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LIVE BLOG: USAG Nationals Team Final

Welcome back to Cornell University, where we have the first fully attended team final since the spring of 2019. The top two teams from semifinal one along with the top two teams from semifinal two are competing for the USAG national team title.

The last time we saw everyone in action, Lindenwood took the title, followed by the now gone UIC, with Bridgeport and Air Force coming in third and fourth. However, SEMO is the reigning champ, having won in 2021.

Grab a snack and buckle up for what is sure to be a wild ride.

Take a quick look back at the afternoon and evening semifinals yesterday.

Tonight we have No. 1 Texas Woman’s, No. 2 Lindenwood, No. 3 Air Force and No. 5 Brown.

There will be NO live scoring this evening.

Rotation 1: Air Force VT, TWU UB, Brown BB, Lindenwood FX

Volpe (AF): Tucked fty, hops.

Sabado (AF): FTY, hops back. Good distance.

Meccia (AF): Y layout, hops back.

Brochi (AF): Y full, knees in the air, hops.

Boll (AF): Y full, good height, pikes it down a little but best landing this rotation.

McKean (AF): Y full, pikes it down, but had some good height and distance

King (TWU): Blind to straddle jaeger, good. Bail to hs. Almost over on the last hs. Giant full to double tuck, good landing.

Lazarus (TWU): Bail, little loose. Shy on the last hs. Tkatchev, catches it SO CLOSE TO THE BAR, heels may have clipped. Good dismount, nice landing.

Podges (TWU): Giant full to double tuck, just a step. Salutes quickly.

Griffith (TWU): Catches her straddle jaeger, bail to hs. Good routine.

Goyco (TWU): Piked gienger to shoot over, catches the low bar close. Giant full to double tuck, hops.

Johnson (TWU): Tkatchev, good. Good last hs. Giant full to double tuck, stuck ? They liked the landing.

Davis (Brown): Leg comes up juuuust a little on the bhs loso series. Shy on the split series. Hitting her connections. NOOO bails on the dismount.

Liebdhardt (Brown): Brown NEEDS to hit the remaining lineup. Hits her series. Cat leap to front aerial, takes a step to keep it staedy. Switch leap to split 3/4, little shy.

Weiner (Brown): Liiittle balance check on the series. Ahhhhh comes off later in the routine.

Xing (Brown): BHS lay, hits. Every last tenth counts. Hits the dance series after a wobble. Small balance check on the full turn. RO double full, steps.

Contello (Brown): Switch leap to split 3/4, bit shy on that full split. Front aerial. Punch front full, good landing.

Schulze (Brown): Side aerial to lay full, stuck!

Evans (LU): RO 1.5 lay to start.

Caffey (LU): Evans (LU): RO 1.5 lay to start. Hiiiigh double tuck. Great tumbling.

Lopez (LU): Nice double tuck. RO 1.5 to front lay, stuck.

Judges having a coffee to discuss floor.

Daniels (LU): FHS rudi to loso, can’t get enough of how she stalls that loso. Falls on her leaps after a rebound. Aahhhh. Double tuck, takes a step forward.

Roberts (LU): Biiig double tuck to open, just a smidge out of bounds it looked but unsure where the line judge is so that may have gone unnoticed. Good double pike. Great routine.

Griswold (LU): Hiiiiiiigh double pike, as usual. FHS front full, front lay, good. Phenomenal leap series, hits her extension. Ends with a double tuck. That… was a routine.

After 1: Lindenwood 48.975, Air Force 48.625, TWU 48.600, Brown 47.575

Well, Brown had a rouuugh start, forced to count low scores on beam and a few shaky routines. Lindenwood felt the pressure on floor with a floor but the lineup delivered. TWU didn’t have any major mistakes nor did Air Force. Brown will have some fighting to do and hope for major mistakes from the other teams today. Lindenwood has taken an early lead but there’s no time to rest.

Rotation 2: Lindenwood VT, Air Force UB, TWU BB, Brown FX

Lopez (LU): Y full, piked down. Good height.

Caffey (LU): Y full, hops it, too.

Evans (LU): FHS front tuck, GREAT height and distance. You could walk under her.

