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Potential Lineups: Big 12

A new era of Big 12 gym is arriving in more ways than one. With a new conference foe, teams facing a complete rebuild, and a stalwart of the sport heading towards its final bow in the Big 12, this year will be a defining moment for this conference as it moves toward its new normal.

The preseason is starting and 2024 will be here before we know it. That means it’s time for our annual potential lineups analysis! As gymnasts get back into the gym with new goals for the new season, we’re breaking their prospects down and taking a look at what each team’s lineups may look like come January—from who’s expected to contribute, holes that need to be filled, and exciting upgrades fans should look out for.

No. 1 Oklahoma

The reigning national champions dominated the 2023 season, never ranking below No. 1 and setting a program record score at home. With several veteran options and star-studded newcomers to choose from, the Sooners stand a chance of becoming national champions three times in a row. 

Losses: Jenna Dunn (BB), Allie Stern (VT), Olivia Trautman (VT, UB, BB)
Gains: Soraya Hawthorne (transfer from Georgia), Aspen Lenczner, Hannah Scheible, Keira Wells
Returning from Injury: Audrey Lynn (Achilles), Caitlin Smith (shoulder surgery)


Potential Contributors: Katherine LeVasseur (9.945 NQS), Jordan Bowers (9.920), Danielle Sievers (9.925), Audrey Davis (9.885), Soraya Hawthorne (9.865) Danae Fletcher (9.850 AVG), Faith Torrez (9.850 AVG), Ava Siegfeldt, Audrey Lynn, Hannah Scheible, Keira Wells, Sheridan Ramsey, Caitlin Smith, Ragan Smith, Meilin Sullivan

How It Looked Before: The Sooners ended the year ranked No. 1 and regularly put up six 10.0 start value vaults with clean technique and landings, scoring as high as 49.650.

How It Looks Now: Even with four returning NQS scores, reigning DP national champion Hannah Scheible and Keira Wells have both scored 10s with their vaults. There will be healthy competition for a lineup spot, allowing K.J. Kindler to mix and match and give some starters rest.

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending up. The vault lineup shouldn’t miss a beat with an equal balance of veteran and newcomer experience.


Potential Contributors: Audrey Davis (9.960 NQS), Jordan Bowers (9.950), Danielle Sievers (9.925), Ragan Smith (9.925), Faith Torrez (9.880), Danae Fletcher (9.870), Katherine LeVasseur, Bell Johnson, Ava Siegfeldt, Caitlin Smith, Hannah Scheible, Keira Wells

How It Looked Before: Much like vault, Oklahoma ended the year ranked No. 1 and consistently scored in the 49.600 range as a team.

How It Looks Now: With all six NQS scores returning, it’ll be hard to find a spot in this lineup. Kindler might lean toward experience and consistency at first, but if a newcomer is performing well, she could easily bump out a routine to explore depth.

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending up. A 49.600 scoring lineup is great, but additional depth options have only made it better. 


Potential Contributors: Ragan Smith (9.975 NQS), Jordan Bowers (9.950), Audrey Davis (9.925), Faith Torrez (9.920), Soraya Hawthorne (9.800), Katherine LeVasseur, Ava Siegfeldt,  Amy Wier, Hannah Scheible, Keira Wells, Aspen Lenczner

How It Looked Before: The beam lineup experienced some ups and downs throughout 2023, scoring a program record 49.800 at Big 12 championships, but Oklahoma still ended the year at No. 2.

How It Looks Now: How can you improve on an already-stacked beam lineup that only loses two routines from the national championship? You add the three-time DP Nationals beam champion in Scheible as well as Wells, who tied for fifth at the same competition. Lenczner is also strongest on beam; she could be a candidate to replace Dunn in the leadoff.

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending up. Losing consistency in Dunn and Trautman will hurt, but the remaining and incoming routines should fill in those gaps.


Potential Contributors: Faith Torrez (9.950 NQS), Jordan Bowers (9.950), Soraya Hawthorne (9.945), Danielle Sievers (9.920), Ragan Smith (9.905), Danae Fletcher (9.900), Audrey Davis (9.895), Bell Johnson (9.885), Ava Siegfeldt, Caitlin Smith, Hannah Scheible, Keira Wells

How It Looked Before: Floor was Oklahoma’s lowest-ranked event, even if it did finish only at No. 3. But multiple E-pass options gave lots of different lineup looks throughout the season.

