The NCGA Dismount: Week 4

The NCGA saw some more action this weekend, with just Cortland taking the week off. Rhode Island smashed program and individual records, Brockport smashed a few of its own and Naimah Muhammad dazzled on floor for a 9.800 in just her second college meet ever. The rankings continue to shift around this week, but teams that crossed the 190 threshold put themselves at an advantage heading into week five. 

Record Breaker of the Week

Kelsey Gates, floor, 9.850

Last week, Kelsey Gates, along with Olivia Keyes, set a new Rhode Island program high with a 9.750. Then Gates went ahead and added another tenth this week to score a 9.850 to set another new new personal best as well program record. 

Most Improved Bars

Brockport 48.425

Brockport opened the year with a shaky 44.550 on bars, missing a few release moves, but swung its way to a new program high of 48.425, with three scores above a 9.700 to topple the previous record. 

Best Meet Theme Execution of the Week

Hamline, Pink Meet

Nothing says “Breast Cancer Awareness” quite like an ounce of pink glitter sprinkled atop a ribbon-shaped braid. Hamline went all out this year with T-shirts designed and handmade by seniors Katie Viles and Emily Anderson. We love ladies who are talented on and off the competition floor!

Overall Standings

3UW-La Crosse188.075
8Rhode Island182.700
11UW-Eau Claire180.513
12Winona State179.238
13Gustavus Adolphus178.875

Top Scores

Naimah MuhammadBrockportFloor9.800
Gabbi GareBrockportBars9.775
Taylor BusheyBrockportBars9.750
Jillian FreymanIthacaFloor9.750
Emily GilotUW-OshkoshVault9.750
Kaylie BerensUW-OshkoshBeam9.725
Jillian FreymanIthacaBeam9.725
Kirsten PaultreBrockportFloor9.725
Lexi CastellanetaBrockportVault9.700
Emma Grace SargentBrockportBars9.700
Sydney SchumakerBrockportVault9.700
Emily BuffingtonUW-OshkoshBars9.675
Skye CohenIthacaFloor9.675
Rahdea JarvisUW-OshkoshFloor9.675
Olivia KellerUW-OshkoshBeam9.675
Mia LuceroUW-OshkoshVault9.675
Meaghan O’ConnorUW-OshkoshBars9.675
Madeline SowinskiHamlineFloor9.675
Anna ZoromskiUW-OshkoshBeam9.675
Lexi CastellanetaBrockportFloor9.650
Delaney CienkusUW-OshkoshBeam 9.650
Kaylin KnapsackUrsinusVault9.650
Faith MylinUW-WhitewaterFloor9.650
Richella VelarminoUW-WhitewaterBars9.650
Delaney CienkusUW-OshkoshFloor 9.625
Kyla DicksonUW-La CrosseBeam9.625
Rahdea JarvisUW-OshkoshVault9.625
Sophia ReddingGustavus AdolphusBars9.625
Trinity SawyerUW-OshkoshBars9.625
Rachel SwickBrockportBars9.625
Kara WelshUW-WhitewaterVault9.625
Amelia BaileyIthacaFloor9.600
Meghan BellIthacaFloor9.600
Devon RosierSpringfieldFloor9.600

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Article by Allison Freeman and Tavia Smith

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