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Potential Lineups: EAGL

This season marks the first year that the ACC will be sponsoring gymnastics, and that doesn’t just affect the ACC, it affects the EAGL too! 2024 will be the first season that the EAGL will be without UNC, N.C. State, and Pittsburgh. This conference will look a lot different this year, and we can’t wait to see who will come out on top at the end of the season! 

The preseason is starting and 2024 will be here before we know it. That means it’s time for our annual potential lineups analysis! As gymnasts get back into the gym with new goals for the new season, we’re breaking their prospects down and taking a look at what each team’s lineups may look like come January—from who’s expected to contribute, holes that need to be filled, and exciting upgrades fans should look out for.

No. 34 Towson

Towson finished 34th in 2023. The Tigers were eliminated in the first round of regionals against Penn State. Polina Belanovski, Isabella Minervini, and Grace Vaillancourt competed in the second round of regionals, but this year the Tigers will be aiming to advance further in regionals as a team. 

Losses: Lauren Bolen, Mackenzie Butler, Paige Casper, Amy Stewart
Gains: Reyna Auth, Chelsey Dennis, Emily Gittemeier, Retoshia Halsell, Paige Kaminski, Brissa Portillo, Chayse Williams
Returning From Injury: Elise Tisler


Potential Contributors: Polina Belanovski (9.885), Camille Vitoff (9.850), Adriana Hoffman (9.790), Mia Davis (9.775), Jenna Weitz (9.765), Elise Tisler, Felicia Poblete, Clara Hong, Emily Gittemeier, Retoshia Halsell, Paige Kaminski

How It Looked Before: Vault was one of Towson’s strongest events last year. The Tigers scored a 49.400 in the middle of the season, but ultimately they were unable to repeat that explosive performance. 

How It Looks Now: Towson has plenty of potential contributors this season. A lot of returners have a solid NQS, and Retoshia Halsell has a huge vault that is almost guaranteed to make an immediate impact. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending up. The Tigers are only losing one contributor from last year, and with Halsell jumping right in, their scores will very likely go up. 


Potential Contributors: Isabella Minervini (9.930), Grace Vaillancourt (9.910), Steph Macasu (9.865), Clara Hong (9.855), Lauren Keener (9.845), Lauren Greene (9.820), Camille Vitoff, Amanda Pedicelli, Retoshia Halsell, Brissa Portillo

How It Looked Before: Bars was Towson’s best event in 2023. The Tigers were ranked 16th nationally at the end of the season and they only scored below 49 once all year.  

How It Looks Now: The Tigers aren’t losing any contributors from last season’s 16th-place bars team. All six gymnasts with an NQS are returning, and they even have some depth to fall back on if one of those contributors needs a week off. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending up. Towson proved itself last year on bars, and armed with more experience and more confidence, there’s potential for even higher scores this season. 


Potential Contributors: Lauren Keener (9.830), Grace Vaillancourt (9.820), Sarah Girot (9.790), Clara Hong (9.785), Cassidy Stuart (9.785), Jenna Weitz (9.750), Steph Macasu, Retoshia Halsell, Brissa Portillo

How It Looked Before: The Tigers struggled on beam in 2023. It was their lowest-ranked event, and they only scored in the 49 range at the end of the season when it was almost too late. 

How It Looks Now: Beam is another event that is looking very similar to last year. All six of Towson’s consistent contributors from last year are coming back, so they might be able to improve their scores with more experience under their belt. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Too soon to tell. Even though all of last year’s contributors are back, they didn’t produce the best results last season. Hopefully, with another year of experience, scores will take a turn for the better. 


Potential Contributors: Isabella Minervini (9.880), Carmella Calafati (9.870), Grace Vaillancourt (9.865), Polina Belanovski (9.830), Jenna Weitz, Clara Hong, Elise Tisler, Retoshia Halsell

How It Looked Before: Towson’s 2023 floor lineup scored above 49.300 multiple times. It was the team’s second-best event last year, and floor typically gave the Tigers a decent boost in their overall score. 