How It Looks Now: Soraya Hawthorne’s transfer bolsters this lineup with a 9.900-plus NQS and a double layout E-pass. However, all the freshmen have the potential to perform an E-pass, meaning someone with high scores but not as much difficulty could get bumped out. This lineup is that deep.

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending up. The options for this lineup are massive and only get better with the newcomers. 

Three Big Questions

Can Oklahoma do the three-peat?

It’s entirely possible. The last team to three-peat was the Florida Gators from 2013 to 2015. With the depth Oklahoma has and the skill level of their athletes, they could be the next team to perform what most thought would be impossible.

Will Soraya Hawthorne repeat her success at Georgia?

Hawthorne shocked many with the decision to transfer from Georgia to Oklahoma for her fifth year. Many are worried that she won’t get as much lineup time with all the depth the Sooners have, but should she get the opportunity, her performance quality can lead her to success.

How will Oklahoma’s swan song in the Big 12 end?

Will it be a farewell tour for the ages, or will the Sooners go out of the Big 12 quietly and on top? Either way, the conference won’t be the same again once the Sooners move on to SEC glory.

No. 8 Denver

Denver won its home regional and advanced to the national semifinals for the first time since 2019 and set multiple program records along the way. The Pioneers are facing a rebuild with the loss of a program legend but bring in new blood that has the potential to maintain their success from 2023.

Losses: Lynnzee Brown (AA), Victoria Fitts, Alexandria Ruiz (AA), Callie Schlottman
Gains: Ashley Gallen, Amanda Hargraves, Maddison Reidenbach, Madison Ulrich
Returning From Injury: Mia Hebinck (knee surgery)


Potential Contributors: Rylie Mundell (9.910 NQS), Rosie Casali (9.895), Bella Mabanta (9.875), Jessica Hutchinson (9.855), Mila Brusch (9.850), Momoko Iwai, Cecilia Cooley, Ashley Gallen, Amanda Hargraves, Ava Mabanta, Maddison Reidenbach, Kiley Rorich, Abbie Thompson, Madison Ulrich

How It Looked Before: After a lack of 10.0 start value vaults in 2022, Denver competed four 10.0 starts most weekends and broke its program record twice in 2023.

How It Looks Now: Though they lose a Yurchenko one and a half, Madison Ulrich has scored as high as 9.975 on her front handspring pike half and will help the Pioneers maintain those four 10.0 start value vaults. If no additional upgrades materialize, the Yurchenko fulls will need to be clean and consistent.

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending up. This record-setting lineup should continue to make waves in 2024.


Potential Contributors: Rylie Mundell (9.925 NQS), Jessica Hutchinson (9.905), Rosie Casali (9.870), Kiley Rorich (9.825), Abbie Thompson, Mila Brusch, Cecilia Cooley, Mia Hebinck, Momoko Iwai, Maddison Reidenbach, Madison Ulrich

How It Looked Before: Denver finished the year ranked No. 7 nationally on bars, the only event that the Pioneers did not break a record on in 2023.

How It Looks Now: The absences of Alexandria Ruiz and Lynnzee Brown will be felt here the most, but 2023 national champion Ulrich has scored as high as 9.975 on this event in Level 10. Mia Hebinck’s return from knee issues in 2023 should help stabilize this lineup. Cecilia Cooley also competed bars in exhibition several times and scored well, so she will be looking to transition into the top six routines.

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending up. Brown’s loss here is big, but Hebinck returning should help the Pioneers maintain their excellence on this event.


Potential Contributors: Jessica Hutchinson (9.940 NQS), Abbie Thompson (9.890), Bella Mabanta (9.870), Rylie Mundell (9.870), Momoko Iwai (9.820), Ava Mabanta, Mila Brusch, Rosie Casali, Cecilia Cooley, Amanda Hargraves, Maddison Reidenbach, Kiley Rorich, Madison Ulrich 

How It Looked Before: Another event, another record-setting performance from the Pioneers as they matched their previous event record of 49.650 and used a monster beam rotation to win their home regional.

How It Looks Now: Brown’s stability as the lead off will have to be replaced, but the quality of routines and skills are still there. Amanda Hargraves has seen perfection in Level 10 and should easily slot into this lineup. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Tentatively trending up. The question will be whether the routines will continue to be consistent or whether losing Brown’s steadfast routine will affect the remaining athletes.


