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LIVE BLOG: USAG Nationals Semifinal One

Welcome to Ithaca, New York, a city that is 10 square miles surrounded by reality. Although perhaps it’s more infamous for its T-shirts proclaiming “Ithaca is gorges,” much like the gymnastics we’ll see today.

This weekend we have a full roster of USAG college teams, which are teams with fewer than seven and a half full scholarships, including Ivy League schools, DII teams, a DIII team and select DI programs. A few quick notes before we dive into this meet today. The top five individuals from each event will qualify to the event finals Sunday, something you may recall from NCAA in another lifetime. This weekend we get to see the specialists shine, so keep your eye out for top performers.

The top two teams today will earn a spot in the team final, taking place Saturday night. Kicking things off this afternoon we have No. 2 Lindenwood, No. 3 Air Force, No. 6 SEMO and No. 7 West Chester. While SEMO doesn’t bring the big season highs the way the other teams do, it does pack consistency and even has a higher NQS than Air Force. Lindenwood is an easy favorite, as it’s ranked first, but Air Force is right behind to capitalize on any mistake or too many missed landings. The Golden Rams could challenge for that second place finish today, but would need to have the meet of a season.

Individuals from Bridgeport and Southern Connecticut will also be in this semifinal, hoping to clinch a spot in the event finals on Sunday.

Warmups are underway, and you can find live scoring here.

Rotation 1: West Chester VT, Air Force UB, Lindenwood BB, SEMO FX

Allen (WCU): Tucked fty, hops.

Bailey (WCU): Lay Y, just a step. Good height.

Fred (WCU): FTY, chest down quite a bit.

Kissinger (WCU): FHS double twist, step forward. Broke physics. Love it every time.

Meakim (WCU): Y half, nice, hop forward.

K. Johnson (WCU): Y full, form in the air. Either stuck or a small hop.

Session (UB): Tucked fty, good height.

Imbarlina (UB): Tucked fty, hops it.

Brochi (AF): Nice piked ginger. Short on the last hs. Double lay, hops back.

Nelson (AF): Short on the first hs. Maloney to bail to hs, very wiggly. Short on the last hs. Blind to double front, doesn’t get it all the way around and falls.

Bardes (AF): Piked gienger, nice. Bail to hs a bit better tension. Short on the last hs. Giant full to double tuck, hops back.

McKean (AF): Bail to hs, good. Shy on that last hs, too. Giant full to double tuck, small hop?

Sabado (AF): Shaposh, nice. Pak, biiiig leg seperation. High double lay to end.

Boll (AF): Maloney to bail to hs, good. FTDB, chest down, small step.

Baker (SCSU): Good release move. Little shy on that last hs. Gaint full to double tuck, looked stuck.

Griswold (LU): BHS LOSO, leg up comes off.

Appleget (LU): Switch leap switch leap series, good. Big wobble on the bhs loso series.

Moon (LU): Comes off on her series. Front aerial, nice. Gainer full off side, stuck.

Rush (LU): Side somi, gorgeous. BHS LOSO, balance check but keeps it on. Little shy on the split jump to split full. Good dismount.

Wojcik (LU): Side aerial, good. Switch leap to split 3/4, little shy on the full split, some feet form. Cat leap to side aerial to lay full, form and a step on the landing but good routine.

Roberts (LU): Switch leap stag ring, good. Gainer full off side, good.

Reader (SEMO): Big double pike to open, good. Closes with a double pike, chest a bit down.

Ockler (SEMO): High double tuck to open. Switch ring series to popa, nice. RO 1.5 to front lay, some leg from in the lay. Littel short on rotation and twisting in the last pass.

Maxwell (SEMO): AJR music!? Yes. Great opening pass. Chest down a bit on the double tuck. Ro 1.5 to front lay, keeps it in.

Webb (SEMO): Floaaaty back 2.5 to open, I like the way she stalls it. FHS rudi to BIG split jump rebound, nice. Great leap series. RO 1.5 lay to end, good.

Greene (SEMO): Missed the opening pass but she twists fast and high. Dynamic leaps. Hiiiiigh double tuck.

Kaziska (SEMO): Stuck double full to open! Switch side popa, gorgeous. Stuck to 1.5 front lay. Absolute fire. FHS rudi to end, stunning routine.

After 1: (Unofficial) SEMO 49.025, WCU 48.300, Air Force 48.275, Lindenwood 48.050

Lindenwood had a few falls on beam, forced to count at least one. Air Force had one fall but recovered well. SEMO has its game face on and is ready to take this session by storm and compete Saturday. West Chester set itself up well on vault, too.

Rotation 2: SEMO VT, West Chester UB, Air Force BB, Lindenwood FX

Reader (SEMO): Y full, form in the air.

Webb (SEMO): Y full, puts her hands down.

Maxwell (SEMO): Tucked fty, chest down, bounces forward.

Lopez (SEMO): Y full, chest up, steps back.

Greene (SEMO): Y full, chest down, steps back.

Ockler (SEMO): Y full, incredible block, good height, hops it back.

Burkhart (SCSU): Ahhh super underrotated on that y full. Puts her hands down.