How It Looks Now: The Tigers are losing two big score contributors in Amy Stewart and Paige Casper, but they still have a lot of stellar returners in Minervini, Calafati, Vaillancourt, and Belanovski. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Too soon to tell. Yes, it’ll be tough to lose Stewart and Casper, but they weren’t the only ones putting up big scores last year. They might get off to a slow start, but the Tigers could have another good year on floor if the returners step up. 

Three Big Questions

Will Towson repeat its EAGL championship win?

Towson won the 2023 EAGL championships by less than a tenth. But with teams like North Carolina and N.C. State now in the ACC, will Towson’s road to back-to-back EAGL wins be a little easier?

Can Towson avoid the play-in round in 2024?

Winning the EAGL championship was definitely exciting, but regionals is the big goal for most teams. Beyond just qualifying for regionals, a lot of teams hope to avoid the play-in round. Will Towson be able to make the leap from just barely qualifying to regionals to being a solid team that gets to skip the play-in?

Will the freshmen be ready to compete?

With the exception of Retoshia Halsell and Chayse Williams, the incoming freshmen had some gaps in their 2023 seasons. A lot of them didn’t compete in a number of events or didn’t compete at all. If needed, will these freshmen be ready to provide depth to the team? 

No. 40 George Washington

After a strong start to 2023, George Washington finished just outside the regionals picture after wrapping up the season with a number of sub-196 scores, including a 194.525 at the EAGL championships. Deja Chambliss and Kendall Whitman represented the Colonials at regionals, but the whole team was unable to qualify. The departure of Chambliss will certainly pose some questions for George Washington this season. 

Losses: Deja Chambliss, Libby Garfoot, Nora Houseman, Gabby Lopez, Hannah Munnelly
Gains: Delaney DeHaan, Brooke Izzo, Maya Peters, Sophia Tyeryar


Potential Contributors: Kendall Whitman (9.840), Sarah Zois (9.835), Rachel Katz (9.825), Marlee York (9.815), Anneliese Silverman, Brooke Izzo

How It Looked Before: Vault was GW’s highest-ranked event in 2023. The Colonials only scored below 49 three times, and they had multiple gymnasts with an NQS above 9.800. 

How It Looks Now: 2024 might be a shaky vault year for GW. Losing Deja Chambliss and Hannah Munnelly will hurt, especially since the incoming freshmen don’t excel on vault. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Most likely trending down. Whitman, Sarah Zois, Rachel Katz, and Marlee York returning will help, but the other two lineup spots may come from gymnasts with limited experience on vault, which is never what a coach wants. 


Potential Contributors: Rachel Katz (9.815), Anneliese Silverman (9.790), Madi McMullen (9.450), Marlee York, Delaney DeHaan, Maya Peters, Sophia Tyeryar

How It Looked Before: Bars was inconsistent for the Colonials in 2023. One week they’d score in the 49 range, and the next they’d be sub-48.  

How It Looks Now: George Washington only has three returners with an NQS, and one of those is a 9.450. Maya Peters has the potential to put up huge scores, but others will need to step up as well. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending down. Deja Chambliss and Libby Garfoot put up big scores last year, and those shoes will be tough to fill. 


Potential Contributors: Sarah Zois (9.835), Anneliese Silverman (9.825), Kendall Whitman (9.820), Marlee York (9.780), Rachel Katz (9.775), Deana Sheremeta (9.610), Delaney DeHaan, Brooke Izzo, Maya Peters, Sophia Tyeryar

How It Looked Before: Beam was a little bit shaky in 2023. The Colonials were able to score in the 49 range a handful of times, but they’d usually be around mid-48. 

How It Looks Now: George Washington is only losing one key beam contributor in Chambliss, and it has a group of freshmen who all excel on beam. This event might be taking a turn for the better in 2024. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending up. With all but one of last year’s contributors returning and the addition of some excellent freshmen, this event is almost sure to improve this season. 