Potential Contributors: Jessica Hutchinson (9.940 NQS), Bella Mabanta (9.875), Rosie Casali (9.850), Rylie Mundell (9.845), Momoko Iwai, Abbie Thompson, Mila Brusch, Cecilia Cooley, Ashley Gallen, Amanda Hargraves, Ava Mabanta, Maddison Reidenbach, Madison Ulrich

How It Looked Before: Denver saved the best for last on floor last season, as it topped out at 49.825 on senior day, the highest in program history and tied the fourth-highest overall floor score in NCAA gymnastics history. However, it was its lowest-ranking event, finishing at No. 26.

How It Looks Now: The Pioneers have the potential to bring a lineup full of E-rated passes based on previous training videos and competitive routines. Even if that doesn’t happen, multiple options remain based on cleanliness and high scores. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending up. A lineup with potential E-passes can only improve a lineup that had moments of greatness but finished with a less than stellar ranking.

Three Big Questions

Was last season’s nationals appearance a fluke?

Survey says maybe not. Denver has always had the pieces to put together a nationals caliber team. It has been hit hard by the injury bug in past years, but if that stays away, Denver can easily make another nationals appearance.

Will Madison Ulrich live up to the hype?

Ulrich was Denver’s first five-star recruit and she backed it up during her senior season with career-high scores, a national championship on bars, and podium finishes on beam and the all-around. If she can continue that streak, she could be the next Maddie Karr or Lynnzee Brown.

What will the post-Lynnzee Brown era look like?

Whether she was competing or injured, Brown had an impact on the Pioneers one way or another. With her moving on to a coaching career (and a potential elite comeback), Denver will have to work their way into a new normal, but should be able to successfully do so.

No. 30 West Virginia

West Virginia started 2023 slowly but gained momentum midway through the season and used that to propel it into the second round of NCAAs. Though losing a lot of routines, there is a strong core of returners and newcomers that could push the Mountaineers to the next level in 2024. 

Losses: Chloe Asper (UB, BB), Kendra Combs (UB, BB, FX), Gillian Fletcher (VT), Agatha Handono (BB), Heidi Hartje (VT), Emily Holmes-Hackerd (UB,BB,FX), Ellie Sigman, Kianna Yancey (AA)
Gains: Kaylei Adams, Julia Brown, Jurnee Lane, Amber Lowe, Jayden McDonnell, Ashton Meuret, Sierra Muns (transfer from TWU)
Returning from Injury: Anna Leigh (knee)


Potential Contributors: Emma Wehry (9.875 NQS), Abbie Pierson (9.870), Kiana Lewis (9.850), Brooke Alban (9.820), Brooke Irwin (9.815), Carlee Nelson (9.690 average), Ellen Collins (9.683), Sierra Muns (9.669), Kaylei Adams, Jurnee Lane, Jayden McDonnell, Ashton Meuret, Kaia Bochow, Miranda Smith, Olivia Pitzer

How It Looked Before: Vault was the Mountaineers’ most improved event in 2023, going from No. 41 in 2022 to No. 19. 

How It Looks Now: Emma Wehry’s 10.0 start value might not be the only one in the lineup this season. TWU transfer Sierra Muns brings the potential to compete a Yurchenko one and a half and Miranda Smith has been actively training one in the offseason, meaning the Mountaineers’ scoring potential could improve drastically.

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending up. Adding two 10.0 start value vaults will help this vault lineup continue to improve.


Potential Contributors: Brooke Alban (9.830 NQS), Anna Leigh (9.795), Miranda Smith (9.745), Abbie Pierson, Brooke Irwin (9.238), Jurnee Lane, Ashton Meuret, Amber Lowe, Jayden McDonnell, Kaylei Adams, Julia Brown, Kaia Bochow, Carlee Nelson, Kiana Lewis, Olivia Pitzer

How It Looked Before: Bars was the weakest event for West Virginia last season, finishing No. 48 and only scoring above a 49 twice all season.

How It Looks Now: The Mountaineers are bringing in some talented bar workers in Jurnee Lane and Ashton Meuret. However, they are losing four bar routines, three of them from seniors, and Lane’s status is uncertain due to an offseason elbow surgery. It will be interesting to see how the Mountaineers adjust to new faces in their lineups.

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending down. Losing three experienced bar routines will hurt and we will have to see what emerges from preseason training.


Potential Contributors: Anna Leigh (9.805 NQS), Abbie Pierson (9.800), Emma Wehry (9.705), Carlee Nelson (9.430), Miranda Smith, Kiana Lewis, Jurnee Lane, Amber Lowe, Kaylei Adams, Julia Brown, Ashton Meuret, Jayden McDonnell, Kaia Bochow, Olivia Pitzer, Brynn Freehling, Sierra Muns

How It Looked Before: Beam was filled with lots of ups and downs for West Virginia in 2023, lacking consistency and confidence at times as it finished the season ranked No. 36.

