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LIVE BLOG: No. 56 Yale and No. 42 Temple

Yale hits the road after making a clean sweep at the Tonry Invitational this past weekend. Creeping ever closer to smashing the program record team bar score, the Bulldogs will put some pressure on Temple, but will need to put up their best routines of the season to do so. 

The Bulldogs haven’t dropped under a 193 since their third meet of the season, creeping closer to a high 194 as the season has progressed. With help from Lindsay Chia and Sarah Wilson to lead Yale as well as junior Raegan Walker continuing to provide big numbers on her three events, the team could put it all together to find themselves knocking on a door adjacent to a 195. And considering the team’s rapid rise on bars week over week, the only thing preventing Yale from hitting its stride this half of the season is Yale. Temple, meanwhile, has been scoring 194s and 195s fairly consistently this season. Hannah Stallings is leading Temple through this year, with Julianna Roland and Ariana Castrence furthering padding the scores with their own solid routines to help with a steady stream of dependable team scores on most events. However, the Owls have a few shadows that have been following them on beam.  

Resting Hannah Stallings on floor, no injury, just that time of year.

Rotation 1: Temple Vault, Yale Bars

S. Stallings (Temple): FTY, kind of a weird landing, steps forward, but clean. 9.625

Aviad (Yale): Tkatchev, some feet. Good bail. Great last hs. Giant full to double tuck, stuck! 9.725

Aresta (Temple): FTY, hops forward, chest down a little bit. Felt like a slow block? 9.475

Wilson (Yale): Toe on tkatchev, nice. Giant full, pauses in that handstand, double tuck, just a step. 9.750

Brooks (Temple): FTY, hops it back. 9.675

Chia (Yale): Great straddle jaeger, bail to hs. Gorgeous handstands all the way through. 1.5 lay to stick. Great routine. That should be a big score. 9.750

Roland (Temple): FTY, hops it back, looked good in the air. 9.725

Toy (Yale): Straddle jaeger good, short on the hs. Has a hand that slips on the bail and comes off. Giant full to double tuck, hops forward. Yale has a solid bar lineup and shouldn’t feel too much pressure from this. 9.050

H. Stallings (Temple): FTY, clean, hops it back. 9.750

Wang (Yale): Good hs. Straddle jaeger, catches it a little close it looked like but good. Great bail hs. FTDB stuck. Solid. 9.875

Castrence (Temple): Y 1.5, hops it forward, has a little bit of form in the air. 9.825

Walker (Yale): Good hs. Misses the straddle jaeger. Bail to hs, nice. Double lay, small hop forward. 8.900

A delay in Walker’s score because bar judges are going to bar judge.

After 1: Temple 48.600, Yale 48.150

Well, not the bar rotation Yale is accustomed to, especially after having to count a fall. But, better now than a different point in the season and there’s no need to panic. Temple came in strong, especially with Castrence back in the lineup with a 10.0 vault helped Temple to gain a little more of a lead.

Rotation 2: Yale Vault, Temple Bars

Wilson (Yale): Tucked fty, hops. 9.550

H. Stallings (Temple): Bail, nice. FTDB, looks like a small shuffle of the feet. 9.700

Aviad (Yale): Y half, lands with her knees locked, takes a few steps back. 9.600 — later changed to a 9.575

Gray (Temple): Piked gienger to bail. Giant full to double tuck, sticks it. Clean, a few shy handstands. 9.725

Titche (Yale): FTY, pikes it down and in that momentum to balance it, bounces back with several steps. 9.575

Bar judges up to their usual.

S. Stallings (Temple): Almost goes over on the first hs, good piked jaeger. Bail to hs, nice. Giant full, little loose. Double tuck hop. 9.800

Wang (Yale): FTY, little bit of chest down, steps back. 9.675

Brooks (Temple): Comes off on the straddle tkatchev. Bail to hs, good. Double tuck, hops. 8.825

Walker (Yale): 1.5, hops. Good. 9.750

Donabedian (Temple): Piked gienger, misses it. Bail to hs, arches. Double tuck, stuck. 8.900

Chia (Yale): FTY, hops it back. 9.775

Castrence (Temple): Little shy on the first hs. Blind full to tkatchev, comes off. Repeats, hits the tkatchev. Bail to hs. Double lay, shuffles back. 9.150

After 2: Yale 96.525, Temple 95.875

Bars certainly have had a lot of demons tonight. Temple was forced to count two falls this rotation. Yale couldn’t quite find its landings on vault, though, either.

