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LIVE BLOG: NCGA-East Regionals

Today, the top three teams move on to NCGA Nationals, so nothing matters about how things went this season except for how well things go, or don’t go, today.

Today is going to be fun. Why? These teams are all tightly matched and a misstep from anyone, or the meet of a life, could completely change the outcome. Brockport is the top dog going into the meet today, but the Bombers have been working hard on South Hill, and could be poised to take the title today if the Golden Eagles don’t fly as high as they can. Springfield Pride sits in third, followed closely by Ursinus and Cortland, with Rhode Island and the Anchorwomen’s explosive floor routines rounding out the east.

Last year, Springfield claimed second at a regionals for the first time since 2000, despite sitting just behind Ursinus in the team averages for the season. See what I mean about that meaning nothing except what happens on the floor over the next couple of hours? Last year was brimming with program records. Which, we could see quite a bit of today.

Keep an eye out for that illusive 9.900, too. Kyra Figurelli, Kelsey Gates, and Lauren Blair have all notched themselves a 9.900 or better this season. Figurelli has managed it twice. With so many almost breaking into the 9.900, today’s the day for all of that work to manifest into a little bit of history.

Find an overview of regional information here. Watch along here and I’ll hopefully have an update on how to find scores.

Find scores here!

The seeding was determined by ranking.

2023 East Regional Rotation Starting Spots

VaultTeam Ranked 1 (Brockport)
Bye/BarsTeam Ranked 4 (Ursinus)
BarsTeam Ranked 6 (Rhode Island)
BeamTeam Ranked 3 (Springfield)
Bye/FloorTeam Ranked 2 (Ithaca)
FloorTeam Ranked 5 (Cortland)

And, many thanks to Ursinus for this easy-to-follow rotation schedule.

Rotation 1: Brockport VT, Rhode Island UB, Springfield BB, Cortland FX

We’re doing this sans lineups today, I’ll add names as I can.

Blair (Brockport): Gorgeous fhs front tuck. Great landing.

Osborne (Springfield): Front toss bhs swingdown, good. Small step on landing.

Cortland: Double pike to open, almost put her hands down.

Rhode Island: Just missed the start but looks great out of the corner of my eye. Just a lay to finish.

Brockport: Y lay, hops in place, some form in the air.

Brockport: Tucked y full, hops. Good height.

Schutz (Springfield): Bhs loso, check, but keeps it on. Split jump, split 3/4, great extension. Beat to side aerial, good fight. Sticks piked gainer off end.

Rhode Island: Full to bail to toe to high, good. Step on the lay dismount.

Cortland: Sits down her first pass. Rudi to split, good height.

Brockport: Y half, takes a step back on the landing, solid otherwise.

Brockport: Y full, bit of form.

Rhode Island: Piked gienger to bail. Chest down on the double tuck.

Belog (Springfield) : BHS loso, small small check. Front aerial, good. Split to split 3/4, lovely. RO 1.5, small hop.

Cortland: Front lay to rudi, good form but looks like she may have juuust stepped out. Good leaps.

Brockport: Just saw the end, tucked, small hop on the landing, looked like it had good height.

Rhode Island: Shy on that first hs, free hip is archy and nooo comes off. Repeats free hip shaposh comes off. Comes off on pirouette. Sticks the double tuck.

Sipes (Springfield) : Bhs loso, comes off. Side aerial, wobble. Gainer front full, a few steps to the side.

Cortland: Chest down a little on the double to open. RI 1.5 to front tuck, good.

MacLeod (Springfield): Switch leap to wolf 3/4, tiny check. Great routine so far. Side somi, good. Small hop on dismount.

Rhode Island: Good first hs. Blind to bail, lovely, toe to high. Shy on that last one. Double tuck, small hop.

Cortland: Ro 1.5 to front lay, good.

Rosier (Springfield): Split in jump series coudl have a little more extension. Front aerial bhs, good. Saw her come off on something out of the corner of my eye. Sticks the front lay full dismount.

Rhode Island: Full to double tuck, small step. Great routine throughout.