How It Looks Now: Similar to bars, West Virginia loses a large number of routines on beam. There will likely be lots of shuffling and trying out different people until it finds a consistent six. Amber Lowe and Kaylei Adams should slot into this lineup as well as Lane if she’s healthy.

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending down. Beam hasn’t been the Mountaineers strongest event and losing a high number of routines will make it a challenge in 2024.


Potential Contributors: Anna Leigh (9.805 NQS), Abbie Pierson (9.800), Ellen Collins, Kiana Lewis, Brynn Freehling, Sierra Muns, Jurnee Lane, Jayden McDonnell, Amber Lowe, Julia Brown, Kaylei Adams, Ashton Meuret, Emma Wehry, Carlee Nelson, Miranda Smith, Kaia Bochow, Olivia Pitzer

How It Looked Before: Where beam was a weakness, floor was a strength for the Mountaineers. Their high level of difficulty in their tumbling and performance quality allowed them to score above 49.000 in every meet in 2023.

How It Looks Now: Floor is the strongest event by far for the newcomers. Lane and Jayden McDonnell have the potential to compete an E-pass and Muns is training a tucked full-in. It will be a battle to see who makes the final six as there are several options and lots of depth to choose from.

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending up. West Virginia’s floor team only got better and should continue to be its best event.

Three Big Questions

Should we be concerned about the turnover rate?

West Virginia had a large number of athletes leave the team or retire during the offseason. While it doesn’t appear to be anything to panic about yet, it will be something to watch if this trend continues.

Will Miranda Smith play a larger role?

Smith was West Virginia’s highest rated recruit in 2023, yet we only saw her compete bars. She has the potential to be an all-around superstar for the Mountaineers and the lineup situation should allow her to do just that if she feels ready.

Can Abbie Pierson consistently return to the all-around in her fifth year?

We saw Pierson consistently in three events, but bars was a weakness as she only appeared in two meets and didn’t score above a 9.700 in either routine. She has a lovely Ezhova that adds creativity to the bars lineup and seeing that the situation is a little hairy, it might be worth giving her consistent lineup time.

No. 33 BYU

Heading into their first season in the Big 12, the Cougars made it to the play-in round where they lost to Boise State. Several individuals made a push and will look to take the team to new heights and make a name for themselves in a new conference home.

Losses: Sarah Barron, Rebekah Ripley (VT, FX), Morgan Trevor, Emily Wisehart, Jazlyn Wood, Elaina Greco
Gains: Alilah Alvarado, Brynlee Andersen, Karsyn Foster (transfer from LIU), Jadyn Harsh, Chloee Hoke, Ava Jorgensen, Mya Kirkham, Hailey Openshaw


Potential Contributors: Sydney Benson (9.880 NQS), Kylie Eaquinto (9.865), Allix Mason (9.825), Madison Raesly-Patton (9.805), Sophie Dudley (9.795), Elease Rollins (9.644 AVG), Karsyn Foster (9.565 AVG) Ava Jorgensen, Jadyn Harsh, Brynlee Andersen, Mya Kirkham, Melissa Earl, Kauri Hunsaker

How It Looked Before: Vault was the Cougars’ sore spot as they struggled with landings and dipped back and forth between 48s and 49s in team scores. 

How It Looks Now: Allix Mason’s fifth year will help here as she returns with a one-and-a-half, but Ava Jorgensen also brings a 10.0 start value with a full on, pike off. Madison Raesly-Patton also looks to be upgrading her vault, meaning the Cougars could have three 10.0 start values. Mya Kirkham, a silver medalist on vault at DP nationals, should easily slot in here as well.

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending up. Having some experience in the vault lineup should help BYU find needed consistency.


Potential Contributors: Anyssa Alvarado (9.895 NQS), Lindsey Kempler (9.870), Anna Bramblett (9.860), Kylie Eaquinto (9.840), Allix Mason (9.810), Sydney Benson (9.795), Jayda Lealaogata (9.694 AVG), Ava Jorgensen, Mya Kirkham, Alilah Alvarado, Brynlee Andersen, Kauri Hunsaker

How It Looked Before: Bars was one of the Cougars’ best events last season, but it too experienced some ups and downs in scoring.

How It Looks Now: BYU loses no routines from 2023, so finding a spot could be a challenge. However, the freshmen are very strong on bars and will make competition tough. Two-time DP national champion Jorgensen, Kirkham, and Alilah Alvarado are all ones to watch for a spot. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending up. Losing no routines and adding a national champion as a depth piece only makes this lineup better.


