LIVE BLOG: No.15 Georgia at Arkansas

Happy Friday Night Heights! This week, it is one of many upcoming SEC matchups with No.15 Georgia at No.15 (during the preseason poll rankings) Arkansas. From these rankings alone, this can truly be either of the teams’ meet at the end of the night. This will be the second meet of the season for the Georgia Bulldogs and the first, and home opening meet, for the Arkansas Razorbacks of 2024.

For both​​ teams, there will be some question marks coming in.Arkansas entering this year is losing five big names, like Norah Flately and Kennedy Hambrick, who were consistent contributors during their respective times in Fayetteville.  Arkansas does however have four incoming freshmen as well as one transfer athlete from the University of Arizona, Sirena Linton who all have the capability to contribute on each event. As for the rest of the roster, the remaining upperclassmen have previously only been one or two event specialists, so what these lineups will consist of could really be a mix of anyone.

As for Georgia, the Bulldogs are already down three athletes entering the second meet of the year. Before week one, Vanessa Deniz unfortunately suffered a lower leg injury that will take her out for her final season. In the first meet of the year for Georgia against N.C. State, both Haley de Jong and Kelsey Lee were injured during warmups and will be out for the remainder of the year. With these absences, hopefully Georgia can fill in some of these spots, especially adding in one more of their 10.0 vaults to have six up rather than the five up, five compete situation they experienced last week. Looking back on last week as a whole, Georgia will be looking to build and tighten up in a few areas, but overall, started 2024 strong scoring a 196.200 which will give them a nice boost of confidence going into their first away meet of the year. 

If you are able to watch, you can follow along here starting at 8 p.m. ET, and you can also follow along with the live stats

Rotation 1: Arkansas Vault, Georgia UB

Weaver (ARK): Weaver opens their first meet with a huge Yurchenko full STUCK!!!!!! Wow!!! That was amazing! And its a 9.9!

Cashman (UGA): Good handstand, huge tkachev, little loose toe handstand to shoot over, and a great double layout to end! little hop but a great routine following a fall last week. 9.825.

Park (ARK): Yurchenko full, little bounce in place, but very nice vault! 9.825

Fitzgerald (UGA): good handstand, huge tkachev to bail and a double layout step forward. Much better than last week, just a little form break on the end. 9.8.

Sedlacek (ARK): Yurchenko 1.5, look a little slow in the air but a great vault with just a little hop to the right on the landing! 9.825.

Wahl (UGA): Big Maloney to immediate Pak, nice last handstand to a STUCK double layout! She already looks so much more confident in only her second meet of the year. 9.875.

Smith (ARK): Smith with a huge Yurchenko full with the smallest foot movement! Very nice vault with great height! 9.775.

Finnegan (UGA): Starts with huge Ray to a Pak, big leg split and a full out dismount stuck! The only thing in that routine was really the legs on that, otherwise that was great!

Williams (ARK): Yurchenko 1.5 with a small step forward. She will definitely find that landing as the season goes on. Nice block and distance. 9.9.

Scott (UGA): Starts with nice Ray, to great Pak, right back up to Maloney 1/2 and holds onto the double layout stick! That’s a big routine, she looks much more confident than last week.

Price (ARK): Yurchenko full hop forward but is landing on an eight inch so a little bit higher, but overall a great cap to a great first rotation of 2024 for the Razorbacks. 9.7.

Smith (UGA): Maloney to bail, holding the handstand, perfect. Full in dismount with the smallest shift forward. Commentators think this won’t go ten tonight, but it’s coming. 9.875.

Essenpreis (ARK): * exhibition Yurchenko 1.5 big step forward, but great power on this vault!

After 1:

Okay! Great first rotation! No falls had to count, no low scores, and both Arkansas and Georgia looked like they were already settling in! The highlight of the rotation for the Razorbacks was definitely the stuck cold lead off vault from Cami Weaver. Amazing. Bars for Georgia went much better than the first meet; Amanda Cashman coming off a fall last week looked calm, cool, collected, AND aggressive going in this lead off spot for Georgia. A true veteran, and her energy definitely rubbed off onto the rest of the lineup.