Bang (Cortland): Double pike, LOVELY, great height, chest just the tiniest bit down. Front lay to front full, nice. Form is a little soft on the leaps. Good routine.

After 1: Brockport 48.225, Springfield 47.775, Cortland 47.625, Rhode Island 45.050

Rhode Island had a few struggles on bars, but who isn’t happy to put bars behind them? Brockport’s adrenaline showed on vault. Cortland had a wonderful showing on floor and Springfield had minimal issues on beam.

Rotation 2: Cortland VT, Ursinus UB, Rhode Island BB, Ithaca FX

Justincic (Cortland): Y lay, small step.

Tanguay (Ursinus): Bail to hs, good. Small step on the double tuck.

Rhode Island: Front aerial to back tuck, good. Great routine to kick things off on beam.

Ithaca: Rudi to open, some soft form in the air. Front lay series, good.

Cortland: Y lay, step back.

Matteucci (Ursinus): Bail hs, good. Toe to high. Double tuck, great height.

Silva (Rhode Island): Switch to tuck 3/4. Good aerial series. Piked gainer off end, just a step.

Cortland: Just missed it. But landing looked good.

Ithaca: Double pike to open, looks like she just kept it in.

Cortland: Y lay, good.

Troilo (Ursinus): Blind to straddle, lovely form. Full to double tuck, chest down, small step.

Rhode Island: Bhs loso, no issues. Gainer full off side, small step in place.

Bang (Cortland): Fhs front tuck, big step. She has so much power on that.

Duffy (Ursinus): Blind to straddle jaeger, THE HEIGHT. OHh muscles through the shoot over. Double tuck, steps back. Good routine though.

Rhode Island: Front aerial to tuck, lovely. No issues. Good leap series. Gainer full, hops into the salute.

Cortland: Solid landing.

Ithaca: Double tuck to open, looks like she just steps out. Good leaps, love her ring. Arches her front lay series over. Fhs rudi to straddle jump and that jump has EXTENSION.

DeLorme (Ursinus): Toe on shaposh, great height. Good bail to hs. Shy on that last hs. Double tuck, tiniest hops.

Ithaca: Rudi, chest a touch down. Good routine.

Lunn (Rhode Island): Bhs loso wobbles but keeps it on. Hitchkick to switch side quarter. Love it. Y scale, goof. Tucked front full, steps.

Panetta (Ursinus): AHH massive height on that gienger but doesn’t catch it. Pak is lovely. Good last hs. Double tuck, small step forward.

Keyes (Rhode Island): Cat leap to switch side, good. Bhs lay, good. Front aerial. Smiles after her full turn. Gainer front full just a step forward.

Ithaca: Good opening pass. Switch side popa, nice. Double tuck, doesn’t move her feet. Great routine for the Bombers.

Nichols (Ithaca): Excellent opening pass, her front lay is so clean. Switch to wolf full. Double tuck, chest just a touch down. But good overall!

After 2: Cortland 95.100, Rhode Island 93.525, Brockport 48.225, Ithaca 48.150, Springfield 47.675, Ursinus 45.900

Rhode Island had itself a BEAM rotation. Ithaca had a few errors on floor but nothing major. Cortland looked strong on vault. Ursinus had a few hiccups on bars but, it is early my friends.

Rotation 3: Ithaca Vault, Brockport UB, Ursinus BB, Springfield FX

Nothnagel (Ithaca): Y layt, small hop.

Cohen (Ithaca): Y lay, stuck!

Nichols (Ithaca): FHS front tuck, small step.

Ithaca: Tucked y half, falls to the side and lands on an 8 inch mat.

Ithaca: Tucked y full, big step to the side, chest down.

Ithaca: Y full, soft legs, good chest poisition.

Eramo (Brockport): Bail to hs, some leg sep. Double tuck, step back.

Gare (Brockport): Shy on that first hs. Full to gienger, good. Bail to hs. Shy on that last. Full to double tuck, hops.

