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LIVE BLOG: No. 27 BYU, No. 47 Utah State and No. 55 Texas Woman’s at No. 1 Oklahoma

That’s a mouthful of a title, huh? Oklahoma rarely hosts quads outside of postseason competition, but this is one that brings together some fun names on Alumni Night at the Lloyd Noble Center.

Oklahoma, as expected, is cruising through its quest for a third straight national championship. Reigning Big 12 Gymnast of the Week Jordan Bowers currently leads the Big 12 in the all-around and is No. 4 nationally. She earned the Sooners’ first 10.0 of 2024 last weekend, but it likely will not be their last. BYU, the newest member of the Big 12, is adjusting well to its new conference; the Cougars earned a season high and their first conference win against West Virginia last weekend, even with lower than usual scores from some of their anchor performers, like Anyssa Alvarado. If they can get back to form, their team score can and should improve. 

Utah State broke the 196 barrier last weekend against Southern Utah and was recognized with four Mountain West conference award winners in Dani Kirstine, Brianna Brooks, Lexi Aragon, and Nyla Morabito. This will be Kristin White’s first meet at her alma mater as the Aggies’ coach and she will want to see their improvement continue after a subpar start to the season. As for Texas Woman’s, Steelie King and Daisy Woodring led the Pioneers to a season high last time out and it will want to continue that momentum at this meet in Norman.

You can watch live on ESPN Plus here and follow along with live stats here!

OU Lineups posted and I have good news and bad news. Bad news: No Dani Sievers, good news: Meilin Sullivan is in on bars in a lineup spot for the first time in her collegiate career!

Seems like this quad will not be following the new format, so apologies in advance if I miss routines, skills, etc. Controlled chaos incoming! (Also beam malfunction, Lou Ball and Guard Young for the win for fixing that one!)

Rotation 1: OU vault, BYU bars, TWU beam, USU floor

Davis (OU): Yurchenko 1.5, normal leg separation in pre-flight, step forward on the landing. 9.825

Benson (BYU): good position on first handstand, Tkatchev to bail, little loose in the handstand position, DLO dismount, step forward on the landing. 9.725

Torrez (OU): Yurchenko 1.5, good block and form in the air, controlled step forward on the landing. 9.850

Mason (BYU): short on first handstand, Maloney to Pak, leg separation in the Pak, overcooks her final handstand and falls. Remounts and hits her DLO dismount with a slide back of the feet. 9.225

Wells (OU): Yurchenko 1.5, the tiniest hop forward, great block and distance! 9.925

Eaquinto (BYU): Toe-on, Maloney to Pak, no leg separation, beautiful half pirouette on low bar, short on the last handstand, but NAILS the DLO to make up for it! 9.850

Bowers (OU): Yurchenko 1.5, stuck it. The tiniest knee bend in the air, but with that landing, that could go 10. Nope, 9.975.

Anyssa Alvarado (BYU): Maloney to Pak combination, super elegant in the air, misses the handstand on the low bar, full twisting DLO dismount, slide back on the landing. 9.825

Levasseur (OU): Yurchenko 1.5, stuck it. Like wow, that was so clean. There was nothing to take, so I will be shocked if that does not go 10. 9.975. HOW??

Bramblett (BYU): Ray to shootover, nailing the handstands throughout. DLO dismount, hop in place. Short and sweet and clean. 9.900

Scheible (OU): FHS pike half, good block off the table, lost the toe point in the area ever so slightly, hop back on the landing. 9.825

Alilah Alvarado (BYU): toe hand, Maloney to bail to handstand, gets that handstand position. Misses the handstand on the high bar, DLO dismount, hop in place. 9.800

Morabito (USU): coming in mid routine of this one. Beautiful toe point on the floor choreography. Switch half to switch full leap series, good extension. Ends with a front full to front full pass. 9.825

King (TWU): hits her BHS LOSO, switch leap to switch half to beat jump, did not quite get the switch half around. RO 1.5 dismount, small hop on the landing. 9.600

Stuart (USU): whip half to front full to open, good control out of the front full. Switch leap to switch ring, some form issues in the ring leap. Double tuck to close, barely stayed in bounds, but looks like Utah State had a clean rotation (we only saw a little bit, but looking at scores, it looks solid!) 9.875

After 1: Oklahoma 49.550, Utah State 49.225, BYU 49.100, TWU 48.250

As expected, Oklahoma with a solid lead after one rotation, but Utah State made its presence known with a season high performance on floor. BYU dropped a fall from Allix Mason, but had to count a 9.725, leaving the Cougars vulnerable heading into beam. TWU will want to use floor to bounce back after four sub-9.700 scores on the balance beam.

Rotation 2: USU vault, OU bars, BYU beam, TWU floor

Gatzlaff (USU): Yurchenko full, hop back on landing, pike down in the hips. Good height off the table. 9.700

Levasseur (OU): Tkatchev, good handstand on high bar. Bail to handstand on low bar, back up to high bar, blind full to open double tuck dismount, stuck. 9.875.