Potential Contributors: Kendall Whitman (9.920), Deana Sheremeta (9.845), Marlee York (9.800), Payton Lynch (9.785), Anneliese Silverman (9.765), Kylie Kazmierski, Kasey Burke, Delaney DeHaan, Brooke Izzo, Maya Peters

How It Looked Before: Despite having big scores from Chambliss and Whitman, floor was one of George Washington’s lowest-ranked events in 2023. It scored in the 49 range a handful of times but ultimately was unable to consistently put up big scores. 

How It Looks Now: The Colonials have a lot of potential contributors on this event. A lot of last year’s contributors are returning, and the freshmen have the potential to put up big scores as well. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending up. Similar to beam, George Washington has a lot of great returners and great freshmen. Even though they’ll be missing Chambliss, the Colonials could show improvement on floor this year. 

Three Big Questions

Who will fill the shoes of Deja Chambliss?

There’s no question that the loss of Chambliss will leave some big shoes to fill for George Washington. But its remaining roster still has a lot of great gymnasts with some excellent potential. We know that Whitman can put up huge scores, but freshmen like Delaney DeHaan and Peters might also be able to break into lineups and make an impact. 

Will the Colonials qualify for regionals?

George Washington finished just outside of the regionals picture in 2023. Chambliss and Whitman did a phenomenal job representing the team at the Denver regional, but there’s no question that the Colonials would like to qualify as a team this year. 

Will George Washington reclaim an EAGL championship title?

George Washington won the EAGL championships in 2022, but only placed sixth in 2023. With teams like N.C. State and North Carolina moving to the ACC, will GW be able to reclaim its title?

No. 46 New Hampshire

After finishing fourth at EAGL championships and sending three to NCAA regionals, New Hampshire improved slightly from 2022. The Wildcats won their session at EAGLs and had a few records broken or tied.

Losses: Chiara Altorfer, Larissa Biette, Robyn Kelley, Samantha Nokes, Jacy Whitehead, Alyssa Worthington
Gains: Zoe Arthur, Anne Challman, McCall McMullen, Poulina Minaev, Gwen Ockerbloom


Potential Contributors: Kylie Gorgenyi (9.835), Gracy Mowers (9.815), Alyssa Beaulieu (9.775), Serena Mullin (9.725), Leah Moreno (9.680), Sierra Bauman, Maya MacDonald, Anne Challman, Poulina Minaev

How It Looked Before: While the Wildcats had a series of good vaults, they ultimately fell short as they rounded out the season 56th nationally.

How It Looks Now: Kylie Gorgenyi has a solid Yurchenko one and a half and the other upperclassmen have nice Yurchenko fulls. Maya MacDonald has a Yurchenko half, which adds some depth and variety. Many of their vaults from last season are returning but have been honed in or upgraded.

Trending up, down or too early to tell? With both the addition and return of strong vaults, New Hampshire’s vaults should trend upward.


Potential Contributors: Kylie Gorgenyi (9.890), Alyssa Beaulieu (9.815), Leah Moreno (9.785), Kenadi Brown (9.775), Summer Simpkins (9.745), Anne Challman, Sierra Bauman, Gianna Graver, Zoe Arthur, Poulina Minaev

How It Looked Before: Bars posed to be a great event for New Hampshire last season. It had almost the same NQS as the record-breaking season from 2022 and finished 41st in the country.

How It Looks Now: Gianna Graver’s return and the overall consistency of the Wildcats looks promising for this season. Gorgenyi, Summer Simpkins, and a few others have some recent upgrades that hopefully make it into their routines.

Trending up, down or too early to tell? With Kenadi Brown and Gorgenyi returning for another year and the Wildcats replacing former routines with newcomers, bars looks to improve from last year.


