secure. Gainer full with a step. 9.825

Moneymaker (UCD): Front tuck through to double pike, well controlled, good landing position. Switch half, wolf full, fine. Rudi, controlled step. Double tuck, excellent control. Nice routine, 9.875

Macpherson (SJSU): Switch leap, split jump. Bhs bhs loso, small check. Full turn, standing gainer layout is great. Back 1.5 is stuck, nice 9.925

Abraham (UCD): Great amplitude on the double layout, well controlled. Switch side, Popa. Shushanova. Front tuck through to double tuck 9.900

Konieczny (SJSU): Switch leap, split jump. Bhs loso secure. Switch leap, switch half, falls and split the beam. Full turn. Gainer full is stuck

Ray (UCD): Front tuck through to double tuck, big step out. Leaps are great, tour jete half, split jump full, Popa. Double pike, stuck with her chest up. Great routine.

After 3: UC Davis 147.175, San Jose State

San Jose State hit beam, but a fall from Weyhmiller kept them from a bigger total. Macpherson was great today and the freshman looked good at the beginning of the lineup. UC Davis started slow on floor, but the last three routines were great to give them the lead going into the last rotation! Excited to see if the Aggies can hold on going to beam.

Rotation 4: UC Davis BB, San Jose State FX

Scafani (UCD): Missed the bhs bhs loso but hit, Split 3/4, full turn. This camera angle is so bad, I can’t see half the beam. Gainer full stuck 9.775

Forrand (SJSU): Rudi loso, controlled. Switch half, Popa, great splits. Double pike, larger lunge back with a slide. 9.825

Abraham (UCD): Bhs, 2 foot layout, a miracle that she stayed on, back foot completely off the beam, not a huge check check all things considered. Switch side is great, back 1.5 is stuck, great day for her! 9.725

Weyhmiller (SJSU): Back 1.5, front lay. Switch leap, switch ring half, decent ring position. Double pike, deep landing, lifts front leg, stays in bounds. 9.700

Holtan (UCD): Side aerial, secure. Bhs, bhs, loso, medium sized balance check. Switch leap, straddle quarter, okay positions. Full turn. Stuck gainer pike. 9.725

Macpherson (SJSU): Strong double pike, a tiny bit of a foot slide. Switch ring, switch side, nice. Back 1.5, front lay, controlled. Tour jete to a split, a little awkward getting there. Double tuck, fantastic control. 9.875

Moneymaker (UCD): Front toss, bhs, tiny bit of bent legs, secure. Switch leap, stag jump, small arm wave. Full turn. Side aerial is right on. Gainer full with a step forward. 9.750

Lopes (SJSU): Front tuck through to double pike, good control. Switch side half, straddle jump, lacking a bit of precision on the leaps. Double tuck, great amplitude, missing a tiny bit of control, but not major at all. 9.850

Otsu (UCD): Excellent double wolf turn. Bhs, loso is right on. She is moving sharply through this beam routine. L-hop, switch side, no issues. Side somi, good. Back 1.5 stuck, great routine for the Aggies and she’s pumped, 9.900!

Nelson (SJSU): Gorgeous double pike, Switch leap, switch ring half, missing a little bit of that ring position, but not bad. Back 1.5, front full, good positions. Really pretty routine, this choreography is really well done. 9.875

Oshiro (UCD): Bhs, loso, excellent extension. Smallest balance check on the full turn. Switch ring, broken connection, check. Switch leap, split quarter, no issues. Stuck 1.5, nice routine for the freshman!

Mazury (SJSU): Front lay, Rudi, really straight layout position in both saltos. Tour jete half, Popa, good splits. Double pike, well done.

Oh how fun, tied as we’er waiting for the last scores to come up!!

And San Jose State wins thanks to an impressive 49.350 on floor! Overall a great day for both teams, each team breaking 196.000! For UC Davis it was a season high, and a nice score for its NQS on the road. Keanna Abraham had a really nice day as did freshmen Oshiro and Wakita. San Jose State got its second best score of the season and Lauren Macpherson secured another all around win after a great day. Mazury also looked good on bars and floor!

FINAL: San Jose State 196.400, UC Davis 196.175

VT: Keanna Abraham 9.900
UB: Sophie Konieczny, Jadyn Wakita 9.875
BB: Lauren Macpherson 9.925
FX: Jada Mazury 9.925
AA: Lauren Macpherson 39.450

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Live blog by Rebecca Williams

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