Brooks (USU): Yurchenko full, hop backwards. A tinier pike down in the air, but good height and distance. 9.800

Torrez (OU): beautiful first handstand, Tkatchev, toe hand to Pak salto, leg separation in the Pak, missed the last handstand, DLO dismount, hop in place. 9.825

Boyer (USU): Yurchenko full, pike down in the air, small slide back on the landing. 9.725

R. Smith (OU): Ray to immediate Pak salto, gorgeous in the air. Nails the final handstand, DLO dismount, stuck. Sooners going for the sticks. 9.925

Ostendorf (USU): Yurchenko full, great block off the table, lot of distance, small slide back on the landing, but the cleanest vault from the Aggies thus far. 9.825

Sullivan (OU): Maloney to Pak salto, so pretty! Half pirouette on the low bar is right on top, full twisting double tuck dismount, smallest step on the landing. Good for her because that routine was beautiful!! 9.900

Morabito (USU): Yurchenko full, off center after the block, lot of distance, side hop back on the landing. 9.750

Davis (OU): Good first handstand, Higgins roll to piked Jaeger, Pak salto is her usual, good final handstand, another Higgins rolls to double front half, usual cowboy position in the air, slides her feet together for the landing. 9.950

Stuart (USU): Yurchenko full, didn’t quite get the block she wants, lands with a low chest and hop backwards. 9.600

Bowers (OU): blind to piked Jaeger, good height above the bar, Pak salto to low bar, nails the half pirouette. Full twisting double tuck dismount, stuck it. Not a program record rotation, but a great rotation for the Sooners either way. 9.975

King (TWU): Double pike to open, lacked amplitude in the air, but got it around. Back 1.5 to front layout, much better control on the landing. Switch leap to switch full, good extension. Double tuck to close, lands short and takes a step forward. 9.800

Hernandez (TWU): front tuck through to double pike, nicely done! Switch side to straddle half, toe point was very visible on the straddle half. Back 1.5 to front layout second pass, good punch after the 1.5. 9.925

Woodring (TWU): double pike to open, big lunge back out of the landing. Good height in the leap series. Front full to front layout, leg separation on the front layout. Double tuck to close, and I think she stepped out of bounds. Couldn’t tell from that angle, so we’ll have to wait on the scores to see. 9.725, they took the 0.1 deduction for OOB.

After 2: Oklahoma 99.175, Utah State 98.025, BYU 97.825, TWU 97.450

I didn’t see any beam routines until Elease Rollins’ dismount, but looking at the scores, BYU will need a little bit of help after only Brynlee Andersen went 9.800 in the anchor spot. Oklahoma bars wasn’t record setting, but it extended its lead over the Aggies, who will want the momentum to continue heading to bars and beam. Sophie Hernandez for TWU currently has the highest score on floor with a 9.925, which will give the Pioneers a boost heading to vault.

Rotation 3: TWU vault, USU bars, OU beam, BYU floor

Davis (OU): Sooners above their season average to this point. Full turn to open, BHS LOSO, off on her footing, but stays on. Front aerial, recollects herself on that landing. Beat jump to split ring, another tiny wobble on the landing. RO double full, tiny step on the landing. 9.800

Millar-Crossman (BYU): If BYU is going to make up ground, floor is the place to do it. Double tuck to open, nice chest position and lunge out of it. Good control in the leap series. Front layout to front full to close, good landing out of it.

Wells (OU): Side aerial switch foot to open, nicely done. Dances out of the full turn, Switch leap to switch jump, good 180 position. BHS LOSO, the tiniest balance check, but covered it well. RO 1.5 dismount, stuck it. 9.875

Matern (BYU): front double full to open, step out of bounds and uncontrolled landing. Back 1.5 to front layout, much better control in that combination. Leaps were good, toe point was evident, Rudi to close.

Seeing a 9.200 flash for Utah State on bars.

Bowers (OU): The broadcast has been pushing for her to score a 10, will she deliver? Low beam choreo to open. Good control after the full turn. BHS LOSO, very solid. Split leap to switch half, foot up on the beam, so shouldn’t be a 10. (Natalie Brown says we won’t but judges have been crazy this season)

Dudley (BYU): DLO to open, little low in the landing, but keeps it on her feet. Switch side to wolf full leap series, good rotation in the series. Front full to front layout second pass, nicely done. Floor choreo follows, final pass is double tuck, best landing of the three passes. Love seeing the double layout!

Torrez (OU): Wolf jump, good toe point. Side aerial to LOSO spot on. Switch leap to straddle jump, gorgeous extension in the leaps. BHS side gainer full dismount, stuck it. The beam judges have been a little tight, but that should score well. 9.950

Schooley (BYU): Back 1.5 to front layout, lacked a little height but managed to get it done. Her musicality and choreography is on point, so shout out to her. Double tuck to close, stays in bounds. She’s struggled keeping it in bounds before, but that was very good! 9.900

Levasseur (OU): Dances out of the full turn, BHS LOSO, solid in the air. Switch leap to straddle quarter, nice rise in the straddle quarter. Cat leap to front aerial and immediately shows off her flexibility. BHS gainer full, the tiniest hop on the landing.