Reed (LU): FHS front pike, wants the stick, but stumbles back.

Daniels (LU): Y full, good height, hops it.

Griswold (LU): Y 1.5, looked like a tiny step or hop. Perhaps a stick.

Brochi (AF): Piked gienger, not a ton of height, but good. Bail to hs. Shy on the last hs. Double lay, good landing.

Bardes (AF): Piked gienger, good. Ahh goes over on her free hip, keeps it on the bar and pirouettes. NO falls on the bail to hs.

McKean (AF): Needs to hit. Jaeger, good. Bail to hs. Shy on the last hs, great landing on the double tuck.

Sabado (AF): Maloney to pak, great. Leg separation in the pak. Double lay, great.

Boll (AF): Maloney to pak, great. Leg separation in the pak. Double lay, great.

Stevenson (AF): Great routine so far, FTDB lands with her chest down, takes a step.

Not starting beam yet ? Not sure what’s going on.

Six (TWU): BHS LOSO, good. Great routine. Good start.

Pierce (TWU): Switch leap to split 1/4, nice. Front aerial beat, good. Front full, good.

Podges (TWU): BHS LOSO, no issue. TWU only team without a major issue this meet thus far. Switch series, fine. Sticks the piked gainer off the end.

Kunzman (TWU): BHS LOSO, leg up, keeps it on. RO 1.5, stuck.

King (TWU): Small check in the full turn. Hits her series. Bobble on the split jump series. RO 1.5, couuuuld be stuck.

Gose (TWU): Switch series, good. RO 1.5 lay, stuck.

Lazaro (Brown): Front full to front tuck, good. Little shy on the extension in her leaps. Undertwists and underrotates the rudi to end but keeps it on her feet.

Kramer (Brown): Double pike, chest a bit low. Good first switch ring, kind of a soft ring shape in the ring half. Front lay front full.

Xing (Brown): Lands that double tuck waaaaaaaaaaaaay down. Stays on her feet though. Double pike is fine.

Walsh (Brown): Double pike, chest down. Front lay front full, good. Switch ring series needs a touch more ring. Struggled on this rudi pass yesterday, lands a little awkwardly.

Van Zandt (Brown): Double tuck, nice. Switch side popa popa good. Double pike chest down.

Bedell (Brown): Front tuck through to double tuck, wonky shape in the leap series. Good routine.

After 2: Lindenwood 97.825, Air Force 97.600, TWU 97.525, Brown 95.700

Lindenwood wants that title. Air Force is going to keep pushing so it can pair some gold with that blue leo. And TWU has been looking sharp all season, and needs to find that edge today. Brown, Brown is struggling. But put up a good floor rotation. It is gymnastics and anything can happen, though.

Rotation 3: Brown VT, Lindenwood UB, Air Force BB, TWU FX

Kramer (Brown): Pikes down her vault. Hops.

Xing (Brown): Y full, pikes it down.

Poley (Brown): Y full, good height.

Gardner (Brown): Y full, great vault.

Bedell (Brown): Y full, BEAUTIFUL, just a small hop.

Cost (Brown): Y full, good height piked it down a bit.

Daniels (LU): Tkatchev, good. Giant full to double tuck, good landing.

Lopez (LU): Piked gienger, good. Good hs after, too. Pak, nice. Shy on that last hs. Giant full to double tuck, steps.

Scott (LU): Giant full and comes off her release. Double lay, nice.

Wojcik (LU): Maloney, takes an extra swing, bail to hs. Shy on that last hs. Double lay, great landing!!

Moon (LU): Shaposh, good. Bail to hs a little wiggly. Not a ton of room for error. Double lay, another good landing.

Appleget (LU): Piked gienger, some form. Lindenwood needs this to hit. Double lay, great!

Brochi (AF): BHS LOSO, good. Beat to side aerial, nice. RO 1.5, stuck.

Carswell (AF): BHS LOSO, no issue. Great jump series. Cat leap to switch side, great! BHS gainer full, stuck.

McKean (AF): Straddle to straddle 1/4, nice. Hits her series. Her flexibility is great.

Sabado (AF): Jump to split mount. BHS LOSO, good. Switch leap to ring, could be a little more ring-y. Hop on the dismount.