Rotation 3: Temple Beam, Yale Floor

Schugman (Temple): Front aerial, front aerial, great. Cat leap to side somi. Straddle jump to straddle quarter, just a little shy. RO 1.5, stuck it. 9.775

Meeks (Yale): Double pike, seemed low and her knees buckled a little. Front full to font lay, sticks it, but leg separation in the tumbling. This camera angle is unforgiving. Leap series, okay, some soft shapes. Almost pulled a Webb with the leg going oob on choreo. Ends with a rudi, good. 9.600

Ruskey (Temple): BHS LOSO, looked good. Front toss small pause to beat. Hitch kick to switch side, a little shy on the leap. BHS to 1.5, stuck. 9.775

Titche (Yale): Double pike, clean, just the chest down. Switch side popa, slightly shy on the straddle in the jump. FHS front lay front full, good. I love this rolling choreo from one floor to the other. Closes with a double tuck, good. 9.675

Donabedian (Temple): Front aerial pauses bhs. Cat leap to side somi, good. Split jump, stag ring. RO 1.5, stuck. 9.600

Wilson (Yale): RO 1.5 to front lay, floaty. Switch leap to switch ring half. Just some form on that ring. Closes with a double pike, good. 9.700

H. Stallings (Temple): Switch leap to straddle quarter, gorgeous toe point. BHS LOSO, picks a leg up but keeps it on. Split jump to LOSO, good. Side aerial to lay full, hops. 9.750 — score changed to 9.800

Chia (Yale): Rudi to split jump, the height! Nice leap series. RO 1.5 to front lay super controlled, good form. Good routine. 9.725

Beam judges causing a delay. Apparently a SV issue.

Roland (Temple): Solid BHS loso series. Hitch kick, choreo back to end. Repeats hitch kick to side aerial beat. Beat to split 3/4, back leg looked a little low. RO 1.5 hops it forward. Clean routine otherwise. 9.700

Toy (Yale): Opens with a solid double pike. Switch side to popa, beautiful. Front lay to front full, keeps it in by a toe. Super clean despite that. Rudi to split jump, good. 9.750

Castrence (Temple): One arm bhs loso, good. Sissone leap series, clean. RO lay double full. Her beam looked so relaxed and comfortable, it’s a fun watch. 9.800

Wang (Yale): Full in, good! Switch side to popa, good. Yale is doing choreo with her. Goes out of bounds on her double tuck, aahhh, Yale always flirts with that line. RO 1.5 to lay, shuffles back and sits it down. Not devastating for Yale, they had a solid floor rotation. 8.875

After 3: Yale 144.975, Temple 144.725

Three tenths between these two teams heading into the final rotation. Temple hit every single beam routine, and Yale only had a hiccup with Wang in the anchor position, but won’t be the end of the world.

Heading into final rotation with a very very very slim two-tenths margin between these teams. Temple has been scoring within the 49 range the past few meets, whereas Yale is usually in the high 48 range. This is gonna be close, friends.

Rotation 4: Yale Beam, Temple Floor

Wilson (Yale): Front tuck, hits it. BHS LOSO, good. Side aerial, tuck full, hops to the side. 9.650

Schugman (Temple): 1.5 to front full, solid. Switch side popa, great amplitude. Double pike, great height. Good routine. 9.800

Chia (Yale): BHS LOSO, smoothly steps it backward. Side aerial, graceful. Switch leap to straddle 3/4, clean. Cat leap side aerial to full, stuck. 9.850

Roland (Temple): Opens with a double pike, chest a little down so steps it forward. Leap series, good, maybe a little sharper in the wolf hop full. Front lay front full, a small shuffle. Closes with a double tuck. 9.775

Mangiacapre (Yale): BHS LOSO, so solid. Switch leap to split jump to split 3/4, just a little shy on that last jump. Front aerial, good. Piked gainer off end, sticks it. 9.775

Ruskey (Temple): Punch front to double tuck, some form, steps it back. Switch side to popa has nice height. Closes with a double pike, chest down and steps forward. Good debut, though. 9.775

Walker (Yale): Comes off on her bhs loso. Not a great day for Walker, who is usually so poised. Front aerial split jump, beautiful. Switch leap series, clean. Side aerial to lay full, hops. 9.150

Edwards (Temple): Front double full, nice. Switch side series has great amplitude. 1.5 to front lay, absolutely floats. 9.850

Toy (Yale): BHS LOSO, good. Switch ring, stumbles and comes off. Split jump sheep jump, she really hits those shapes today. Side aerial to lay full, stuck. 9.050

Castrence (Temple): Double lay, juuuust steps it out of bounds. Just goes out on her last pass. She has so much power with great choreo. 9.500

Meeks (Yale): BHS LOSO, some knees, leg comes up, saves it. Switch leap series good, just some feet. Side aerial is solid. Sticks her piked gainer off end. 9.650

Donabedian (Temple): FHS rudi to loso, so pretty. Great dance. Closes with front double full, good.

Final: Temple 193.825, Yale 193.025

This was quite the meet, not the best for both teams but not a bad showing either. Yale being forced to count a fall on beam was a tough position to be in, but Temple was also forced to count two falls on bars. It was a meet that went back and forth until that final rotation. Overall, a meet to learn from but not a meet to be upset with.

VT: A. Castrence 9.825

UB: S. Wang 9.875

BB: L. Chia 9.850

FX: B. Donabedian 9.900

AA: L. Chia 39.100

Live Blog by Allison Freeman

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