Potential Contributors: Elease Rollins (9.920 NQS), Mina Margraf (9.855), Madison Raesly-Patton (9.845), Sophie Dudley (9.820), Allix Mason (9.795), Lauren Ono (9.750), Heidi Schooley (9.490), Eliza Millar-Crossman (9.588 AVG), Karsyn Foster (9.515 AVG), Brynlee Andersen, Hailey Openshaw, Ava Jorgensen, Mya Kirkham, Alilah Alvarado, Jadyn Harsh, Chloee Hoke, Kylie Eaquinto

How It Looked Before: Beam started rough for BYU but by February, it started to gain some consistency, in part thanks to Elease Rollins who scored 9.900-plus nine times last year. However, as the end of season approached, the Cougars struggled to break 49.000 most weeks.

How It Looks Now: Similar to bars, the Cougars lose no routines on beam, but unlike bars, more spots will be up for grabs for consistent freshmen. Kirkham placed in the top 10 in her group at DP nationals and Brynlee Andersen has scored as high as 9.875 in Level 10, so if they transition well to collegiate competition, they will easily challenge for a returner’s spot. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Too early to tell. The skills are there, it is the consistency that BYU could struggle with, so we will have to wait and see.


Potential Contributors: Sophie Dudley (9.870 NQS), Sydney Benson (9.855), Heidi Schooley (9.850), Eliza Millar (9.840), Elease Rollins (9.835), Mina Margraf (9.762 AVG), Mya Kirkham, Brynlee Andersen, Ava Jorgensen, Hailey Openshaw, Jadyn Harsh, Chloee Hoke

How It Looked Before: Floor was a mostly solid event for BYU last season, led by Rebekah Ripley’s viral “Barbie Girl” routine. What the lineup lacked in E-level tumbling, it made up for in landing control, allowing it to score mostly in the 49.200s

How It Looks Now: Five routines return but will face some fierce competition to keep their spots. Kirkham has a solid full-in and Jorgenson has a front double full that should contend for lineup spots immediately. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending up. With more depth, and freshmen bringing E-level passes, this event should take a step up this year. 

Three Big Questions

How will the freshman adjust to collegiate competition? 

A lot of BYU’s improvement hinges on how quickly Jorgensen, Kirkham, and Anderson can adjust to collegiate competition. If they transition smoothly, it would be a huge boost for the Cougars.

How will BYU transition to the Big 12?

With BYU’s departure from the MRGC to the Big 12, the Cougars will be traveling a lot more outside of Utah this season than in seasons past. Will this affect the team’s preparation and energy levels as the season progresses?

Was last year a rebuilding year? 

After five years of finishing between 17th and 24th, BYU took a step back last year to end up ranked No. 33. Between losing so few routines, and an impressive freshman class will BYU be able to earn itself a ranking that doesn’t relegate it to a play-in meet at regionals?

No. 44 Iowa State

There are a lot of eyes on Iowa State this year with the announcement that former NCAA champion Ashley Miles Greig was named the head coach of Iowa State. With no actual coaching experience, it will be interesting to see how Miles Greig leads the Cyclones after a tumultuous season in 2023.

Losses: Kelsey Boychuk (VT, BB, FX), Maddie Diab (VT, FX), Maya Ford (UB), Natalie Horowitz (VT, UB, BB), Madelyn Langkamp (UB), Alondra Maldonado (BB, FX – grad transfer to Talladega), Madison Matassa (VT), Makayla Maxwell, Samantha Rose, Sydney Saturnino, Morgan Engels
Gains: Noelle Adams, Elizabeth Cairns, Gracie Long, Lauren O’Brochta, Danielle Press (transfer from Nebraska), Ella Schell, Paige Wills
Returning From Injury: Marina Gonzalez (torn ACL), Madelyn Manternach (torn Achilles), Rachel Wilke


Potential Contributors: Kaia Parker (9.850 NQS), Josie Bergstrom (9.830), Emilie Hong (9.825), Ana Irene Palacios (9.770), Laura Cooke (9.733 average), Hannah Loyim (9.706), Noelle Adams, Paige Wills, Ella Schell, Elizabeth Cairns, Marina Gonzalez, Emma Ricks, Rachel Wilke, Danielle Press

How It Looked Before: The Cyclones took a big hit on vault last year after perfect-10 scorer Makayla Maxwell tore her Achilles during the preseason. They finished the season ranked No. 44 on the event.

