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Potential Lineups: Updates

Due to the nature of our Potential Lineups series, things happen after we publish each conference’s analysis. Gymnasts retire, freshmen don’t show up on rosters and unfortunate injuries occur. In an effort to stay as up-to-date as possible, we wanted to post one more article in the series to tie up loose ends before we finally get to the season.

Big Ten


  • Expected freshman all arounder Makayla Green appears to have a serious ankle injury and is likely out for the season.
  • Senior beam and floor standout Shaylah Scott has medically retired, leaving big shoes to fill on both events.
  • Arayah Simons is reportedly close to returning to full health and will be a big asset, especially on floor.


  • In addition to being featured on vault and floor, junior transfer Linda Zivat appears to be working with the bar squad as well


  • Maddie Mariani retired; she was a reliable backup routine on bars and beam.
  • Nicoletta Koulos was in a wrist or thumb cast that was removed in late November or early December and may be unavailable early in the year.
  • Sophomore Carly Bauman has a torn Achilles and will miss this season.
  • Freshman Abby Vides has been absent from lineups in both intrasquads.
  • Returning from an Achilles injury, freshman Jacey Vore looks to currently be a backup routine on bars and beam.


  • Gianna Ortiz is a surprise transfer from Kentucky. She’s especially strong on bars and should feature there.

Big 12


  • Junior AK Subject has retired, and junior Amoree Lockhart has also been removed from the roster. This will be a big blow to the Pioneers’ depth on bars and beam.
  • Senior Mia Sundstrom is looking healthy in training, showing skills on every event.

Iowa State

  • Senior Phoebe Turner has an arm injury that required a sling while freshman Emma Ricks appears to have suffered a major knee injury.
  • Meghan Carter, an anticipated signee who was not included on the original roster, appears to be training with the team.
  • It’s worth noting that there has been almost no training footage of Addy De Jesus posted during preseason. ISU has held two intrasquad meets, but she has only appeared in the background cheering on her teammates.


  • Sophomore Sheridan Ramsey posted clips of a huge Yurchenko full, as well as a full-twisting double back on floor and snippets of a beam routine. She could break into the lineup on several events.
  • Olivia Trautman, Danielle Sievers and Moorea Linker did not show routines at the recent Oklahoma intrasquad. However, there is no reason to believe the reason was anything more than precautionary as of now. 

West Virginia

  • Junior Abbie Pierson continues to show a unique routine capable of breaking into the lineup for the first time. It features a Yezhova and a back tuck dismount from handstand. She also competed a Yurchenko one and a half at the Mountaineers’ most recent intrasquad.


N.C. State

  • Junior Alexis Ortega, who has not competed since the second meet of her freshman year, has been shown training all four events, including her signature back handspring + Onodi series on beam.
  • Shruthi Anand was added to the roster as a senior transfer from Ursinus. We expect her to contend for the vault lineup with her front handspring pike.

North Carolina

  • Senior Drew Aldridge is out for the season with injury. We listed her as a potential contributor on vault and beam.


  • Two freshmen are working on upgraded vaults. Sydney Seibert is training a Tsuk full—a 10.0 start value—and Anna Hill is working on a Yurchenko full. Both are now potential contributors in the vault lineup



  • Savannah Newsome is out with a knee injury. She was listed as the top bars performer. 
  • Simone Evans was seen performing beam and floor routines at the recent Black and Gold intrasquad. 

Texas Woman’s

  • Kyla Podges is back to training her 10.0 start value Yurchenko full-on tuck. She was left off of the potential vault lineup due to her not training vault for the last two years due to injury.


Boise State

  • Erin Morden has been featured in Instagram stories on bars and beam.


  • Helody Cyrenne was originally announced as returning for a COVID year. She is no longer listed on the roster.
  • Expected freshman Kaitlyn Lam never materialized on BYU’s roster.
  • Lexi Mather and Maya Page are no longer listed on the roster. Mather held the Cougars’ third-highest NQS on beam in 2021, and Page was expected to be a major contributor before being derailed by injuries and never saw a college lineup because of it. 

Southern Utah

  • Senior Rachel Smith showed a bar routine at the team’s November intrasquad. It is the only event she has yet to compete in her collegiate career.

Utah State

  • Freshman Amari Evans has been training an upgraded Yurchenko full-on pike vault. Solidifying the vault could put her in the mix for lineup time. 



  • Fifth-year Alexia Burch was recently spotted in a boot. The extent of her injury is unknown.


  • All three freshmen competed in the Huskies’ most recent intrasquad meet. Ashley Blum did the all around, Lana Navarro sat out only bars and Deiah-Marie Moody did bars and beam.



  • Freshman Audrey Evans retired. 
  • While there’s been no official word on her injury status, freshman Jordyn Paradise has been conspicuously absent from preseason training footage. 
  • Ella Burgess, who missed the 2021 season due to injury, is training beam. 


  • Sophomore Jordan Olszewski medically retired from the team and has taken on the role of student coach.
  • Freshman Frankie Price has not been seen in preseason training video after sporting a post-surgery knee brace this summer. 
  • Senior Bailey Lovett has been limited to training beam as of early December following elbow surgery in the offseason.


  • Brooke Butler is no longer listed on the Tigers’ roster. 
  • Freshman Suni Lee competed bars and beam at the team’s recent intrasquad.  
  • All five of Auburn’s freshmen competed least two events while Sophia Groth competed in the all around.  
  • Junior Aria Brusch also made her all around debut at the event.


  • Payton Richards and Ellie Lazzari both competed a Yurchenko one and a half at the Gators’ most recent Orange and Blue intrasquad. 
  • Leanne Wong unveiled a Podkopayeva on vault. 
  • Savannah Schoenherr notably has not competed vault during any of the Gators’ intrasquads or been featured in any preseason video on the event, though she has been seen on the other three events.  
  • Senior Sydney Johnson-Scharpf, who tore her Achilles at the end of last season, is still not back to competition strength.


  • Seniors Rachael Lukacs and Rachel Baumann both competed a Yurchenko one and a half at the Gymdogs’ First Look. Lukacs competed vault only while Baumann competed all around. 
  • Alyssa Perez-Lugones notably did not compete at the intrasquad. 
  • Riley Milbrandt was the only freshman to contribute a routine at First Look, competing on bars.  
  • Sophomore Victoria Nguyen is confirmed as having an unknown lower leg injury as of Dec. 11. 


  • Sophomore Gianna Ortiz has transferred to Rutgers. 
  • The Wildcats competed four 10.0 start value vaults at their Blue and White intrasquad: a front handspring pike half from Mackenzie Wilson, Isbella Magnelli and Arianna Patterson, and a Yurchenko one and a half from Raena Worley. 
  • Patterson also appeared on floor for the first time since early 2020. 


  • Freshman KJ Johnson is competing a Yurchenko double. 
  • Junior Kai Rivers is back in action after being sidelined in 2021 due to a ruptured Achilles. 
  • Kamryn Ryan made her collegiate debut on bars at the Tigers’ recent Gymnastics 101. 
  • Graduate student Sami Durante is nursing an elbow injury, though she was able to compete bars and beam at Gymnastics 101.  


  • Redshirt freshman Kyra Burns competed on floor at the team’s Black and Gold intrasquad while redshirt sophomore Helen Hu appeared on beam.

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