CGN Roundtable: Photography Part II

Everyone loves looking at pictures from meets and of their favorite gymnasts, so much so that we needed a part two of our roundtable on the subject to get through all our faves.

What are some of your favorite gymnastics shots? Do you have a favorite gymnastics photographer? Let us know in the comments or on social media!

What’s a picture you love for no real reason?

What’s your favorite reaction shot?

Elizabeth: I mentioned reactions are my favorite type of gymnastics shot, which makes this question so hard to answer. Is it Schyler Jones after her bar routine? MyKayla Skinner after a stuck vault? Natalie Wojcik after finally getting a 10 for her Yurchenko 1.5? Darian Burns on beam? (See what I did there?)

Emily HF: Washington’s reaction to Evanni Roberson’s first beam 10.0. Hands down. 

Emily M: MyKayla Skinner’s reactions are legendary for good reason. I love this one because you can see the Utes celebrating behind her, too. Close second is Michigan celebrating Natalie Wojcik’s 10.0 on vault at Elevate the Stage Toledo in 2019.

Katherine: Jade Degouveia in the immediate aftermath of a stick is a force of nature. This isn’t a reaction shot per se, but you just know from that face that she killed it and she knows it.

Mary Emma: This shot of Brenna Dowell celebrating after she stuck her final vault ever and helped Oklahoma to the 2019 NCAA title. I was there in person, and the moment itself was electric.

Talitha: I have two. This photo of Isis Lowery surrounded by her team represents everything NCAA gymnastics should be about. I also really like the power that this picture of Anastasia Webb exudes.

What’s your favorite picture that Emily has ever shot?

What’s your favorite picture Elizabeth has ever shot?

What’s your favorite picture Tara has ever shot?

Caption this!

Any honorable mentions you want to give for pictures you think should be recognized but didn’t fit into any other answers?

Elizabeth: Obviously. Andy Alexander’s floor choreo, Nicole Lehrmann after scoring a perfect 10 on bars, This shot of Lexi Funk on beam, Katelyn Ohashi with her tongue out, this Kyla Ross and Miss Val hug, Jordyn Wieber watching Sekai Wright vault, Ona Loper on floor, whatever’s happening here, Lynnzee Brown on floor and Norah Flatley on beam.

Emily HF: This photo of Kyla Ross’ reaction after beam, Norah Flatley’s smile, Maya Bordas on floor, Emi Watterson chalking up, Carly Woodard on beam, Isis Lowery putting on her crown, Morgan Hoang on floor, Isabelle Fox before beam, Amber Koeth’s beam mount, this leap from Sophia Hyderally, Sarah Finnegan on floor, I could go on forever but I’ll stop there. 

Emily M:  Pfft there are so many. Nia Dennis flying, the Kent State stick jacket, Morgan Lane being Morgan Lane, Kiana Winston’s perfect straddle, joyous Taylor Houchin, Erin Macadaeg owning the beam, Sarah Finnegan leaping—it’s truly endless.       

Katherine: Lexie Priessman’s and Kiana Winston’s smiles light up a room, and I love the way Emily captured them.

Mary Emma: This one of Bria Northrop, this photo of the Utes realizing they had just beat rival UCLA, this classic Samantha Snider beam pep talk, this hug between Toni-Ann Williams and Liz Crandall-Howell and this one of Lindenwood winning the 2019 USAG title.

Talitha: Of course. Queens Isis Lowery and Nia Dennis, Kyla Bryant and her iconic hairstyle, Haven Lanzador playing with a child, MyKayla Skinner jumping almost higher than her coach’s full height, Abby Armbrecht’s iconic pony-tail, Lexie Priessman’s starlight, Shadae Boone, another real hero with glasses, and this gorgeous photo of Wesley Stephenson.

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Article by Katherine Weaver, Emily Howell-Forbes, Elizabeth Grimsley, Mary Emma Burton, Talitha Ilacqua and Emily Minehart

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