How It Looks Now: Iowa State is losing a big routine and some depth, but incoming freshman Noelle Adams has scored a perfect 9.950 on her Yurchenko full vault in Level 10 and qualified to the all-star session of DP nationals on this event; she should be making an impact on this lineup immediately. Transfer Danielle Press is also one to watch for a lineup spot. She’s competed a Yurchenko half in the past and has the potential to upgrade to a 10.0 start.

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Too early to tell. The graduating class left some holes to fill for the freshman, and we’ll have to see how they adjust to the NCAA.


Potential Contributors: Laura Cooke (9.825 NQS), Loganne Basuel (9.765), Hannah Loyim (9.750), Lauren Thomas (9.735), Ana Irene Palacios (9.400 average), Emma Ricks (7.650), Paige Wills, Ella Schell, Elizabeth Cairns, Noelle Adams, Gracie Long, Reagan Loftis

How It Looked Before: In a word, tragic. Bars was quite inconsistent for Iowa State, only scoring above 49 twice last season. They finished ranked No. 50, their lowest ranking of any event.

How It Looks Now: Although Laura Cooke being back is a big boost, the Cyclones still lack depth on bars and will rely on freshman Paige Wills to step into the lineup. Early-enrollee Ella Schell will help here as well; she brings impressive lines and cleanliness throughout her skills. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Too early to tell. This team has so much potential on bars, but consistency has been holding them back.


Potential Contributors: Hannah Loyim (9.830 NQS), Josie Bergstrom (9.830), Lauren Thomas (9.800), Loganne Basuel (9.560), Elizabeth Cairns, Gracie Long, Lauren O’Brochta, Paige Wills, Noelle Adams, Ella Schell, Kaia Parker, Emilie Hong, Reagan Loftis, Madelyn Manternach, Rachel Wilke

How It Looked Before: Although beam was Iowa State’s highest-ranked event, finishing at No. 38, it was almost as inconsistent as its bars. They showed their potential by scoring 49-plus three times last season, but scoring was quite up and down.

How It Looks Now: The incoming class and returners from injury will add some much-needed depth to this lineup, and it’s looking like they will have a great opportunity to turn things around this season. Gracie Long will be a standout on this event; the former dancer brings lots of flexibility and beautiful extensions on her leaps. Elizabeth Cairns will also be one to watch on this event.

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Trending up. There seems to be a lot more stability in the beam lineups this year which is something that the Cyclones have lacked in the past.


Potential Contributors: Laura Cooke (9.840 NQS), Ana Irene Palacios (9.830), Kaia Parker (9.820), Hannah Loyim (9.745), Josie Bergstrom (9.725 AVG), Noelle Adams, Paige Wills, Lauren O’Brochta, Gracie Long, Ella Schell, Elizabeth Cairns, Loganne Basuel, Emma Ricks, Emilie Hong, Marina Gonzalez, Reagan Loftis, Madelyn Manternach, Rachel Wilke, Danielle Press

How It Looked Before:  Floor was by far the best event for the Cyclones, finishing the season ranked No. 39 on the event. They scored 49-plus in almost every meet and have some big skills to back it up.

How It Looks Now: Losing perfect-10 scorer Maddie Diab is a huge upset, but the incoming class is strong on floor and should make appearances in this lineup. Similar to beam, Long has potential to bring beautiful dance and extension while Adams is a solid power tumbler and also competed this event at the all-star session of nationals. 

Trending up, down or too early to tell? Too early to tell. There is a big gap to fill, but the incoming freshmen add a lot of depth to this floor lineup.

Three Big Questions

How will Ashley Miles Greig do in her first season as head coach?

It’s the question heard around the gymternet. It will be interesting to see how Miles Greig does in her first coaching position ever. The former elite and NCAA national champion has some serious gymnastics experience herself, which proves that she is more than capable of leading a team to success.

How can the Cyclones replace Maddie Diab?

The gymternet was saddened after Maddie Diab decided to not use her COVID year to stick around for one more year. The perfect-10 scorer was an absolute rock for the Cyclones and her scores and consistency will be hard to replace.

How will the incoming freshman impact this team?

The incoming freshmen are quite strong for Iowa State, with them bringing in four and three-star rated recruits. Frederique Sgarbossa’s deferment will be a small dent to this class, but Schell’s early arrival could soften the blow and bring Iowa State back to prominence in 2024.

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Article by Savanna Whitten, Rebecca Williams, and Aaron Doyle

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