Chloe Widner hits an oversplit on a leap on beam

LIVE BLOG: Super 16 Session Two with No. 14 Oregon State, No. 17 Stanford, No. 20 Georgia and Rutgers

I know it’s late, but keep your eyes open because this quad meet features some of 2022’s most intriguing teams. Stanford, the hero of the 2022 postseason, has a potentially extraordinary freshman class. But the Cardinal has posted so little preseason footage that we have no real way to piece together lineups for this team—we can’t even confirm whether many of these athletes are healthy. Conference-mate Oregon State is less of a mystery—Jade Carey is probably going to anchor every lineup!—but Phoebe Jakubczyk, who competed the all-around at last month’s intrasquad, has recently suffered a season-ending injury. The good news for the Beavers is that its freshmen may finally bring a close to its years-long bars odyssey. Few freshman routines were on offer at the intrasquad, but both Francesca Caso and Savannah Miller competed on bars, where new options are desperately needed.

For Georgia, anything could happen. The sky is the limit for this squad’s numerous newcomers, but for embattled head coach Courtney Kupets Carter, is it really as simple as recruiting—and hiring—herself out of trouble? At last month’s First Look intrasquad great potential was balanced by some real struggles, but the fact that there was only one fall the whole meet has to be considered a good sign for the Gymdogs. Look out for freshman Naya Howard, who has the potential to be a phenom.

Rutgers has a roster that should have allowed it to play with the big kids this year, but the Scarlet Knights have already sustained numerous injuries this preseason. Even if the 2023 season just isn’t meant to be, though, senior Hannah Joyner is a can’t-miss.

Rotation 1: Stanford VT, OSU UB, UGA BB, Rutgers FX

Hawthorne (UGA): BHS LOSO, nice and steady. Standing switch x2 is clean, kickover front to split. Check on full turn, one and a half twist with baby hop forward. 9.75

Dagen (OSU): Shy on first handstand to Tkachev, solid overshoot. Shy again, toe on to blind full to double back stuck. 9.675

Widner (Stanford): Solid FTY, little hop back. 9.825!

Aird (RU): Really nice double pike. Switch half to split full, smidge short of split, front lay front full with a big step forward but in bounds. Great double tuck. Wow, really solid. 9.9!!

Briones (OSU): Blind pretty late, Jaeger caught a little close. Pak… awkward catch but switch kips out of it okay. Double layout with a little hop. 9.525

Nguyen (Stanford): FTY onto an eight incher, medium jump back. She did a DTY for years in level 10, hope it’s back soon. 9.8

Joyner (RU): Oooh, creepy music box music. I like it. Double pike a smidge overcooked, switch full is immaculate. Front full front lay really good. One and a half front lay, great. 9.875

Carey (OSU): Maloney to Bhardwaj, teeny leg separation, van Leeuwen. FTDB super close to the bar but survives with a hop back. 9.825

Angeny (UGA): Great triple series! Front aerial a smidge shaky, gets through, full turn. Switch to beat. BHS to one and a half, hop back. Good one. 9.825

Roberts (Stanford): One and a half, fantastic, controlled pace forward. 9.9

Webster (RU): This rotation is going ridiculously well for Rutgers. Full in, huge hop backwards and goes out of bounds. Wacky leaps, not a ton of split happening there, front through double back.

de Jong (UGA): Full turn, switch to split, front aerial… check. BHS LOSO great. Front aerial to split, made it that time. Side split half, one and a half twist with a hop forward.

After 1: Rutgers 49.150, Stanford 49.125, Georgia 48.950, Oregon State 48.375

Some ground to make up for the Beavers, but a really steady start for everyone else. Wow, Rutgers!! That’s a real result for the Scarlet Knights. For Oregon State… I take back everything I said about bars getting better.

Rotation 2: Rutgers VT, Stanford UB, OSU BB, UGA FX

Lorente Garcia (RU): FTY, pikey and landed out of bounds with a little hop. 9.65

Webster (RU): Tsu tuck full, clean in the air, large pace back.

Brunette (Stanford): Half turn…. almost over……. to Deltchev to overshoot, a little hairy throughout but made. Double layout with a little hop forward.

Williams (UGA): Double pike, a smidge overcooked. Switch side Popa, awkward landing. Front full front lay steady, double back out of bounds.

Letzsch (OSU): Front aerial back tuck, check. Split to ring leap, not sure that front leg made horizontal. Gainer front full is solid.

Leese (RU): ONE AND A HALF STUCK(ish). FREAKING ROCKSTAR. Leg sep onto the table but it’s a Rutgers 10.0 start, I’m not feeling picky. She looks THRILLED. 9.875 booooo. It wasn’t perfect but let us live.

