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LIVE BLOG: USAG Nationals Semifinal Two

Closing out the semifinals, we have No. 1 Texas Woman’s, No 4. Yale, No 5. Brown and No. 8 Cornell. As a refresher, the top two teams will be going on to compete tomorrow in the team final, facing off against the two qualified teams from earlier today. The top five individuals on each event will also qualify to the event finals, taking place Sunday afternoon.

Texas Woman’s is the easy pick for qualifying to the team final, but Yale, Brown and Cornell are left to scramble for that second qualifying position. Brown comes into the semifinal today with the lower NQS but is fresh off a program record 195.975, and Yale and Cornell have each posted a season high of 195.050 and 194.175, respectively. Don’t count Cornell out, though. A counted fall from Yale or Brown could leave the door open.

Joining these four teams will be qualified individuals from Bridgeport, Centenary and Southern Connecticut.

Welcome to semifinal two! Take a look at what you missed in the earlier session.

Announcing teams now.

Warmups are underway. Live scoring could be here. But I make zero promises.

Rotation 1: Cornell VT, Yale UB, TWU BB, Brown FX

Krueger (Cornell): Tucked y full, chest down, hop.

Brady (Cornell): Just missed it, but got big cheers from the Cornellians.

Lund (Cornell): Tucked fty, stuck or just about.

Walton (Cornell): FTY, good form in the air, a hop on the landing.

Webster (Cornell): Y half, bounce forward.

Beers (Cornell): Y full, good height, takes a hop.

Sanders (Centenary): Y half, sits it down.

Huff (Centenary):Tucked fty, looked pretty stuck from here.

Aviad (Yale): Straddle tkatchev, good. Bail to hs, good. Almost over on the last hs. OH peels off on a giant suddenly.

Wilson (Yale): Tkatchev to bail, good. Short on the last hs. Falls on her double tuck, not enough rotation.

Chia (Yale): Good first hs. Nice straddle jaeger. Bail to hs a little loose. Short on the last hs. Ends with her lay 1.5.

Toy (Yale): Blind to straddle jaeger, good. Bail to hs wiggly. Sat down her dismount awkwardly.

Wang (Yale): Caught her stuck FTDB.

Walker (Yale): Straddle jaeger, good. Bail to hs. Good double lay.

Six (TWU): Balance check on her series, leg comes up. Switch leap to straddle quarter, chest down, balance check. Front tuck pause beat jump. RO 1.5, hop.

Pierce (TWU): Good routine, a front tuck full dismount.

Podges (TWU): BHS LOSO, leg up. Switch leap switch half, a little soft on the form. Gainer off the end.

Kunzman (TWU): BHS LOSO BHS, solid. RO 1.5, looked stuck.

King (TWU): BHS LOSO, balance check. Front tuck, good. Switch leap, nice. RO lay 1.5.

Gose (TWU): BHS LOSO, good. Switch leap switch half, balance check. Hitch kick to side aerial, no issue. RO 1.5, fights for the stick.

Diaz (SCSU): Love the press hs mount. Side aerial, quick steps. Cartwheel round off acro. Good leap series. Front tuck full, takes a few steps.

Lazaro (Brown): Opens with a front full front lay to front tuck and sticks it. Great leap series.

Kramer (Brown): Double pike, chest a bit down. Front lay front full, good.

Xing (Brown): Whip to double tuck, chest a bit down. Ends with a good double pike.

Walsh (Brown): Double pike to open, but sits it down. Front lay to front full, good. Little shy on the ring shape on her leaps. Bails on her last pass, looks like an ankle or something. Walking off the floor.

Van Zandt (Brown): Front tuck through to double tuck. Steps waaaay out of bounds. Great extension in her leaps and popa. Double pike to end, chest a little down.

Bedell (Brown): Double tuck to open. Little shy on the flat split in her leap series jumps. Great second leap series.

Gwinn (UB): Closing out this rotation, all eyes on Gwinn. Rudi stag to open, good. Switch side popa, good, a little flexed feet. Front full to front lay, nice! Tucked rudi to end. Good.

After 1: TWU 48.850, Brown 48.625, Cornell 48.550, Yale 47.900

Tough bar rotation with Yale, with uncharacteristic falls. Brown had a few hiccups on floor as well. Cornell was strong and vault and despite a few wobbles on beam, TWU delivered.

Rotation 2: Brown VT, Cornell UB, Yale BB, TWU FX

Kramer (Brown): Y full, chest down but good.

Xing (Brown): Y full, hops.

Poley (Brown): Y full, good height.

Gardner (Brown): Y full, pikes it down, tiny hop.

Bedell (Brown): Y full, great height.

Costa (Brown): Y full, steps back.

Johnson (Centenary): HUUUUUGE y layout. Huge.

Walton (Cornell): Shy on the first hs. Piked gienger, good. Form on the bail to hs. Very short on the last one. Double tuck, takes a hop.

Michelini (Cornell): Maloney to pak, leg form. Double tuck, seemed stuck!

Fitzpatrick (Cornell): Giant full to double tuck, a few steps forward, underrotated.