Onto the next!

Rotation 2: Georgia Vault, Arkansas UB(ARK)

Cashman (UGA): Georgia might be going five up five count again, not too sure yet, but Cashman gets it started with a nice Yurchenko full, but a little step forward, might have been trying a little too hard for the stick, but regardless, a nice lead off. 9.7.

Swaney (ARK): Starts bars off with a nice Ray, to Pak with a little leg separation on the catch. Dismounts with a double lay, stuck but a little chest down fighting for that landing! Otherwise really nice! 9.8.

LaClair (UGA): Yurchenko full, big hop back but lots of power. On the playback, takes off on the front of the horse so a little close to the end. 9.7.

Linton (ARK): her debut as a Razorback!! Maloney to pak, beautiful. Double layout dismount with a hop forward.9.825.

Battle (UGA): Yurchenko 1.5 hops out of bounds, buy lots of power on the first 10.0 vault for Georgia!

Pratt (ARK): Ray to start, beautiful bail, and a double layout STUCK. One word- CLEAN!!! Absolutely beautiful. 9.9.

Finnegan (UGA): Yurchenko 1.5, small scoot back, but great to have another 10.0 in this lineup! 9.775.

Scalzo (ARK): A new spot for her, usually the lead off, so nice to see her move back! Blind to straddle jaegar to bail, great connection, nice and smooth. Double layout stuck to end!!! Again, very clean. 9.9.

Wahl (UGA): Yurchenko 1.5, smaller hop forward than last week. Georgia is in fact going five up five count. 9.85.

Park (ARK): debut as a Razorback! Really nice Ray to start, Pak to a little bit of a struggle pirouette, but a huge double layout to end. Contagious sticks !! 9.825.

Jones (ARK): Blind to piked Jaegar, gorgeous Pak, very tight. Double layout, the smallest ever foot movement. So good. 9.875.

Weaver *exhbition (ARK): Jaegar to start but good distance to a nice Pak. Double layout with step, but overall, very good routine!

After 2: 98.550 ARK, 98.150 UGA

Arkansas bars!! That was so exciting! You can tell how hard they’ve been working on these routines with handstands and sticks especially. This rotation should definitely be a big boost of confidence for the Razorbacks! For Georgia, I wonder if the lineup will change making adjustments without de Jong who has been a staple for them the past few years. With the five who went, they definitely controlled more than last week, but still room to grow here. Still no falls having to count or low scores which is great; both teams should be going into the second half of this meet super confident.

Rotation 3: Arkansas Beam, Georgia Floor 

Love the shoutout to Lindenwood wearing their gold bows this week; DONATE if you can to save Lindenwood Gymnastics please!!!!

Gamiao (ARK): Excited for this routine! Starts with a standing layout, standing layout! Wow! Solid and very nice. Side sumi, very nice. Loving the smiles the whole way through. Switch leap to split, 180 on both. Dismounts with a round-off 1.5, small hop forward. Great lead-off! Looked super confident which is definitely half the battle. 9.875.

LaClair (UGA): Pitbull! Love! Starts with a front full through to double full, very nice control. Nice leaps, fun dance, love it all. The first two pass routine of the night, ends with a front rudi to layout step, a little weird landing, looks to have not gotten any bounce on that ending. 9.725.

Jones (ARK): Love the unique mount, so pretty. Front aerial to BHS BHS, very nice, good flow and connection. Full turn ends on toe, split jump to stag ring jump, nice catch to move out of it and not wobble. Front full dismount, scoots back a little but holds onto the landing. Very nice! 9.9

Williams (UGA): Starts with a very nice double pike. Second pass front full to front lay, a little loose on the twist but a nice landing! Switch side to straddle full, very nice. Definitely performing this routine! Last pass double tuck and falls, touching her hands on the floor. Just looks like endurance, but its only meet two! Hopefully Georgia can bring this momentum back up and rally with the next fourth. 9.125.

