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The NCGA Dismount: Week 9

NCGA closes the door on the regular season but didn’t do so quietly. Brockport’s Kyra Figurelli etched her name in the history books with a tied program record of 9.925. Reigning champs, UW-Oshkosh, finds itself just behind Brockport in the rankings, with UW-La Crosse is hot on both of those heels.

However, those rankings don’t mean much just yet. All that matters is how the East and West look at their respective regionals this upcoming weekend. The top three teams from each regional will battle it out at Nationals. 


Undercover Boss

Gustavus’ Olivia Jahnke has been chugging away all season long, leading the team on beam and floor for the majority of the year. Week nine featured a career high floor performance, and another team-leading beam routine. What can we say? She’s regionals ready. 

Rachel Chesley Appreciation 

Some athletes enter the sophomore scaries after having strong freshman campaigns. Not Rachel Chesley. This athlete only gets better. She’s been a steady force for La Crosse on three events. Most notably she’s gained consistency on bars to go along with her astounding power. Don’t be surprised if she makes some noise this postseason.

Senior Day Nostalgia

Take a scroll through Brockport’s Instagram to enjoy just how far these soon-to-be graduated seniors have come, with their compulsory routines woven into their collegiate routines. Someone pass us a tissue, please. 

NCGA-East Meet of the Week

Springfield at Ithaca

Why Should You (Re)Watch? Ithaca has been on a streak of wins, and the Bombers have won the past four dual meets, in a row. Cameryn Nichols came knocked on the door of her beam and program record. And Emily Kobusky’s round off layout stepout series on beam continues to be a knock out. And Tori Sipes’ double layout off bars? Swoon.

Are These Teams Trending Up or Down?: Both the Bombers and the Pride are working their way back on bars, although beam is starting to give both some trouble. But everyone is holding steady. 

WIAC Meet of the Week

UW-Oshkosh at UW-Whitewater

Why Should You (Re)Watch? The vault squads showed out, both surpassing the 48.400 mark. Kara Welsh’s 9.850 was a stand out among all the great routines on the event. Delaney Cienkus came in clutch, yet again, with beautiful sets on beam and floor. The latter features a nice back two and a half twist that is not talked about enough. 

Are These Teams Trending Up or Down?:UW-Oshkosh is trending about the same. That’s to say, they’re still among the best. Whitewater is getting warmer, improving at the end of this regular season. Keep an eye out for both of these teams at regionals.

Overall Standings

Place Team SAS
1 Brockport 191.8125
2 UW-Oshkosh 191.6563
3 UW-La Crosse 191.4500
4 UW-Whitewater 191.1438
5 Ithaca 190.0188
6 UW-Stout 189.1313
7 Springfield 188.5625
8 Ursinus 187.7063
9 Cortland 187.5313
10 Rhode Island 186.5250
11 Gustavus 185.7875
12 UW-Eau Claire 185.1313
13 Winona 184.1313
14 Hamline 183.6875

Top Scores

Gymnast Team Event Score
Kyra Figurelli Brockport Floor 9.925
Lauren Blair Brockport Floor 9.900
Sarah Knetzke UW-Whitewater Beam 9.850
Kara Welsh UW-Whitewater Vault 9.850
Kelsey Kollhoff UW-Whitewater Floor 9.825
Cameryn Nichols Ithaca Beam 9.825
Delaney Brown Cortland Floor 9.800
Kelsey Gates Rhode Island Floor 9.800
Maren Eramo Brockport Vault 9.800
Christina Wygnoik Springfield Floor 9.800
Glynis Curcione Cortland Bars 9.775
Grace Murray Ithaca Floor 9.775
Sidney Schreiber Ursinus Floor 9.775
Olivia Jahnke Gustavus Floor 9.750
Zoe Kyriakopoulos Ithaca Bars 9.750
Reanna McGibboney UW-Oshkosh Vault 9.750
Faith Mylin UW-Whitewater Floor 9.750
Alex Panetta Ursinus Vault 9.750
Sydney Schumaker Brockport Vault 9.750
Maya Belog Springfrield Floor 9.725
Taylor Bushey Brockport Bars 9.725
Alyssa DeLorme Ursinus Bars 9.725
Natalie Galioto Brockport Floor 9.725
Carleigh Moore UW-Whitewater Vault 9.725
Maya Pecoraro Brockport Floor 9.725
Caitlin Pellegrino Ithaca Floor 9.725
Rachel Swick Brockport Floor 9.725
Emma Tucker Rhode Island Beam 9.725
Alex Wood UW-La Crosse Vault 9.725
Abby Bang Cortland Floor 9.700
Maya Belog Springfield Beam 9.700
Kiara Brown UW-Stout Bars 9.700
Rachel Chesley UW-La Crosse Bars 9.700
Delaney Cienkus UW-Oshkosh Beam 9.700
Delaney Cienkus UW-Oshkosh Floor 9.700
Effie Ferguson UW-Stout Beam 9.700
Kya Figurelli Brockport Vault 9.700
Danielle Jaworski Hamline Floor 9.700
Olivia Keyes Rhode Island Beam 9.700
Olivia Keyes Rhode Island Floor 9.700
MacKenzie MacLeod Springfield Floor 9.700
Meg McGinley UW-Whitewater Floor 9.700
Carleigh Moore UW-Whitewater Floor 9.700
Gabrielle Nadler Cortland Floor 9.700
Devon Rosier Springfield Floor 9.700
Haley Volstad UW-Oshkosh Vault 9.700


Click and expand the events below to see results from each meet, as well as individual career highs and team program records.1

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Article by Allison Freeman and Tavia Smith

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