Rodriguez (WCU): Giant full to pak, knee form. Short on the lb hs. FTDB, good, just a step.

Betts (WCU): Gaint full to bail to hs, nice. Short on the hs before the toe to high. Double lay, hops.

Kelly (WCU): Tkatchev, catches it close and bends her legs after catching. Straddle back. Short on the last hs. Giant full to double tuck, steps forward.

Wicker (WCU): Giant full to tkatchev, good. Bail to hs, great. Dobule lay, small hop or stuck.

Coleman (WCU): Short on the first hs. Blind to straddle jaeger, catches close but muscles through. Bail to hs, nice. Double tuck had a good landing.

Meakim (WCU): Blind to straddle jaeger, great. Straddle back, good. Little shy on that last hs. Giant full to double tuck, small hop.

Session (UB): Great lb hs, toe to high nice. Pak, some form. Shy on that last hs. Puts her hands down on her double lay.

Brochi (AF): Switch leap to straddle quarter, good. RO 1.5 lay, just a step.

Carswell (AF): Wolf turn, nice. Hits her series. Cat leap balance check repeat cat leap to switch side, nice.

Judges chatting.

McKean (AF): Hits her series. RO 1.5 lay, good.

Sabado (AF): BHS LOSO, great. Front aerial to scale. Great jump series. Stuck dismount.

Smith (AF): BHS LOSO, good. Split jump tp split 3/4 smoothed into a split full. Cat leap to side aerial to full, stuck!

Stevenson (AF): Comes off on her series. Switch leap to back tuck, small check. Gainer pike off end, stuck.

Lee (SCSU): Love the chest press cartwheel mount. Front toss to sissone to leap, love it, keeps it moving. Front aeria sloooww swing to bhs. Front gainer full, stuck.

Evans (LU): Meet ref blocking my floor view. Double tuck, stuck. Chest slightly down.

Appleget (LU): RO 1.5 lay to open, good. Good leaps. Underrotated on the double tuck, puts her hands down.

Lopez (LU): Double tuck to open, good. Front full to front pike. And that was a textbook front pike. Some form on the leaps. Great routine overall.

Daniels (LU): Out of the corner of my eye, rudi to loso, so floaty on that loso. High double tuck.

Judges chatting on floor, now.

Roberts (LU): Open double tuck to start, bit of a wonky shape. Double pike, high. RO 1.5 to front lay, good.

Griswold (LU): Effortless double pike to open, just about stuck that cold. FHS front full front lay, great. Great leap series, full extension. Closes with a sky high double tuck.

After 2: Lindenwood 97.200, Air Force 97.125, SEMO 96.950, WCU 96.000

Most, if not all teams have been struggling with falls today. They don’t need to win today, however, since it’s the top two that’ll advance to Saturday. But still not a day to go without stuck landings or hit handstands.

Rotation 3: Lindenwood VT, SEMO UB, West Chester BB, Air Force FX

Lopez (LU): Y full, chest down, smallish hop.

Caffey (LU): Y full, small hop.

Evans (LU): Y half on, front tuck off. Incredible height, just a step.

Reed (LU): FHS front pike STUCK?!

Daniels (LU): Y full, chest down and a hop.

Griswold (LU): Y 1.5 ton of power, bounces forward.

Wilson (SCSU): Y full, chest down and a step.

Maxwell (SEMO): Comes off her straddle tkatchev.

Albrecht (SEMO): Shy on that last hs. Giant full sloooow to double tuck, good.

Webb (SEMO): Blind to straddle jaeger, great. Good handstands. Bail to hs. Giant full to double tuck, sticks it.

Ockler (SEMO): Maloney to pak, good. Step on the double tuck.

Miller (SEMO): Pike tkatchev, good. Dobule lay, hops back. Great routine.

Speller (SEMO): Comes off on an awkward pirouette. Comes off again. Bail to hs, a little loose. Double tuck and pulls it super close to the bar, almost hitting it.

Arnold (SCSU): Blind to straddle jaeger, great. Bail to hs and keeps it from going over. Short on that last hs. Gaint full to double tuck, looked stuck.

Fields (SCSU): Piked gienger to shoot over, good. Shy on that last hs. Giant full and hits her feet. Stops. KCH double tuck, steps forward.

Betts (WCU): Hits her series, no issue. Beat to split jump full, little shy on the shapes. Small step on the dismount.

Cascadden (WCU): LOSO, steps forward to keep it square. BHS LOSO, good. RO 1.5 steps forward.

Meakim (WCU): Wobble on the solo loso. Hits her bhs loso. Split jump a little shy. A few balance checks. Good dismount.

Whitaker (WCU): Switch leap to split 3/4, good leap but not full extension on the split jump. Front toss wobble, step on the dismount.

Marshall (WCU): Switch leap to straddle 1/4, good. BHS LOSO, excellent. RO 1.5 juuust sticks it.

McFarland (WCU): Hits her series, after a good fight. Several large balance checks. RO 1.5, steps forward.

Session (UB): Solo Loso, wobbles, comes off. BHS LOSO, comes off. Gainer full, hop.