Howard (UGA): Front through double back, overcooked and rebounds back but keeps it in bounds. Necessary. Switch half wolf full wolf full, double pike stuck DEAD.

Dagen (OSU): Steady through the opening acro, adjustment on the switch half, switch to pike is great. One and a half twist, hop forward.

Widner (Stanford): Great Tkachev, giant full dead straight to bail. Double layout, little hop back. Gorgeous. 9.875

Carey (OSU): Full turn, front aerial BHS LOSO with a check. Switch switch half, baby adjustment. Gainer full stuck.

Hawthorne (UGA): Double pike overcooked, stays in bounds. Great Rudi.

After 2: Stanford 98.150, Rutgers 97.950, Georgia 97.925, Oregon State 97.475

Rotation 3: Georgia VT, Rutgers UB, Stanford BB, Oregon State FX

Dean (Stanford): Full turn, side aerial BHS with a medium wobble. Switch half to beat is a little wonky. One and a half twist, pace forward. 9.65

King (UGA): Solid FTY, small hop back.

Onyshko (Stanford): Front aerial pause BHS BHS, check. Switch ring a little sketchy position. Gainer pike, hop back.

Miller (OSU): Double pike a little bouncy, one and a half front lay whippy, mistimed the punch, but it’s okay. Solid double tuck, chest a smidge low.

Ortiz? (RU): Good Tkachev, bail a little short. Blind full double back, little step. 9.65

Howard (UGA): Pretty FTY, smallish hop straight back.

Gonzales (OSU): Front full front lay, a little bouncy. Great double pike. Switch ring… that was not a ring… to switch half. Solid routine. 9.875

Hawthorne (UGA): WHAT WAS THAT. Lost in the air so badly that I don’t really know what happened. Went for a one and a half, kind of bailed after half a twist, limping off. Well. 8.7

Aird (RU): Blind to pike Jaeger, clear hip to bail. Double layout a little pikey, step forward. Some missed cast handstands in there. 9.525

Roberts (Stanford): Wolf 3/2, not sure if she was hoping for a double? L hop to switch side, BHS LOSO good. Side aerial to split, a little slow. One and a half, medium hop forward. 9.8

Dagen (OSU): Front double full, SHORT and shuffles to hang onto it. Remarkable that she didn’t sit that. Switch half Popa. Front lay front full is great, double pike with chest a little low. 9.75

Carey (OSU): Deep on the Silivas, makes the lunge but looks like it hurts. Fudges through the leaps a little. Front through double pike is great. 9.825

After 3: Stanford 146.825, Georgia 146.775, Oregon State 146.525, Rutgers 146.150

It’s CLOSE heading into the last rotation. Intriguing. Can the Beavers make it up on vault? Who knows.

Rotation 4: OSU VT, Georgia UB, Rutgers BB, Stanford FX

Dean (Stanford): Double pike, landing a little crunchy but makes it work. Switch side half… I think? One and a half front full is great. Switch half Popa nice. 9.825 nice!!

Angeny (UGA): Blind to Jaeger to overshoot, foot form throughout but steady. Double layout pretty close to stuck. 9.9 WOW

Letzsch (OSU): FTY, piked throughout and a big hop back. 9.725

Pagliaro (RU): Switch switch half, very short of split. BHS LOSO, little adjustment. FRONT gainer full off the side? Wow.

Neault (Stanford): Great double pike. Very nice Rudi. Really going great for the sophomore. Switch to Ferrari, great. Great combo pass to finish, could go high. Looks thrilled. 9.875

Carey (OSU): DTY, some leg form but just a tiny hop back. Probably not enough to save a semi-sketchy rotation from the Beavs. 9.875

Roberts (Stanford): Front lay to Rudi sky high, great. Rocked the double tuck, probably could have stuck it. Switch half to Popa, oversplits on both.

de Jong (UGA): Toe on to Maloney to bail, super clean. Double layout, little hop back. Pretty routine. 9.875

Widner (Stanford): Double layout, super clean landing. Front through double pike, chest a little low. 9.95?!

Joyner (RU): BHS LOSO, a little tentative. Switch switch half solid, one and a half twist with a hop forward.

Nguyen (Stanford): GREAT double layout. Two and a half front pike, mistimed the punch a little but it’s a pike so who cares. The team is lifting her in the air mosh pit-style. Fantastic.

Zanella (RU): Split to split ring, check. BHS BHS LOSO. Side aerial tuck 3/2. Great!

FINAL: Stanford 196.175, Georgia 195.900, Oregon State 195.450, Rutgers 193.500

VT: Anna Roberts 9.900
UB: Josie Angeny 9.900
BB: Chloe Widner 9.875
FX: Chloe Widner 9.950
AA: Chloe Widner 39.525

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Live blog by Rebecca Scally

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