Potential Contributors: Alyssa Beaulieu (9.805), Sierra Bauman (9.765), Serena Mullin (9.740), Summer Simpkins (9.710), Kylie Gorgenyi, Jenna DeVincenzo, Anne Challman, Poulina Minaev

How It Looked Before: Beam was an overall consistent event for the Wildcats. Robyn Kelley, regionals qualifier, was a strong asset to their beam lineup.

How It Looks Now: Even though New Hampshire is losing Kelley, it’s gaining some solid freshmen and it has a few returners that should add some depth. The Wildcats look to remain consistent and have some upgrades that could add to the depth factor.

Trending up, down or too early to tell? The addition of some freshmen and Gorgenyi’s fifth year looks to make New Hampshire’s beam trend up this season.


Potential Contributors: Kylie Gorgenyi (9.860), Kenadi Brown (9.850), Alyssa Beaulieu (9.820), Gracy Mowers (9.750), Riley Himes (9.665), Sierra Bauman (9.485), Maya MacDonald, Zoe Arthur, Anne Challman, Poulina Mineav

How It Looked Before: While the Wildcats weren’t as highly ranked on floor as they were in 2022, they were still fairly consistent. Routines from Gorgenyi, Kelley, and Brown were some strong highlights from New Hampshire’s lineups. 

How It Looks Now: While the team loses Kelley’s routine, Gorgenyi and Brown returning this year could help maintain its depth on floor. A few other returners and newcomer MacDonald are also potential factors as they all have consistent skills and upgrades.

Trending up, down or too early to tell? With only one major routine lost and a few gained, the Wildcats are likely to improve from last season.

Three Big Questions

Will Gorgenyi become a mainstay in the all-around?

While she didn’t compete the all-around in every meet last season, Gorgenyi is a fifthyear veteran. Being the huge contributor that she is, it’s very possible to see her in the all-around in most, if not every meet this season.

Is UNH capable of being a contender as a team at regionals?

The Wildcats have qualified individual gymnasts to regionals in the past few years. New Hampshire has a strong freshman class and many consistent returning routines. Will 2024 be the year for qualifying as a whole team?

Can the Wildcats be strong on all four events in 2023?

New Hampshire has struggled on vault in recent years while staying solid on the other three. The Wildcats have a fair amount of Yurchenko fulls and 10.0 vaults that could break into the lineup, so hopefully strength in all four events will materialize for the Wildcats.

No. 47 LIU

LIU’s third competitive season ended with the Sharks finishing 47th and missing regionals. Mara Titarsolej, Ilka Juk, and Syd Morris qualified as individuals to regionals, but both Titarsolej and Juk are two of seven transfers that left LIU this offseason. Building a solid lineup may be a challenge for head coach Randy Lane this year. 

Losses: Jah’Liyah Bedminster, Madysen Bradley, Talia Folino, Karsyn Foster, Alexa Henshaw, Ilka Juk, Katy Koopman, Amanda Loo, Elizabeth Switzer, Nika Takagi, Mara Titarsolej
Gains: Kady Bills-McCoy, Brooke Burkhart, Alina Danilchenko, Danyella Holmes, Kate Parks, Jules Rider
Returning From Injury: Ella Barrington


Potential Contributors: Syd Morris (9.805), Lauren Miller (9.710), Alana Ricketts (9.660), AnnaLisa Page, Isabella Savino, Alina Danilchenko, Kate Parks, Jules Rider

How It Looked Before: Vault was decent for the Sharks in 2023. They had a season high of 49.175 and consistently scored between 48.500 and 49 as a team.

How It Looks Now: LIU lost a lot of contributors on vault this offseason. Jah’Liyah Bedminster had one of the team’s highest NQSs, and she just transferred to Pitt. Luckily, the Sharks have some strong freshman vaults from Kate Parks and Jules Rider that could potentially contribute to the lineup. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Too early to tell. The Sharks did lose Koopman and Bedminster to the transfer portal, but the returners, specifically Syd Morris, are strong, and a few of the freshmen have the potential to pleasantly surprise us! 