Williams (ARK): A fairly new event for her, but starts with a BHS LOSO, solid. Looks sharp and confident. Switch to straddle 1/4, more than 180. Front pike kick over, little adjustment but nice. Dismounts with a round-off 1.5, small scoot forward. Great routine! Arkansas is definitely feeling it! 9.750.

Fitzgerald (UGA): Opens with a front rudi to layout, I didn’t think that was making it around, but she did, just a little weird on the landing. Double tuck to end, a little short, but makes it around. Definitely helpful routine in getting Georgia back on track.

Weaver (ARK): A couple of new changes coming, starting with the series, BHS LOSO, solid. Different front last year but great! Split to double stag ring, a little bobble, side aerial, also new with a little adjustment. Dismounts with a round-off 1.5, STUCK! The first true stick of the rotation! A little breaks here and there, but Arkansas is looking strong in this rotation. 9.775.

Cashman (UGA): Starts with a round-off 1.5 to front full, much better than last week, gets the full all the way around. Very nice leaps, over 180. Ends with a double tuck, a little short but gets it around. A MUCH better routine for her than last week! 9.75.

Linton (ARK): Starts with wolf 2/1, very nice. BHS BHS LOSO and is off the side. A little crunchy on that. Gets back on track with a nice switch to split. Finishes with a round-off 1.5, little bounce, but a good end. She just looked rushed into that series, but the rest of the routine was nice. 9.150.

Wahl (UGA): I love her performance quality even as a freshman. Starts with a huge full in! A little too much power on the landing, but recovers nice and stays in. Ends with a front through to double tuck, steps forward to a lunge on the landing. Very nice! Okay second floor routine ever!9.850.

Park (ARK): Starts with a BHS LOSO LOSO, SAVES THAT! Big wobble but stays on. Switch leap to switch leap, very nice. She’s definitely settling into this more, ends with aerial back 1.5 STUCK! That is big, especially for a freshman to be in that spot and not have to count a fall. She should be very proud of that! 9.725.

Smith (UGA): New event for Smith, front double full stuck. Wow. Back 1.5 to front lay, also stuck. Wow part two. I love her dance. Switch side to wolf full, very nice. Her dance is beautiful, and she ends with a rudi to straddle jump. That was SO nice. A different vibe than the usual NCAA routine, but that was great, Georgia is going to love that. 9.925.

Klien (ARK) *exhibition: Aerial LOSO to start, solid. Switch to straddle, and a round off 1.5 with a step back to end! That will be a routine they want in the lineup in the future!

After 3: 

So both ups and downs for both! Still didn’t have to count a fall for either, but definitely a little more of a struggle to get there. That wasn’t the best rotation for Georgia, but they made it through and ended really strong. That was the best I have seen Arkansas beam in a while, they are doing something right. No one truly looked jittery, pretty much confident all around with some very unique skills. This is still anyone’s meet!

Rotation 4: Georgia Beam, Arkansas Floor 

Wahl (UGA): Starts with a BHS BHS LOSO, a little off but great. Side sumi, lifts her foot off the beam that might be a little off. Beat jump to split 3/4 very nice. Round off 1.5 to end, slight hop. A good start, not something she looks to love, but a very nice lead off. 9.75.

Gamiao (ARK): Double pike to start, a little slide on the landing, but very nice! Round off 1.5 step out to double full second pass, great landing. Loving this performance, and ends with a great double tuck, has a little too much power and slides her front foot, but a great lead off! 9.85.

Fitzgerald (UGA): BHS LOSO, misses her foot and slides down the beam, but she’s okay. Gets back up and recovers well with a switch side. Aerial, a little off. Round off 1.5 stuck to end. A nice finish, but definitely not what she wanted. 9.075.

Klein (ARK): New front pass! Front lay step out to double tuck! That was very nice and different! Double pike second pass, nice chest up. Fun music! I loving hearing the different stuff. What a nice floor debut as a Razorback! So exciting. 9.85.

