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The USAG Dismount: Week 7

As teams set their eyes on the end of the season, they showed up polished and ready to prove themselves as contenders for titles or at least as a threat to the title. West Chester chased down its second highest score in program history, Yale’s Raegan Walker hit three for three, and Air Force flashed its muscle to show the other teams that program isn’t to be counted out.


Best Dismount

With the rule change this year rendering the side aerial to full beam dismount unusable without loss of start value, most athletes have opted for a different dismount entry. Not TWU’s Ruby Goad. Instead, she’s added the extra half, the perfect end cap to her typically solid routine. This week, she came away with a stick and a career high. 

Hey Google, What Does a Pike Jaeger Look Like?

No notes. OK, some notes: The toes. The height. The BODY POSITION. That’s how you do a piked jaeger. Thank you, Laura MacKenzie. Five stars. 

Best Intermission

What better way to spend the moments before competing than singing along to a Beyonce classic? Jordan Jones, this is the best floor party concert we’ve ever had. 

Long Live the King

TWU’s Steelie King got a slow start to 2023 due to injury. She’s been slowly adding back events, currently making three competitive lineups. This weekend featured a season high vault score and a stunner on floor. Did we mention this is her first season in the floor lineup as a junior? She’s definitely going to be a staple. 

Top Meet of the Week

West Chester at Cornell

Why Should You (Re)Watch? First of all: the variety. Cornell brings four different acro series on beam in this lineup. McKenna Kissinger’s twisting. All of West Chester’s switch side leaps on floor. You don’t get the same routine twice at all in this meet. Save the predictable for baseball season. Oh, and the Golden Rams notched their second highest team score in program history. Casual.

Are These Teams Trending Up or Down? Those Golden Rams have wings, and they’re absolutely trending up. Cornell’s highest score of the season? The Big Red is hungry. The GEC is fierce this season. 

Underrated Meet of the Week

Denver and UC Davis at Air Force

Why Should You (Re)Watch? Come for Air Force, stay for Denver’s star all-around performers. Air Force posted a season high with Briona Carswell and Amber Boll celebrating senior day in style. Boll with a bars career high, and Carswell with another jaw dropping beam set. Lynnzee Brown set a season high in the all-around, matching teammate Jessica Hutchinson’s 39.575. However, Rylie Mundell took the title, besting her teammates by a quarter tenth. 

Are These Teams Trending Up or Down? Air Force is going to put the pressure on the rest of the USAG. Now’s the time for the Falcons to start shining. 

Editors’ Choice Meet of the Week

Yale, North Carolina and Temple at George Washington

Why Should You (Re)Watch? Yale upset Temple after losing to the Owls at home earlier this season. Raegan Walker stunned as usual, Hana Strause continued coming into her own, and Sarah Wilson made hard gymnastics look easy. 

Are These Teams Trending Up or Down?: Yale is typically a slow burn kind of team, so now’s about the time things really get fired up. Two 194-plus scores in a row is a sign things are turning up. 

Overall Standings

3Air Force193.810
4Texas Woman’s193.780
6West Chester192.910
7Southern Connecticut190.880

Cornell and Brown do not yet have an NQS for ranking.

Top Scores

Amber BollAir ForceBars9.900
Sydney BeersCornellFloor9.875
Briona CarswellAir ForceBeam9.875
Alix PierceTexas Woman’sBeam9.875
Alix PierceTexas Woman’s Floor9.875
Raegan WalkerYaleBeam9.875
Lydia WebbSEMOBeam9.875
Hannah ApplegetLindenwoodBars9.850
Ruby GoadTexas Woman’s Beam9.850
Gayla GriswoldLindenwoodFloor9.850
Jaly JonesLindenwoodFloor9.850
Raegan WalkerYaleBars9.850
Hannah ApplegetLindenwoodFloor9.825
Velandra BrochiAir ForceBars9.825
Velandra BrochiAir ForceFloor9.825
Kaylee CooperLindenwoodBars9.825
Kylee GreeneAir ForceFloor9.825
Maddie GriffithTexas Woman’sBars9.825
Steelie KingTexas Woman’sVault9.825
McKenna KissingerWest ChesterBeam9.825
Kyla PodgesTexas Woman’s Beam9.825
Abby RoyerSouthern ConnecticutFloor9.825
Gigi SabatiniYaleFloor9.825
Daisy WoodringTexas Woman’sVault9.825
Libby AllenSouthern ConnecticutFloor9.800
Sydney BeersCornellVault9.800
Calista BradyCornellVault9.800
Velandra BrochiAir ForceBeam9.800
Mikayla BurtonCornellBeam9.800
Rose FanaraWest ChesterFloor9.800
Kylee GreeneAir ForceBeam9.800
Mara JohnsonTexas Woman’sFloor9.800
Steelie KingTexas Woman’s Floor9.800
McKenna KissingerWest ChesterFloor9.800
Anna LaceyWest ChesterFloor9.800
Angel LeeSouthern ConnecticutBeam9.800
Ayla McKeanAir ForceBars 9.800
Ayla McKeanAir ForceFloor9.800
Kate MicheliniCornellFloor9.800
Nyah Reader SEMOBeam9.800
Lola Sepulveda BridgeportBars9.800
Hannah StahlbrodtSouthern ConnecticutBars9.800
Hana StrauseYaleFloor9.800
Caitlyn WalshCornellFloor9.800
Cami WhitakerCornellFloor9.800
Sarah WilsonYaleBars9.800
Sarah WilsonYaleFloor9.800
Hanna ZebdiSouthern ConnecticutVault9.800


Click and expand the events below to see results from each meet, as well as individual career highs and team program records.

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Article by Allison Freeman and Tavia Smith

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