Sakalosky (Cornell): Straddle jaeger to overshoot, looks like she hit her feet on the mat. Double tuck takes a step.

Beers (Cornell): Shy on that hs, biiiig tkatchev though. Double lay, smallest hop. Could’ve been stuck.

Stone (Cornell): Good hs. Giant full to piked gienger. Catches the bar waaay close and comes off.

Sanders (Centenary): Awkward piked gienger. Double lay, step forward.

Wilson (Centenary): Misses her feet on her maloney set up. Repeats the toe on, does just fine. Huuuuuuge ftdb, just hovers above the high bar. Gorgeous.

Wilson (Yale): Front tuck, good. Switch leap series, nice. Side aerial to tuck full, small hop.

Chia (Yale): BHS LOSO, solid. Comes off on her side aerial.

Magiacapre (Yale): BHS LOSO, no issues. Shy on the split jump. Piked gainer off end, stuck.

Walker (Yale): Hits her series. Good routine.

Meeks (Yale): Love this walkover mount. BHS LOSO, good. Piked gainer off end, good.

Cho (Yale): In for Toy. Front toss to bhs swing down, good. Split 1/4, split 1/2, little shy on the second split. RO 1.5 lay, big step forward and to the side.

Froman (SCSU): Walkover, bobbles. Goes back. Walkover to side aerial, good. Switch leap to split 3/4, great split position. Cat leap to side aerial, nice. Front full dismount, small hop.

Bonzagni (TWU): Double tuck to open. Great leaps. Little short on the rudi, but okay otherwise.

Johnson (TWU): Double pike. Fun choreo. Good leaps.

Muns (TWU): Open double pike to start?! Okay. Her tumbling is gorgeous.

Pierce (TWU): Quick double full to open. Awkard bounce on her last pass and sits down her front tuck.

Gose (TWU): Double pike, steps out of bounds. Front lay front full, good. Rudi to end, chest slightly down.

Goyco (TWU): Here for the dance party. Switch side to popa, good. Front lay to front full, good. Ah, Rick Rolled. Stunning double tuck to end.

Zebdi (SCSU): Front tuck through to double tuck, nice. Good shape on the switch ring. Awkard bounces in her second pass but kept it together, landed her barani with her chest a little down. FHS rudi to split jump rebound. Beautiful extension.

After 2: TWU 97.625, Brown 97.450, Yale 96.650, Cornell 95.700

Cornell had a few struggles on bars and Yale had a pressure-filled beam lineup after pulling Toy. TWU showed UP on floor. Brown is putting in a good argument as to why we could see them Saturday.

Rotation 3: TWU VT, Brown UB, Cornell BB, Yale FX

Lazarus (TWU): Y full, good distance, piked it down.

King (TWU): Y full, nice.

Muns (TWU): Y full, leg separation on the pre flight.

Adams (TWU): Y half, overrotates and falls.

Gose (TWU): Y full, good.

Woodring (TWU): Y full, good height, hops.

Zebdi (SCSU): Tucked fty, looked stuck!

Petrillo (Brown): Giant full to tkatchev. Bail to hs, okay.

Richter (Brown): Great first hs. Piked jaaeger, may have clipped her heels. Double tuck.

Schulze (Brown): Jaeger, bail to hs, both good form. Almost overcooks that last hs. Double tuck, stuck!

Contello (Brown): Comes off on her release. Clean rest of routine.

Poley (Brown): Shy on the hs. Gaint full to piked gienger, nice. Bail to hs, some arm form. Shy on the last hs. FTDB, takes a step.

Costa (Brown): Good first hs. Straddle jaeger, nice. Great handstands. Bail to hs. Giant full to double tuck, stuck!!

Doran (UB): Good first hs. Blind to jaeger, great! Bail to hs, little short on that hs. Hits that last one. Giant full to double tuck, stuck or small hop.

Lund (Cornell): BHS LOSO, small check. RO 1.5, step back.

Michelini (Cornell): BHS LOSO, flawless. Switch leap balance check split half. Side aerial to lay full, hop.

Stone (Cornell): Comes off. Good jump series. Cat leap to side aerial, good. RO 1.5, step forward.

DeMeo (Cornell): Front aerial BHS, good. Nice dance series. Beat to front toss, leg comes up and she comes off. Good dismount.

Beers (Cornell): BHS LOSO, good. RO 1.5, step forward, good routine.

Walton (Cornell): Comes off on her series. Good jumps. Her full turn is elegant. RO 1.5, hops.

Sanders (Centenary): BHS lay, balance check. Beat to switch side, slightly lopsided but gets the extension. Switch leap tuck full. Front tuck full, couple of steps.

Meeks (Yale): Juuuuust keeps that opening pass inbounds. Front full to front tuck, sits down the tuck. Good ring shapes. Rudi to end, not quite in full control.

Cho (Yale): Barani to 1.5 to open. Switch side popa, good. Switch ring switch half, little shy. Double pike, lands reaaaal deep in the corner, probably out of bounds.

