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Tracking 2024 COVID Years

In late 2020, the NCAA announced all winter sport athletes would be granted an extra year of eligibility no matter how much of the 2020-21 season they were able to complete. Now that another season is coming to a close and seniors are announcing their intention to return or retire, we decided to put all the announcements in one place. 

Returning for a fifth year in 2022 did not count against the institutions’ scholarship count. However, like 2023, in 2024, any athlete on scholarship who decides to take a COVID year will potentially count against their school’s scholarship count.

The following information has been curated from gymnasts, teams, and other journalists and will continue to be updated as more announcements are made.

Note: Ivy League gymnasts may not take a fifth year at an Ivy League school. Therefore, we will only be adding those that announce their intention to transfer.

AlabamaLuisa BlancoDefinitely 
 Ella BurgessDefinitely 
 Makarri DoggetteDefinitely 
 Mati WaligoraDefinitely 
AlaskaMackenzie RobinsonLikely notPer Alaska alumni Instagram Story
ArkansasKiara GianfagnaDefinitely not 
 Madison HickeyDefinitely not 
ArizonaMalia HargroveDefinitely 
 Sirena LintonDefinitelyTransferring to Arkansas
 Danielle NosekDefinitely not 
 Libby OrmanDefinitely not 
Arizona StateJuliette BoyerDefinitelyTransferring to Utah State
 Jordyn JaslowDefinitely not 
 Izzy RedmondDefinitely notNot on 2024 roster
 Gracie ReevesDefinitelyOn 2024 roster
 Hannah ScharfDefinitely 
AuburnAria BruschDefinitely 
 Morgan Leigh OldhamDefinitely not 
 Adeline SabadosDefinitely not 
 Cassie StevensDefinitely 
Ball StateGrace EvansDefinitely not 
 Megan TeterDefinitely 
 Taylor WaldoDefinitely not 
Boise StateTalia LittleDefinitely not 
 Adriana PoppDefinitely 
 Erin MordenDefinitely not 
Bowling GreenKatelyn GoldstromDefinitely not 
 Taylor JensenLikely not 
 Dahlia Solorzano-CarusoDefinitely not 
BridgeportHannah BarryDefinitely
BrockportLexi CastellanetaDefinitelyReturning after a year off, competing for Utica
 Jensen ToddDefinitelyReturning after a year off, competing for Utica
Rachel SwickDefinitely
BYUAnyssa AlvaradoDefinitely 
Lindsey KemplerDefinitelyOn 2024 roster, née Hunter
 Allix MasonDefinitely 
 Rebekah RipleyDefinitely not 
 Elease RollinsDefinitely 
CentenaryKendall HuffDefinitely 
 Taylor Ann WilsonDefinitely not Not on 2024 roster
 Rose DeshlerDefinitely notNot on 2024 roster
 Leilani JohnsonDefinitely notNot on 2024 roster
 Kennedy StephensDefinitely notNot on 2024 roster
Central MichiganHannah DeMersDefinitely notInstagram Story comments
 Audriana HammondDefinitely not 
 Aleysia KolyvanovaDefinitely not 
 Savana KotasDefinitely not 
 Ashley VeglucciDefinitely 
 DenverVictoria FittsDefinitely not 
Callie SchlottmanDefinitely not 
Eastern MichiganHadyn CrossynDefinitely not 
 Arileyah HarrisDefinitely not 
 Hannah HartungDefinitely not 
 Molly ParrisDefinitely 
 Mickayla StuckeyDefinitely not 
 Mayleigh VanderbeekDefinitely On 2024 roster
FloridaPayton RichardsDefinitely 
 Savannah SchoenherrDefinitelyTransferring to LSU
George WashingtonDeja ChamblissDefinitely not 
 Nora HousemanDefinitely not 
 Hannah MunnellyDefinitely not 
GeorgiaAmanda CashmanDefinitely 
 Vanessa DenizDefinitely 
 Haley De JongDefinitely 
 Soraya HawthorneDefinitelyTransferring to Oklahoma
IllinoisOlivia O’DonnellDefinitely not 
 Arayah SimonsDefinitelyTransferring to Pitt
 Mia TakekawaDefinitely 
 Mia TownesDefinitely 
Illinois StateAngelica LabatDefinitely 
IowaJerquavia HendersonDefinitely 
 Linda ZivatDefinitely notPer Instagram Story
Iowa StateLoganne BasuelDefinitely 
 Laura CookeDefinitely 
 Maddie DiabDefinitely not 
 Alondra MaldonadoDefinitelyTransferring to Talladega
Kent StateKarlie FranzDefinitely 
KentuckyMakenna ClarkeDefinitely not 
 Ashlyn LaClairDefinitelyTransferring to Georgia
 Shealyn LuksikDefinitely not 
 Arianna PattersonDefinitely 
 Raena WorleyDefinitely 
LindenwoodRiley DanielsDefinitely not 