Potential Contributors: Syd Morris (9.835), Kira Sanchez (9.680), Lauren Miller (9.675), Isabella Savino, Kayla Toniolo, Cael Bixler, Alina Danilchenko, Danyella Holmes, Kate Parks, Jules Rider

How It Looked Before: Bars was the Sharks’ lowest-ranked event in 2023. Only two gymnasts had an NQS of at least 9.800, and one of those gymnasts transferred this offseason. 

How It Looks Now: LIU is losing three contributors on this event, and those who are left aren’t exactly putting up huge scores. Incoming freshman Kate Parks scored a 9.800 this season so she’s very likely to make the lineup, but who else will step up? 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Because of the low number of returners and the obvious inexperience of the freshman class, it’s likely that bars will be trending down for LIU. 


Potential Contributors: Syd Morris (9.875), Cael Bixler (9.810), Taylor Doten (9.630), Alana Ricketts (9.625), Ella Barrington, Kady Bills-McCoy, Alina Danilchenko, Danyella Holmes, Jules Rider

How It Looked Before: With the exception of a few meets towards the beginning of the season, beam was pretty solid for the Sharks in 2023. They consistently scored over 48.800 and even scored in the 49 range a couple of times. 

How It Looks Now: Beam might be shaky for LIU in 2024. The lineup will certainly look different without Titarsolej and Juk putting up huge numbers. Only two of LIU’s returners have an NQS above 9.800, and with a lot of the potential contributors being freshmen, it might take a few weeks to get the kinks out of the lineup. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending down. When you lose Juk and Titarsolej, it’s pretty hard not to see a dip in scores. 


Potential Contributors: Ella Barrington (9.830), Lauren Miller (9.815), Syd Morris (9.815), Kady Bills-McCoy, Alina Danilchenko, Kate Parks, Jules Rider

How It Looked Before: Floor was a good event for LIU. The Sharks scored above 49 a handful of times, and also consistently scored in the high 48 range all year. 

How It Looks Now: Floor could still be a positive event for the Sharks in 2024. They have three returners that had great NQSs in 2023, and there’s also a handful of freshmen with the potential to make an impact on the lineup. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Too early to tell. If the returners can keep up the consistency from last year and if the freshmen can step up and produce big scores, the floor lineup could be trending up, but we’ll have to wait and see. 

Three Big Questions

Which returners will step into a leadership role after all the transfers? 

There’s no question that LIU will look a lot different this year. Seven gymnasts transferred out of the program in just one offseason! So which returners are going to step up and be the leaders that this team needs? Who will put up the big scores that came from Titarsolej, Juk, and Koopman? 

Which freshmen will jump into lineups and make an impact?

There are some holes in every one of the lineups, and that gives these freshmen an opportunity to jump in and put up big scores. Who will it be? Rider has a stellar vault that should immediately contribute, but who else will step up?

Will the Sharks finally be able to break into the bubble for regionals?

2024 will be LIU’s fourth competitive season, and it has yet to qualify for regionals. Could 2024 be the Sharks’ year to make a statement?

No. 49 Temple

While the Owls might have only finished fourth at EAGL championships last season, Brooke Donabedian kept the cherry and white glowing on the floor as she qualified to her second consecutive regional championship as an event specialist. Although the team lost major assets like Madison Brooks and Ashley Glynn, do Temple’s newcomers and returners keep it in the hunt for another EAGL championship win?

Losses: Charlie Behner, Madison Brooks, Jewel Clark, Ashley Glynn, Anna Hill, Lanie Hyman, Lauryn Morris, Julianna Roland, Mia Rose Thackston, Danae Williams
Gains: Hailey Best, Mariella Brueck, Amelia Budd, Maya Keller, Gabby Linden, Payton Monk, Skylar Shafran, Gianna Silva, Hannah Weklar, Megan White
Returning From Injury: Reese DeHaan


Potential Contributors: Mackenzie Aresta (9.770 NQS), Renee Schugman (9.760), Reese DeHaan, Emily Johnson, Maya Keller, Gabby Linden, Cloe Martineau, Summer Ruskey, Skylar Shafran, Hannah Stallings, Sarah Stallings, Amelia Budd

How It Looked Before: While vault was strong for Temple last season, it wasn’t quite what it were hoping for coming off of being ranked 29th in the country in 2022.