Smith (AF): BHS LOSO, Air Force wants a title today. Love her full turn. Split jump to split full, finessed it around at the end. Cat leap to side aerial to lay full, looked stuck.

Zander (AF): Front toss to beat, good. Front aerial to bhs, good. Switch leap split 3/4, smallest of pauses. Side aerial to tuck full, stuck.

Bonzagni (TWU): Biig double tuck to open, just a small move of the back foot. FHS rudi, some helicopter leg action.

Johnson (TWU): Double pike to open. Good tumbling. Excellent routine.

Muns (TWU): Bounces forward on a pass, I think keeps it in. She makes tumbling look easy.

Pierce (TWU): Great opening pass. Love the creepy music. Switch side to popa, good! Fun forearm bhs choreo. RO 1.5 to front full, little short but handles that no issue.

Gose (TWU): Nice double pike, good form. FHS front full front lay. FHS rudi, she gets such great height.

Goyco (TWU): Double pike, good. Air Force is right on TWU. Front lay to front full, good. Dance party greatest hits for this floor music and I am LIVING. Crowd clapping on the beat. Ends with a great double tuck.

After 3: TWU 146.850, Air Force 146.575, Lindenwood 146.500, Brown 144.475

Lindenwood has a sliiiiiim margin to catch up to Air Force, ending on beam while Air Force is a few tenths behind TWU.

Rotation 4: TWU VT, Brown UB, Lindenwood BB, Air Force FX

Lazarus (TWU): Y full, pikes it down, but a good landing.

King (TWU): Y full, great block.

Muns (TWU): Y full, high, hops. Landings are CRITICAL this rotation.

Adams (TWU): Y full, best landing yet.

Gose (TWU): Y full, pikes it down and hops.

Woodring (TWU): Y full, good height, big hop.

Petrillo (Brown): Giant full to low tkatchev. Double lay, good.

Richter (Brown): Blind to jaeger, comes off. Bail to hs, nice. Shy on the last hs.

Schulze (Brown): Good jaeger.

Contello (Brown): Awkward swing on bars. Ahh. Double lay, deep landing.

Poley (Brown): Giant full to piked gienger, good. Shy on the last hs. FTDB, takes a step.

Costa (Brown): Blind to straddle jaeger, elegant. Bail to hs. Gaint full double tuck, good!

Rush (LU): Good side somi. Hits her series. Sticks her dismount.

Appleget (LU): Switch leap switch leap pike jump, good. BHS LOSO, hits. Ahh big bobble a bit later. RO 1.5, good landing.

Moon (LU): Ohhhh comes off on the BHS LOSO series. Pressure on the rest of the lineup. Front aerial wobble beat jump. Gainer full off side, good.

Griswold (LU): BHS OSO, fights. COMES OFF, noo. Bobbles on the leap series.

Wojcik (LU): Front aerial to bhs, good. Full turn, balance check. Side aerial to lay full, stuck.

Roberts (LU): BHS LOSO right to the end of the beam, hits the series though. Switch leap stag ring, good. Cat leap to gainer full off the side, stuck.

Meyer (AF): Double tuck, good. Some form in the wolf hop full. Great routine.

Brochi (AF): RO 2.5, great!! Excellent routine.

McKean (AF): Double pike, nice. Gorgeous front lay. Good leap series. Chest down on the double tuck.

Stevenson (AF): Excellent routine. A fall from LU means Air Force has a chance. Ends with a hiiiigh double tuck.

Sabado (AF): Stunning double pike to open. Great leaps. Her routine is so high energy. RO 1.5 lay to end, great routine. Air Force wants this win.

Stapleton (AF): Double to open, slides back. Whip half to front full, good. Switch side to popa. Double tuck, deep landing, takes a step. Good routine, overall though.

Final: TWU 196.025, Air Force 195.650, Lindenwood 194.600, Brown 193.300

What a meet. It’s going to come down to TWU and Air Force, as Lindenwood was forced to count a fall in that last rotation.

Air Force had some ground to make up, but if had to guess I’d say it’ll be TWU, Air Force, Lindenwood, Brown.






Live Blog by Allison Freeman

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