The USAG Dismount: Week 10

Just when you thought it was safe to assume how the final weeks of the USAG would look, the teams had other plans. SEMO jumped into second, West Chester sailed past Yale into sixth, and Southern Connecticut could potentially bump Cornell out of qualifying a team to USAG nationals. It’s going to be a close sprint this week. 


Ate Their Wheaties

TBD on what Bridgeport had for fuel going into this weekend, but the Purple Knights notched a season high Friday with a 194.100, besting the previous by just over two points. After a quick turnaround, Bridgeport scored a 193.475 on Sunday. Whatever it is, please share, because we could use some of that. 

Fantastic Floor

West Chester and Cornell put on a floor clinic this past weekend, with everyone going 9.600 or better. Cornell topped its floor record with a 49.225, or a 9.845 average, and West Chester notched a season high with an average of 9.775. Treat yourself with two glorious floor rotations, you deserve it. 

Sportsmanship Moment of the Week

After Lindenwood finished up on beam, it stood floor side and cheered on each of Centenary’s remaining gymnasts. When we tell you the team was yelling as if its own team members were performing, we mean it. What a class act. Honorable mention goes to Nya Kraus’ unbelievable death drop vault celebration. That moment provided so much joy. 

Top Meet of the Week

Cornell at West Chester

Why Should You (Re)Watch? If you haven’t already been hooked by the floor clinic superlative that highlights the floor rotations of these teams, then consider this: Cornell’s beam lineup with four different acro series, McKenna Kissinger and her twisting, and Sydney Beers’ continued rise to excellence. 

Are These Teams Trending Up or Down? Both are looking good, and West Chester even jumped past Yale in the rankings. 

Underrated Meet of the Week

Bridgeport at SCSU

Why Should You (Re)Watch? Bridgeport notched a season high of 194.100, with a casual jump of 2.225 over the previous season high, tying the beam season high and notching season highs on the remaining three events, with several career highs sprinkled in. The Bridgeport Purple Knights brought their shiniest armor to the meet. Southern Connecticut posted a record on floor with a 49.100, a mark that has stood since 2018. It’s a meet brimming with good gymnastics to cleanse your gymternet palate. 

Are These Teams Trending Up or Down? Without any need for further explanation, both of these teams continue to trend up. 

Editors’ Choice Meet of the Week

Lindenwood at Centenary

Why Should You (Re)Watch? Nothing inspires a season high team score quite like senior night, and this meet was no different. The Ladies were on fire throughout the night, culminating in a career high 9.900 for Leilani Johnson on floor, tying the top score from any Centenary athlete in the DIII era. Lindenwood put on a stick clinic on beam to close things out with a solid team total of its own. 

Are These Teams Trending Up or Down? Lindenwood is remaining par for the course—smooth sailing. Centenary made massive strides this week, especially on beam.

Overall Standings

Place Team NQS
1 Lindenwood 194.945
2 SEMO 194.845
3 Texas Woman’s 194.825
4 Air Force 194.350
5 Brown 194.315
6 West Chester 193.795
7 Yale 193.685
8 Southern Connecticut 192.995
9 Cornell 192.585
10 Bridgeport 191.820
11 Centenary 189.430

Top Scores

Gymnast Team Event Score
Madison Greene SEMO Floor 9.900
Leilani Johnson Centenary Floor 9.900
Nyah Reader SEMO Beam 9.900
Daisy Woodring Texas Woman’s Vault 9.900
Libby Allen Southern Connecticut Floor 9.875
Libby Allen Southern Connecticut Floor 9.875
Amber Boll Air Force Bars 9.875
Hannah Stahlbrodt Southern Connecticut Bars 9.875
Hannah Stahlbrodt Southern Connecticut Bars 9.875
Hannah Appleget Lindenwood Bars 9.850
Julia Bedell Brown Vault 9.850
Velandra Brochi Air Force Vault 9.850
Maddie Griffith Texas Woman’s Bars 9.850
Olivia Imbarlina Bridgeport Floor 9.850
Nicole Javinett Bridgeport Beam 9.850
Mara Johnson Texas Woman’s Floor 9.850
Steelie King Texas Woman’s Vault 9.850
Alexa Melanson Southern Connecticut Floor 9.850
Alexa Melanson Southern Connecticut Floor 9.850
Ciana Rios Southern Connecticut Floor 9.850
Ciana Rios Southern Connecticut Floor 9.850
Kieran Ross Bridgeport Beam 9.850
Lola Sepulveda Bridgeport Beam 9.850
Taylor Ann Wilson Centenary Bars 9.850
Daisy Woodring Texas Woman’s Floor 9.850
Angela Xing Brown Beam 9.850
Hanna Zebdi Southern Connecticut Floor 9.850
Hanna Zebdi Southern Connecticut Vault 9.850
Hanna Zebdi Southern Connecticut Floor 9.850
Hannah Appleget Lindenwood Beam 9.825
Amber Boll Air Force Vault 9.825
Kaylee Cooper Lindenwood Bars 9.825
Madeline Gose Texas Woman’s Vault 9.825
Gayla Griswold Lindenwood Floor 9.825
Olivia Imbarlina Bridgeport Beam 9.825
Taylor Ingle SEMO Beam 9.825
Taylor Ingle SEMO Floor 9.825
McKenna Kissinger West Chester Floor 9.825
Lily McFarland West Chester Beam 9.825
Grace Nelson Air Force Vars 9.825
Sherry Wang Bars Yale 9.825


Click and expand the events below to see results from each meet, as well as individual career highs and team program records.

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Article by Allison Freeman and Tavia Smith

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