How It Looks Now:  With departures from gymnasts like Glynn and Charlie Behner, Temple will be looking to replace those vaults. There are a few 10.0 vaults looking to break into Temple’s lineups, which bodes well for their growth and improvement. Reese DeHaan’s potential return looks to be exciting, especially with her training a Yurchenko one and a half.

Trending up, down or too early to tell? With some strong incoming vaults and DeHaan’s hopeful return, their vault should gain some strength as compared to recent years.


Potential Contributors: Sarah Stallings (9.860), Hannah Stallings (9.780), Madison Dorunda (9.750), Reese DeHaan, Brooke Donabedian, Madisson Elmore, Cyrena Whalen, Mariella Brueck

How It Looked Before: 2023 was another rough year for Temple bars. A pattern of inconsistency had the Owls finishing 46th in the country.

How It Looks Now: Returners like Donabedian, Madison Dorunda, and Sarah and Hannah Stalling pose a good foundation for improvement. Additionally, the addition of Mariella Brueck looks to add a little depth to the Owls’ bars lineups.

Trending up, down or too early to tell? While it may be too early to tell, things can only go up from here with the Owls improved consistency and strong additions.


Potential Contributors: Brooke Donabedian (9.860 NQS), Madison Dorunda (9.835), Renee Schugman (9.770), Hannah Stallings, Sarah Stallings, Megan White, Angelina Hogan, Summer Ruskey, Amanda Scheuerman, Hailey Best, Gianna Silva

How It Looked Before: Like 2022, the Owls were plagued with inconsistent routines that resulted in lots of falls. Temple finished 46th nationally on beam.

How It Looks Now: Many of the newcomers, like Hailey Best and Gianna Silva, appear to be strong on beam. Temple also has a few returning highscoring routines and maybe Angelina Hogan will break into a few more lineups this season.

Trending up, down or too early to tell? While Temple did lose some of its highscoring routines, the Owls look to be in good hands as they have an equal amount of strong incoming routines. It has the potential to trend up, but for now it seems too early to tell.


Potential Contributors: Brooke Donabedian (9.915 NQS), Renee Schugman (9.900), Summer Ruskey (9.860), Madison Dorunda (9.750), Maya Keller, Reese DeHaan, Cloe Martineau, Payton Monk, Skylar Shafran, Megan White, Gabby Linden, Hailey Best, Amelia Budd

How It Looked Before: Donabedian helped the Owls finish off strong as she qualified to regionals on floor. While Temple had some high scores throughout the season, inconsistencies got the best of it once again. The Owls finished 41st nationally on the event.

How It Looks Now: There are quite a few freshmen who performed well in club and look good to try to break into some lineups this year. Top floor performers like Donabedian and Dorunda will also hopefully be in the picture for lineups as well.

Trending up, down or too early to tell? With the freshman additions and returning top performers, the Owls floor is likely to trend up this season.

Three Big Questions

How will Donabedian and Dorunda use the momentum from last season to fuel this season?

Being veterans of this team, they can definitely use their talent and experience to help lead the team to a great finish this season.

Can Temple create a potential uptrend on vault?

The Owls have a few 10.0 vaults that look to break into the lineup this year. With this increase in difficulty and hopefully consistency, a potential uptrend on vault is likely to come to fruition.

What kind of depth do the newcomers bring to the Owls?

From national qualifiers to having a triple flight series, these freshmen look to add artistry, difficulty, and pure talent to each lineup.

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Article by Emily Lockard and Jessica Brock

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