Schumaker (Brockport): Half to bail to hs, minor leg sep. Nooo really goes for that last hs and arches over. FTDB, small hop. Great height on that.

Swick (Brockport): Straddle jaeger to bail with a ton of power, has to bend her knees but keeps it up, ends with a high double tuck.

Sargent (Brockport): Good first hs. Blind to straddle jaeger, catches a little close but no issue. Bail to hs, good. Sticks her double lay. Bport needed that.

Bushey (Brockport): Shy on thta first hs. Gienger to bail. Shy on the last. Full to double tuck, small hop forward. Brockport survived bars!

Ricci (Ursinus): Front toss, wobbles. Check on the side aerial. Gainer full off side, stuck.

Cromer (Ursinus): Switch leap to loso to pike jump. LOVE A PIKE JUMP. Bhs loso comes off.

Gregory (Ursinus): Wobble on the series. Switch leap to straddle quarter, check. Saw her come off out of the corner of my eye.

Thornton (Ursinus): Fhs to back tuck, nice. Cat leap to leap 3/4, good. Side aerial, wobbles, keeps it on. Excellent extension on her split jump. Piked gainer off end, steps into the salute.

DeLorme (Ursinus): I know her mount is simple, but I love the hop to seat. Front toss leg comes up. Bhs loso comes off nooo. Switch to pike jump. Pike jumps always. Excellent position. Bhs 1.5, small step.

Schumaker (Ursinus): Wolf, nice. Bhs loso, wobbles but smooths it over. Clean leaps. Cat leap to side somi. Keeps it on. Small step on the dismount.

Schutz (Springfield): Excellent routine. Fhs front full to front tuck, good.

Belog (Springfield): RO 1.5 to front lay to stag, lovely. Soft knees on the leap series. Rudi to stag, chest up.

Taylor (Springfield): FHS double full to open, lovely. Front front full, good.

Wygonik (Springfield): OOB on the 1.5 to front, but good height. Double tuck, nice.

MacLeod (Springfield): 1.5 to front full, lovely lovely lovely. Love twisting passes like that and she floats it. Rudi with a good chest position.

Rosier (Springfield): Rudi to open, chest straight up, love it. Good leaps. Ro 1.5 to front lay, does a nice choreo to cover the step. Front full front full, good.

After 3: Springfield 96.050, Brockport 95.475, Cortland 95.100, Ithaca 95.075, Rhode Island 93.525, Ursinus 92.075

Now that we have all the teams with two rotations, things are starting to look interesting. Springfield came to play, and Brockport finds itself in an unusual second place position so far. Cortland and Ithaca are close to holding onto that coveted third place position for a ticket to nationals.

Rotation 4: Springfield VT, Cortland UB, Brockport BB, Rhode Island FX

Schutz (Springfield): Y lay, small step.

Reer (Springfield): Y lay, step.

Belog (Springfield): Clean y lay, takes a step back.

Kaplan (Springfield): Just missed it. Landing looked good.

Taylor (Springfield): Puts her hand down on the landing, good height otherwise.

Kiley (Springfield): Y full, hops back, great height.

Nadler (Cortland): Sticks her toe front! Routine looked good.

Louis (Cortland): Pak, good. Free hip, good. Catches toe to high close but recovers fine.

Miranov (Cortland): Form on the gienger but catches it. Bail. Double tuck, step forward.

Adams (Cortland): Freehip to gienger to shoot over.

Carr (Cortland): Holds that handstand before gienger, good. Double tuck, small step forward, chest down.

Curcione (Cortland): Toe on shaposh, good. Pak, catches is short but does a masterful job working it. Full to Double tuck, small step. Love her bars.

Pecoraro (Brockport): Switch leap to half, good. Bhs tuck, lands a little low but smooths it over. Step on dismount.

White (Brockport): Bhs loso, fights to keep it on. Wobble on the leap series. BHS 1.5, small step.

Czarcinski (Brockport): Bhs loso, no issue. Comes off on leap series. Loso split jump. Gainer front full off end, stuck.

