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Last Week in College Gym: September 7

There’s a lot that happens on the gymternet each week. So much so that it can be hard to keep track of it all. From training updates and COVID news to recruiting rumors and coaching announcements, we don’t blame you for missing some important points here and there.

But that’s where we come in. Last Week in College Gym is your one-stop shop for all the important headlines from the previous week in college gymnastics. No matter if you’re taking a social media break, went on vacation or just don’t have the capacity to follow every single gymnast, team and fan, we have you covered.

Top Storylines

William & Mary Cuts Men’s and Women’s Gymnastics

William & Mary announced that they are cutting both their Men’s and Women’s Gymnastics program, along with five other sports, after the 2021 season.

Mélodie Pulgarin Linero Alleges Mistreatment During Elite Career

The Denver alumna, who competed for the Pioneers in 2011-14, posted a statement on Twitter, where she revealed instances of body and weight shaming by her coaches during her elite career in Spain. The abuse began when Pulgarin Linero was only eight years old.

AK Subject Reveals Battle with Eating Disorder

The Denver sophomore posted a statement on Instagram, in which she details her long battle with an eating disorder. This summer, she spent over two months in intensive eating disorder treatment. 

Other Newsworthy Items

  • Missouri alumna Mary Nicholson, who graduated in 2020, will spend another season in Columbia as the team’s student coach.
  • Another 2020 graduate, Jessica Yamzon, will also take on the position of student coach for her alma mater, Arkansas. 
  • Air Force head coach Jennifer Green has announced her assistant coaches for the 2021 season. Brittany McClure, who served as the volunteer coach last year, was promoted to assistant coach. She will be joined by club coach Andrew Eddington and Michigan alumna Polina Shchennikova as the volunteer assistant coach.
  • Former Oregon State standout Isis Lowery was added to the Beavers’ roster for the upcoming season as an undergraduate student coach.

Training Updates

  • Kentucky posted some beam training videos to its Instagram Stories. Freshman Bailey Bunn is training a BHS + LOSO on beam and sophomore Kassidy Howell a front somersault; senior Megan Monfredi is also performing a front somersault on beam and a front tuck to double back on floor. Freshman Hailey Davis is training a BHS + BHS + LOSO series on beam and sophomore Raena Worley a BHS + LOSO + LOSO. Sophomore Shealyn Luksik is training a Ray on bars and freshman Isabella Magnelli a front handspring pike half off on vault.
  • SEMO also posted some training videos to its Instagram Stories. On beam, sophomore Heidi Vanderboom is working on a front aerial and freshman Lydia Webb on a Liukin. Redshirt junior Ashley Albrecht, who missed last season due to injury, is back tumbling on floor.
  • Iowa State was back in the gym this week. Its videos on Instagram Stories featured redshirt sophomore Makayla Maxwell training a double layout dismount off bars; freshman Kaia Parker working on a BHS + LOSO on beam and a double layout on floor; sophomore Jade Vella-Wright is training a side aerial on beam and senior Sophia Steinmayer on a front toss to beat jump. Junior transfer Adnerys de Jesus is officially in Ames training a Ray on bars.
  • UCLA freshman Frida Esparza posted an Instagram video of herself training a Maloney to Bhardwaj combination on bars. It is unknown if this combo will be featured in her collegiate bar routine, as the Bruin is also still aiming to qualify to the upcoming Olympic Games.
  • LSU freshman Haleigh Bryant showed off a beautiful double twist dismount off beam.
  • Nebraska sophomore Clara Colombo is training a double layout off bars. In her freshman year she competed a double tuck in combination. Junior Kynsee Roby is working on a double layout off bars and sophomore Kylie Piringer a double layout on floor.
  • Georgia also posted some training videos to its Instagram Stories. Sophomore Haley de Jong is training a side aerial to dismount on beam; junior Megan Roberts is working on a side aerial to full twist dismount also on beam; senior Marissa Oakley is back training bars, showing off a beautiful piked Jaeger; and junior Mikayla Magee is working on her Yurchenko full on vault.
  • Kentucky’s Josie Angeny is training a Yurchenko 1 ½. The rising junior competed a Yurchenko full during the 2020 season, scoring as high as a 9.875.
  • San Jose State sophomore Emma Milne is training a toe-on 3/2 pirouette on bars. Milne, the 2020 MPSF Freshman of the Year, is just the fourth Spartan in program history to score a 9.925 on bars.
  • Missouri sophomore Helen Hu is training her bars routine: piked Tkatchev to Pak salto, Van Leuween and double tuck dismount. 


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