Imbarlina (UB): Beautiful front aerial to split jump. Switch leap to straddle 1/4, good. BHS tuck 1.5, hops.

Meyer (AF): Double tuck to open. Front lay front full, some form. Double pike to end, chest down.

Brochi (AF): Good opening pass. FHS front double full, super quick. Front full front lay, good.

McKean (AF): Great tumbling. Solid leap series. She’s got the form to match the power. Ends with a double tuck. Nice routine.

Stevenson (AF): Little shy on that wolf jump full right at the start. Floaty front lay connection, juuuuust keeps it in. Switch leap awkwardly walks into split jump full, but great extension. Closes with a nice double tuck, chest slightly down.

Sabado (AF): Double pike to open, goes out. Front lay front full to split jump, good. Switch leap to switch ring half, good. Great last pass, love the ending pose.

Stapleton (AF): Double pike to open, good. RO whip half to front full, nice. Switch side to popa. Double tuck to end, chest down a bit.

Girolamo (SCSU): Double pike to open, chest a smidge down. Switch side to popa series, good. Air Force cheering big for her. FHS front full to front tuck. FHS rudi stag to end, good.

After 3: Lindenwood 146.150, Air Force 145.875, WCU 144.525, SEMO 144.275

Air Force had a brilliant floor rotation to hold themselves in second place. Lindenwood matched with a strong showing on vault. West Chester had a few hiccups on beam and SEMO struggled a little through bars.

Rotation 4: Air Force VT, Lindenwood UB, SEMO BB, West Chester FX

Volpe (AF): Tucked fty, hops.

Sabado (AF): Y full, good.

Meccia (AF): Y full, hops back.

Brochi (AF): Y full, chest down.

Boll (AF): Y full, pikes it down, good landing.

McKean (AF): Y full, good, some form.

Girolamo (SCSU): Y full, pikes it down.

Daniels (LU): Bail to hs, nice. Hits that last hs. Double tuck, hops.

Cooper (LU): Shy on that first hs. Blind, but peels off. Missed the pike jaeger. Shoot over.

Scott (LU): Caught the release out of the corner of my eye, looked good. Double lay, great.

Wojcik (LU): Bail to hs, great. Goes for that last hs. Double lay, just a hop.

Moon (LU): Shaposh bail to hs. Double lay, hop, had good height.

Lopez (LU): Kaziska (SEMO): Shy on that first hs, comes off on the piked gienger. Giant full to double tuck.

Leon (SCSU): Maloney to pak, form in the pak. Great routine.

Maxwell (SEMO): BHS LOSO, good. Little shy on the split jump full.

Speller (SEMO): Hits her series. Wobble on the full turn. Good leap series. Hop on the dismount.

Reader (SEMO): Front toss from her knee, small wobble. Hitch kick to switch side, nice. Front toss bhs, good. Side aerial to tuck full, stuck.

Webb (SEMO): Front toss to scale, beautiful. Switch leap series, good extension. Front aerial to bhs swing down, love it. She’s so graceful. Great dismount.

Miller (SEMO): Beautiful front walkover. Switch leap split 3/4, good. Hits her series. Sticks her bhs tuck 1.5.

Kaziska (SEMO): BHS LOSO, absolutely solid. Great leap series, hits full extension on the jumps. RO 1.5, stuck.

Johnson (WCU): FHS rudi to open, good. FHS front full front pike. Good.

Bailey (WCU): Good leap series. Good front full to front tuck. Sits down her last pass. Just doesn’t have the rotation.

Cascadden (WCU): High opening pass. Front lay front full, nice. RO 1.5 front tuck to end, good.

Fanara (WCU): Double pike to open, good. Switch side to popa, great extension. RO 1.5 to front lay. Closes with a high double tuck.

Kissinger (WCU): FHS rudi to loso, great. Love the energy of this floor routine. Good leaps. RO 1.5, good. Great last pass. Great routine for WCU.

Meakim (WCU): Great jump series to start. Beautiful double pike. FHS front full to front lay, good. Great last pass. Meakim is a delight on floor.

Session (UB): Double tuck to open, good. She’s the last competitor this session, all eyes on her. Switch side popa, great. RO 1.5 to front lay. Closes with a double pike, high but chest down.

Final: Air Force 194.550, Lindenwoood 193.800, SEMO 193.700, WCU 193.450

That… was close. Air Force flew past everyone. Lindenwood’s second place came down the wire, with SEMO challenging every step of the way. West Chester and SEMO will close their seasons today. Now we wait on scoring to confirm individuals for Sunday but we’ll see Air Force and Lindenwood Saturday for the team final.

Waiting on scores!


Vault qualifiers: Evans (LU), Boll (AF), Johnson (WCU), Reed (LU), Daniels (LU)

Bars qualifiers: Leon (SCSU), Webb (SEMO), Baker (SCSU), Moon (LU), Miller (LU), Ockler (SEMO)

Beam qualifiers: Imbarlina (UB), Smith (AF), Webb (SEMO), Kaziska (SEMO)

Floor qualifiers: Greene (SEMO), Roberts (LU), Meakim (WCU), Griswald (LU), Kaziska (SEMO)






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