LSUCammy HallDefinitely 
 Kiya JohnsonDefinitely 
Lexi NibbsDefinitely notNot on 2024 roster
Maddie RauDefinitely notNot on 2024 roster
 Kai RiversDefinitely 
 Kamryn RyanDefinitely not 
 Alyona ShchennikovaDefinitely 
MarylandAustynn LacasseDefinitely notGraduate school at Johns Hopkins
 Sophia LeBlancDefinitelyTransferring to Springfield
 Reese McClureMaybeUndecided
 Emma SilbermanDefinitely 
 Aleka TsikniasDefinitely not 
MichiganSierra BrooksDefinitely 
 Nicoletta KoulosDefinitely notPer Instagram comments and Story
 Gabby WilsonDefinitely 
Michigan StateJori JackardDefinitely 
 Nyah SmithDefinitely 
MinnesotaMaya AlbertinDefinitely not 
 Kate GrotenhuisDefinitely not 
 Mallory LeNeaveDefinitely notPT school
 Halle RemlingerDefinitely notPer Instagram bio
MissouriHelen HuDefinitely not 
 Adalayna HufendiekDefinitely notPer Instagram Story
 Hollyn PatrickDefinitely 
 Sienna SchreiberDefinitely 
N.C. StateShruthi AnandDefinitelyTransferring to Pittsburgh
 Grace HunterDefinitely not 
 Chloe NegreteDefinitelyNot honored during senior night
 Alexis OrtegaDefinitelyNot honored during senior night
 Emily ShepardDefinitelyNot honored during senior night
NebraskaClara ColomboDefinitely 
 Kathryn ThalerDefinitely not 
New HampshireLarissa BietteDefinitely not 
 Kenadi BrownDefinitely 
 Kylie GorgenyiDefinitely 
 Robyn KelleyDefinitely not 
 Jacy WhiteheadDefinitely not 
 Alyssa WorthingtonDefinitely not 
North CarolinaElizabeth CultonDefinitely not 
 Bri GreenlowDefinitely not 
 Hallie ThompsonDefinitely 
Northern IllinoisCiara RyanDefinitely not 
 Brookelyn SearsDefinitely not 
Ohio StateAlexis HankinsDefinitely 
 Ella HodgesDefinitely 
OklahomaRagan SmithDefinitely 
PennMcCaleigh MarrDefinitelyTransferring to Michigan
Penn StateAmy BladonDefinitely not 
 Bella RomagnanoDefinitely not 
 Cassidy RushlowDefinitely 
PittsburghErin HutchinsonDefinitely 
Ciara WardDefinitelyOn 2024 roster
 Christina WeissDefinitely not 
Rhode IslandKelsey GatesDefinitelyOn 2024 roster
Alison SlivaDefinitelyOn 2024 roster
RutgersKaitlyn BertolaDefinitely not 
Sacramento StateAnna LeRoyDefinitely not 
 Peyton GillenDefinitely not 
 Bella LahmidiDefinitelyOn 2024 roster release
San Jose StateCameron KelperisDefinitely not 
 Jada MazuryDefinitely 
 Emma MilneDefinitely not 
 Alexa SolomonLikely not 
SEMOMolly MaxwellDefinitely not Not on 2024 roster
 Lindsey MoffittDefinitely not 
Southern UtahRuby HernandezDefinitely. not 
 Tiffani StufflebeamDefinitely not 
 Kaylee KhoDefinitely notNot on 2024 roster
 Celine BarneyDefinitely notNot on 2024 roster
StanfordChloe WidnerDefinitely 
TempleMadison BrooksDefinitely notNot on 2024 roster
Texas Woman’sMaddie GriffithDefinitely not 
 Mara JohnsonDefinitely not 
 MacKenzie KunzmanDefinitely not 
 Beth LazarusDefinitely not 
 Alix PierceDefinitely not 
 Kyla PodgesDefinitely not 
 Daisy WoodringDefinitely 
TowsonLauren BolenDefinitely not 
 Paige CasperDefinitely not 
 Amy StewartDefinitely not 
 Camille VitoffDefinitely 
 Jenna WeitzDefinitely 
UCLAEmma AndresDefinitely 
Margzetta FrazierDefinitelySixth year, on 2024 roster
 Chloe LashbrookeDefinitely 
 Kalyany SteeleLikely not 
UtahJillian HoffmanDefinitelyTransferring to LSU
 Maile O’KeefeDefinitely 
 Abby PaulsonDefinitely 
 Jaedyn RuckerDefinitely 
Utah StateLexi AragonDefinitely 
 Maia FishwickDefinitely not 
 Alivia OstendorfDefinitely 
 Grace RojasDefinitely not 
 Sofi SullivanDefinitely not 
UW-Eau ClaireEmma BarryDefinitely not 
UW-La CrosseAlex WoodDefinitely
WashingtonMorgan BowlesDefinitely not 
 Kennedi DavisDefinitely not 
 Isa WeissDefinitely not 
West VirginiaEmily Holmes-HackerdDefinitely not 
 Abbie PiersonDefinitely 
 Kianna YanceyDefinitely not 
Western MichiganRonni BinstockDefinitely not 
 Amanda GruberDefinitely 
 Payton MurphyDefinitely 
 Josephine ThomasDefinitely 
William & MarySarah BrownsteinDefinitely not 
 Abby CarpenterDefinitely not 
 Amanda JacksonDefinitely not 
 Keaghan SchaferDefinitely not 
 Emma WileyDefinitely not 

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