Jorgensen (BYU): Double pike to open, large step backwards. Little loose in her leap combination, steps forward on her second pass. Back 1.5 to front layout to close, the freshman is starting to gain some confidence!

R. Smith (OU): Looking to drop Davis’ 9.800. Choreo to open, BHS LOSO, nailed it. Dances out of the front aerial, straddle half to swingdown, good connection. BHS side gainer full dismount, stuck. Will definitely drop the 9.800, but how high will it go?

Benson (BYU): Double tuck to open, good control in the lunge back. Leaps looked good, but the angle was a little weird. Front layout to front full second pass, good rise after the front full. Double pike to close, cleanest landing of her three passes.

After 3: Oklahoma 148.700, BYU 147.150, Utah State 146.550, TWU 146.350

BYU matches its season high on floor and moves into a solid second place after Utah State has to count a 9.450 on bars from Lexi Aragon. Texas Woman’s now finds itself only two tenths out from third and heads to one of its strongest events in bars, while Utah State has to finish on the beam. Should be a fun finish!

Rotation 4: BYU vault, TWU bars, USU beam, OU floor

Witte (USU): BHS LOSO LOSO, nailed it! Good control on the full turn. Cat leap to front aerial, lifts her leg up after the front aerial. Another leg lift after the leap series, low chest on the dismount landing.

Davis (OU): Front double full to open, took a pretty large step out of it. Switch half to wolf full leap series, good toe point. RO 1.5 to front full combination pass, good rise after the 1.5. Also fun to see the alumni behind the current team, bet that’s a great confidence boost!

Eagles (USU): BHS LOSO, small balance check after the layout. Side aerial to split jump, then comes back with a switch leap to split jump. Good extension throughout all of those leaps. RO 1.5 dismount, gets the stick.

Johnson (OU): Front layout Rudi opening pass, good control. Double tuck to close, steps forward out of the landing. Switch half to wolf full leap series officially ends her routine, looked really good!

Jelen (USU): Side aerial to BHS series, good control. Switch leap lacked the tiniest amount of split, BHS side gainer full, gets the stick. After a low score from Witte to start, the Aggies are starting to pick up steam.

R. Smith (OU): T-Swift floor on Eras Night incoming! (aren’t y’all proud that I haven’t referenced it tonight up until now?) Double tuck to open, good landing. RO 1.5 front layout second pass, dances right out of it. Switch side to wolf full leap series, lots of amplitude on that. Double pike to close, managed to control that landing.

Kirstine (USU): BHS LOSO, waist bend and falls. Not what the Aggies wanted. Gets it back together with the full turn. Side aerial, nice form. Cat leap to side somi, controls the landing. Lacked the tiniest 180 on the leaps, gainer full off the end dismount.

9.950 for Smith. I have a feeling things are about to go off the rails.

Levasseur (OU): Tucked full in to open, maybe a little bit of low chest. Lot of sass in this routine. Switch side down to Shushunova, leaps way over 180. 1.5 front half to straddle jump, and her toe point never wavered. Very nicely done.

Brooks (USU): Front aerial to one-handed BHS, very good control on those elements. Switch leap to straddle quarter, good extension. Gets the full turn, BHS side gainer full dismount, gets her landing. Aggies trying to finish strong!

Torrez (OU): DLO to open, highest I’ve seen her chest on that landing. She’s following a 9.975 btw. L turn full and the toes were pointed all the way around in that full turn. Front tuck through to double tuck, maybe slightly off balance but it will still score high.

Ostendorf (USU): BHS LOSO, confident all the way through. Split jump to tuck full, lacked a little amplitude on the tuck full, but gets it around. Front toss, leg lift on the landing. RO 1.5, gets the landing. This is going to be close between USU and TWU!!

Bowers (OU): OU is already at a 49.700 on floor before Bowers, holy crap. Front double full to punch front, large step forward because she had a ton of height out of the double full. Double pike closing pass, much better control on the landing. Switch leap, then switch half to wolf full, good position in the leaps. 9.950 for Bowers, Oklahoma just scored its second highest floor score in program history.

FINAL: Oklahoma 198.450, BYU 196.250, Utah State 195.000, TWU 194.575

Oklahoma hits a season high overall team score, a second straight 198, and just tied its fourth highest overall team score in program history and didn’t score a 10.0. If that doesn’t give you an idea of the dominance of the Sooners, I don’t know what will. We didn’t see any TWU bars routines, but Utah State erased Kirstine’s fall and held onto third place, while BYU rebounded from a subpar vault performance last week and went 49.100 with Sydney Benson’s 9.900 leading the way.

VT: Bowers (OU), Levasseur (OU) – 9.975
UB: Bowers (OU) – 9.975
BB: Smith (OU), Torrez (OU) – 9.950
FX: Levasseur (OU) – 9.975
AA: Bowers (OU) – 39.750

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Live blog by Savanna Wellman

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