Seniors Eligible for a Fifth Year

The abrupt end to the 2020 season has left a lot of uncertainty about seniors’ futures. And while most gymnasts are likely done with their gymnastics careers (we’re still crying, too), others still have the ability for a fifth sitting in their back pocket.

For the purposes of this post, we are assuming the NCAA does not grant seniors any sort of reprieve, but we’ll update if that changes. Below you’ll find a list of gymnasts we believe to be eligible for a fifth year of NCAA gymnastics due to not competing for at least one of their four seasons. This list is not official, and there could be circumstances we are unaware of limiting any individual on this list from returning. We’ll also be tracking when announcements come out about gymnasts either choosing to take their fifths or choosing to retire.

Did we miss someone you know for a fact is eligible for a fifth year, or better yet, is taking one? Let us know in the comments or via email, and we’ll add her to the list!

Big Ten


  • Rae Balthazor – posted about retirement
  • Morgan Bixler


  • Clair Kaji – confirmed returning


  • Kirsten Peterman


  • Maggie O’Hara 
  • Madison Osman

Ohio State

  • Nevin Adamski
  • Peyton Hinterberger

Penn State

  • Erynne Allen


  • Erin McLachlan – posted about retirement

Big 12

Iowa State

  • Molly Russ 


  • Bre Showers – indicated in an article she’s not returning

West Virginia 

  • Erica Fontaine – posts imply she’s not returning


George Washington

  • Nicole Rogalski

North Carolina

  • Emily White


  • Olivia Lubarsky – posts imply she’s not returning


Ball State

  • Bri Slonim – posted about retirement

Bowling Green

  • Alex Johnston – posted about retirement
  • Taylor Worthington

Central Michigan

  • Mackenzie Parker – posted about retirement
  • Hayley Porter
  • Charlie Wright

Eastern Michigan

  • Megan Benzie

Kent State

  • Jade Brown – confirmed returning 
  • Emily Kelly
  • Sammi Nero
  • Gabby Williams

Northern Illinois

  • Lauren Gomes – confirmed returning
  • Nina Martucci – posted about retirement

Western Michigan

  • Amelia Mohler 



  • Tere Alonso 
  • Louisa Marie Knapp – IG bio indicates “UAA ‘20ish”
  • Sofie Riley – posted about retirement

UC Davis


Boise State

  • Courtney McGregor
  • Maddi Nilson – fifth year already announced 
  • Isabella Amado – posted about retirement


  • Angel Zhong 

Southern Utah 

  • Megan McBride – leaving the door open as of December 2019, but leaning toward no

Utah State

  • Brittany Jeppesen – posted about retirement


Arizona State

  • Ashley Szafranski – did not compete in 2020, Instagram Bio Says ‘20
  • Graycee Zaugg – did not compete 2020, posted about retirement

Oregon State

  • Lena Greene – confirmed returning for fifth year


  • Anna Glenn – posted about retirement
  • Grace Glenn – posted about retirement
  • Mercedez Sanchez


  • Kim Tessen – posted about retirement


  • Evanni Roberson – posted about retirement on Instagram
  • Allie Smith – hinted at return for 2021 on Instagram, teammates’ comments confirm



  • Sarah Shaffer (R-JR)


  • Kendal Moss


  • Maegan Chant


  • Rachel Dickson


  • Katherine Marianos

Article by the editors of College Gym News

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