Battle (UGA): A test for the freshman after a full. Sideways split 1/2, very nice. Front pike toss to beat jump, very nice. BHS LOSO toward the end, a little step back and a BHS gainer full off the side. A nice way to get them back on track for the back half of the lineup. 9.85.

Jones (ARK): Front double full to start lots of power! Switch ring to split half, gorgeous. Second pass back 1.5, front lay very floaty and controlled. Front handspring rudi to end! That was a great routine! A new spot for her later in the lineup and she is crushing it. 9.925.

Turner (UGA): First routine of the night for her! Starts with a nice turn and moves right into BHS LOSO LOSO, solid. Switch leap to split jump. Very nice movement and fluidity. Ends with round-off 1.5, small hop forward. A great routine! That was a veteran routine from a first year. 9.850.

Smith (ARK): Front lay through to double tuck a little short and hops foward. I love this routine (one of my former teammates floor musics so obviously I’m doing that routine). HUGE double pike to end. That was such a fun routine! The only deduction was really that first hop, otherwise, that was great. 9.9.

Smith (UGA): Nice front aerial to solid BHS BHS. Switch leap to split leap, beautiful extension. Front pike kick over, very nice. A little full turn bobble, and ends with a gainer full STUCK. A much better routine for her than last week! One more Georgia! 9.850.

Williams (ARK): HUGE full in to start. Wow! That was nice. LOVE the dance, what a vibe. Back 1.5 to front lay, very nice. Too happy she still kept in the worm. That was the best. Last pass double tuck STICKS cold. Too good. Okay Arkansas, okay Lauren Williams!! They’re calling for a 10, I see it. 9.950.

Scott (UGA): Coming back after a fall from last week, she needs to hit to not have to count that fall earlier. Starts with a front handspring, BHS LOSO, very nice. Front aerial, split jump to BHS. Very nice, ends with a split leap to switch leap. Ends with a nice front full. Definitely a great improvement from last week AND they don’t have to count a fall! 9.9.

Price (ARK): Double layout to open, beautiful. Yes dance!! Switch side to straddle full straddle full, huge leaps. New two pass routine for her, so ending with a front full to front lay, stuck. Okay, this time a 10? 9.95.

Morgan (UGA) *exhibition: BHS LOSO to open, solid. Switch 1/2, not fully 180. Side aerial, very nice. Round off 1.5 small step back, but definitely a routine that could get into that lineup.

Weaver (ARK) *exhibition: First time on floor for her, I love that. Double pike to open, very nice and controlled. Back 1.5 to layout stuck! Ends with a double tuck, a little short, but a really nice routine!


Wow! This was a really great matchup. Arkansas came to play! This was truly the best I can remember seeing them, they look strong, confident and already locked in with the details. Highlight of the second half of this meet was the 1-2 punch on floor of Williams and Price scoring back to back 9.95s. Arkansas also showed their strength, mentally and physically, not having to count that fall in the beam lineup. This was a better meet for Georgia, they too did not have to count a fall, and there were a lot less mistakes this time around. Vault and bars were both much better, and they look like they are settling in still figuring out how to fill some of the lineup spots without three athletes who would have been contributing. Overall, Arkansas is coming away with the win in their home opener with eight tenths over the Georgia Bulldogs, but, both teams are looking strong moving forward and definitely have a lot to be proud of from this Friday Night Heights!

VT: Williams, Weaver (ARK) 9.9.

UB: Scott (UGA) 9.95.

BB: Jones (ARK), Scott (UGA) 9.9.

FX: Williams, Price (ARK) 9.95.

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  1. Anyone know the status of Holly Snyder of UGA?!?! She looked good at the First Look! Hope she isn’t also out for the season. Also, is Naya Howard expected back this year? Getting those two back would be huge.

    1. We don’t have confirmation on Snyder, but we heard rumblings she was just sick. Howard is expected back before the end of the season.

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