Stinnette (Brockport): Bhs loso, fights to keep it on, cracks a smile. Switch leap to split jump. Cat leap to side aerial, ice cold. Gainer full off side, not toootally around, hops back into the salute.

Galioto (Brockport): Bhs loso, good. Front toss beat, good. Switch leap, tuck 3/4. RO 1.5, small hop.

Golden Eagles need one more hit to be in the clear of a fall.

Schumaker (Brockport): Bhs loso, clean. Little shy on the extension in her jumps but she’s got this under control. Just the dismount. Gainer full off side, stuck!

Ferri (Rhode Island): FHS front full front lay, good. Rudi, lands with chest pretty up.

Shrewsbury (Rhode Island): Rudi with chest a little down. Front full front lay, foot is OOB. Front full to front tuck but sits it down.

Yitts (Rhode Island): Good height on leaps. Front full, front lay. Front lay front full, nice.

Tucker (Rhode Island): Fhs rudi to stag rebound, not fullllly controlled but she had some height. RO 1.5 to front lay, a little foot adjustment there. Good leaps.

Gates (Rhode Island): FHS rudi to lay full, swoooooon. Front double full, lovely. Love that routine. That should score well.

Keyes (Rhode Island): Front through to double tuck but steps it out of bound. Keyes has POWER. Switch side to wolf full, good. Here for this choreo and routine. Double pike with chest a little down. Good routine overall.

After 4: Brockport 143.500, Springfield 143.300, Rhode Island 141.650, Cortland 141.475, Ithaca 95.075, Ursinus 92.125

A few teams will be concluding their meet this rotation — Cortland and Rhode Island. So we’ll know the scores that’ll need to topped to punch tickets to nationals once we head into the sixth rotation.

Rotation 5: Rhode Island VT, Ithaca UB, Cortland BB, Ursinus FX

Gates (Rhode Island): Y lay, step forward.

Schlawiedt (Rhode Island): Y lay, pikes it down, steps.

Ferri (Rhode Island): Y lay small hop.

Keyes (Rhode Island): Just law the landing, but looked good.

(Rhode Island): Y lay, small hop, good.

Tucker (Rhode Island): Tucked y full, small step.

Nichols (Ithaca): Toe on shaposh, good. Shy on that last hs. Several steps back on the dismount but keeps it on her feet.

Cohen (Ithaca): Great height on the tkatchev. Bail to hs. Good last hs. Doubl tuck, stuck!!

Bailey (Ithaca): Excellent free hip to gienger. Bail to hs, some arms but lovely otherwise. Shy on that last hs. Double tuck, steps back.

Goodwin (Ithaca): Gienger, form in the air. Catches the bar awkwardly in her bail. Full to double tuck, steps.

Kyriakopoulos (Ithaca): Bail to hs with leg sep. Hop, step on the double tuck but a great comeback.

O’Sullivan (Ithaca): Good hs. Tkatcehv, some feet but good. Bail to hs. Full to double tuck, lands a little low but only takes a small hop.

Louis (Cortland): Comes off, missed the skill. Sticks her ro 1.5.

Brown (Cortland): Good jump series, no issue. Bhs loso, leg up and comes off. Switch leap split jump, good. Comes off on front toss.

Louis (Cortland): Front aerial to bhs, good. Switch leap switch leap, some form.

Beam conference.

Brown (Cortland): Front aerial to back tuck to split jump. Leg a liiittle low in the back there. Cat leap to side aerial, fights hard but comes off. Gainer front full, step.

Frascatore (Cortland): Bhs loso, check, keeps it on. Good leaps. Bhs tuck 1.5, stuck!

Cortland: BHS Loso, leg comes up, keeps it on. Standing pike to split jump, lovely extension on that. RO 1.5, stpe forward. Good.

Scarpetti (Ursinus): Double tuck to open, but sits it down. Front full series, good. Good height on leaps. Rudi.

Cusick (Ursinus): High double pike to open. Front full front lay, lands it low but keeps it on her feet. Switch side popa. Ah, sits down her rudi.