Magiacapre (Yale): FHS front full front lay, keeps it in. Switch leap to ring jump full, LOVE THIS JOURNEY. Double pike, chest far down, but gets it around.

Judges chatting on floor.

Wilson (Yale): RO 1.5 front lay. Best her ring shape has looked in her series this year. Double pike to end, nice.

Wang (Yale): What a double pike, good form. RO 1.5 to front lay to close, nice.

Chia (Yale): This Bad Guy floor music delights me EVERY SINGLE TIEM. Rudi split jump, nice. Nice leaps. Front full front lay, gorgeous.

After 3: TWU 146.350, Brown 146.050, Yale 145.275, Cornell 143.075

Cornell can cross beam off its list today, making it through. Yale made it through floor, although not without an oob and a few struggles. TWU can coast to a first place finish and clinch a spot Saturday with a strong bar rotation, although bars has proven to be a problem for every team so far today.

Rotation 4: Yale VT, TWU UB, Brown BB, Cornell FX

Wilson (Yale): Tucked fty, good landing!!

Meeks (Yale): Lay Y, hops it back.

Oren Aviad (Yale): Y half, some bent knees, great height though.

Wang (Yale): Y full, little piked down, good landing.

Walker (Yale): Y half, hop forward, great vault!! So much power.

Chia (Yale): Y full, great form.

Bracher (SCSU): Yurchenko lay, super quick and a lot of power.

King (TWU): Little shy on the handstands. OOhhhh almost goes over on that last one. giant full to double tuck, hop.

Lazarus (TWU): Ends with a double lay, hop. Good routine. D

Podges (TWU): Good handstand. Blind to straddle jaeger, peels off. Pak, leg form.

Griffith (TWU): Shy on the hs, good straddle jaeger after. FTDB, hops. Good.

Goyco (TWU): Piked gienger, nice. Overshoot. Double tuck, looked stuck.

Johnson (TWU): Tkatchev, good. Bail to hs a little wiggly. Giant full to double tuck, hop.

Kramer (Brown): Side aerial bhs, comes off. Good jump series. Switch leap, split jump, straddle 3/4, good.

Liebdhardt (Brown): Fun cartwheel mount to get up. BHS LOSO, balance check but keeps it on. Front aerial, good. Switch leap, bobble. Good extension in the split.

Weiner (Brown): BHS LOSO, small bobble. Just a hop on the dismount.

Xing (Brown): RO double full to end, great routine.

Contello (Brown): BHS LOSO, leg up, saves it. Split jump to straddle quarter, nice. Front aerial. Front lay full, good.

Schulze (Brown): BHS LOSO, solid. Beat to split full, okay, cheats that last little bit with her feet. Split 3/4, not quite a full split. Side aerial to lay full, good!

Doran (UB): Great leap series. Beat to side aerial to tuck full, stuck! Great.

Javinett (UB): BHS LOSO with a small balance check. Good leap series. RO 1.5, takes a hop back.

Walsh (Cornell): Here for the Crazy Train remix. Front tuck through to double tuck, nice. Good double pike. Nice leaps.

Michelini (Cornell): Double tuck to open. Rudi to stag rebound, nice. Excellent tumbling throughout.

DeMeo (Cornell): FHS double full, so good. Love the bluesy floor music. RO 1.5 to front lay, nice. FHS rudi to split jump rebound, nice.

Brady (Cornell): Double tuck to open, good. Good leaps, great popa. Double pike, chest a little down and takes a step forward to correct it.

Lund (Cornell): RO 1.5 to front full, good. RO 2.5, nice. Good leap series, slightly shy in the split full.

Beers (Cornell): Front tuck through to double pike, great, good height. Liiiiittle shy on the full split in her split jumps after the leap. Double tuck to end, good.

Sanders (Centenary): Crowd getting into the music. Double pike to open, nice. Switch side to popa, good. Rudi to stag, looks like she kept it on. Front full to front lay, holds onto it with her toes.

Lavelle (Centenary): All eyes for her. Double pike, good. Loooove this choreo. FHS front lay to tuck front full. Switch side to wolf full, good. Closes with a double tuck, chest down but recovers well.

Final: Brown 194.925, TWU 194.700, Yale 194.025, Cornell 192.050

Whaaaaat a meet. Raise your hand if you had Brown winning today. What a meet for Brown. Yale had just enough struggles that will hold it back from competing again Saturday. Brown and Texas Woman’s will join Air Force and Linenwdood tomorrow in the team final.

Just waiting on qualifiers for event finals.

Vault qualifiers: Walker (Yale), Beers (Cornell), Bedell (Brown), Woodring (TWU), Chia (Yale)

Bar qualifiers: Goyco (TWU), Michelini (Cornell), Walker (Yale), Griffith (TWU), Doran (UB), Wang (Yale), Costa (Brown)

Beam qualifiers: Kunzman (TWU), Doran (UB), King (TWU), Xing (Brown), Walker (Yale), Schulze (Brown)

Floor qualifiers: Johnson (TWU), Goyco (TWU), Lund (Cornell), Chia (Yale), Muns (TWU)






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