Ricci (Ursinus): Rudi to straddle rebound. RO 1.5 to front pike, good.

Matteucci (Ursinus): RO 1.5 front tuck, love the drama of the music. Turn to wolf full series is on point. Leap series good. Lands with chest a little down on the double tuck but good overall.

DeLorme (Ursinus): Her choreo. Everything. Love it. Float 1.5 to front lay. Wolf hop to switch side to popa. Excellent routine!

Schumaker (Ursinus): RO 1.5 to front full, floaty. Rudi stag rebound, good.

After 5: Rhode Island 188.950, Cortland 188.050, Brockport 143.500, Springfield 143.300, Ithaca 141.950, Ursinus 139.475

Springfield is hot on the heels of Brockport. Ithaca might be a little further out but the Bombers are headed to their best event, and Ursinus will round things out on vault.

Rotation 6: Ursinus VT, Springfield UB, Ithaca BB, Brockport FX

DeLorme (Ursinus): Y lay, so clean, hops.

Cusick (Ursinus): Y lay, good height, hop.

Stubbs (Ursinus): Y lay, good control on the landing.

Panetta (Ursinus): Stuck tucked yfull!

Cromer (Ursinus): Y half, step.

Schumaker (Ursinus): Y full, some legs.

Wygonik (Springfield): Great handstands, bail a little wiggly. Sticks her toe front.

Morris (Springfield): Full to double tuck, stuck!

Kiley (Springfield): Had a hard time with a cast and takes an extra cast. Full, giant, double tuck. Steps to the side.

Osborne (Springfield): Piked jaeger to bail, nice. Sht on that last hs. Toe front, just a step.

Sipes (Springfield): Toe on shaposh, good. Double lay, small step!

Bar conference.

Maeda (Springfield): Comes off on her straddle jaeger. Such good height on that too. Falls on the dismount.

Goodwin (Ithaca): Lovely series, no issues. Comes off on side aerial.

Cohen (Ithaca): Bhs loso, comes off. Switch leap series, good.

Pellegrino (Ithaca): Front toss back tuck, leg comes up. Good leaps.

Kyriakopoulos (Ithaca): Bhs loso, good. Small hop on the gainer front full dismount. Good routine overall.

Kobusky (Ithaca): RO LOSO, back foot slips first but she makes an adjusment with zero issue. Good jump series. Split jump sheep, nice. Noooo, falls on the front lay full dismount.

Nichols (Ithaca): Ithaca needs a big big big score here. Front tuck back tuck, no issue. Switch leap split jump beat jump, no issues. RO 1.5, just a step.

White (Brockport): Double tuck to open. Good leaps. RO 1. to front lay, tiny hop in place.

Swick (Brockport): 1.5 to front lay, nice. Leaps could use a touch more definition. Double tuck, lands with chest a bit down.

Pecoraro (Brockport): Front lay, front full, some soft knees. Good leaps, nice popa. Good height on the double tuck.

Galioto (Brockport): Double tuck, chest a touch down, but good height. 1.5 front lay, knees a little soft. Good jump series, but she was right on the edge.

Brockport: Fhs front double full, lands a little awkwardly but handles it fine. Switch side popa wolf full, good. Fhs front full front tuck, hop.

Figurelli (Brockport): FTDB to open, good! As usual. Good height on her leaps, wolf full hit the position well. RO 1.5 front lay, floaty. Good!

FINAL: Brockport 192.200, Springfield 189.150, Ithaca 189.050, Rhode Island 188.950, Cortland 188.050, Ursinus 187.450

Well, Brockport and Springfield have punched tickets to nationals. Now, well, we wait and see how they’ll break the tie between Ithaca and Rhode Island to see who will be joining the Golden Eagles and the Pride.

Score updates! Ithaca punches that third ticket to nationals by a slim, slim, slim margin.

VT: Schumaker 9.800
UB: Sargent 9.725
BB: Nichols 9.850
FX: Gates 9.875
AA: Gates, Keyes, Nichols 38.125

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Live blog by Allison Freeman

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