Fantasy Central: Week 11

It’s Tuesday again, and your fantasy lineup is due soon. Not to worry! We have all the info you need to play like a pro this week. 

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 schedule changes are happening rapidly. For the most up-to-date schedule information, see our master schedule.

Injury Updates

  • Jillian Hoffman – Utah – in a boot (3/7)
  • Ali Sonier – Minnesota – in a boot (3/7)
  • Update: Talitha Jones – Cal – torn ACL – moved to long term (3/8)
  • Chloe Vitoff – George Washington – knee brace and on crutches (3/8)
  • Maddi Leydin – Arizona – on crutches, confirmed retirement via Instagram Story (3/8)

Week 11 Byes and Doubles

Byes: Alaska, Gustavus Adolphus, Hamline, Stanford, Eau Claire, La Crosse, Oshkosh, Stout, Whitewater, Winona State

Doubles: Ball State, Brown, California, Iowa, Maryland

Experts Say…Your Hot Tip for Week 11

It’s the final week before conference championships. Yes, really. 

Michigan hosts its senior night against Ball State on Friday; the Wolverines have been strong the past three weeks and will be looking to end on a bang in the Crisler Center, and some of the strongest Ball State routines are up to the venue. Look for some big numbers from both teams. Look for a similar situation for Texas Woman’s when it visits Florida on senior night.

Elevate the Stage Birmingham brings us a podium matchup between Alabama and Auburn. This is one of the headline rivalries, and we know Elevate meets let the big numbers fly.

The Sooners end their season at Maturi Pavillion; the Gophers are coming off a near-program record and will be looking for the sellout crowd and hype around Maggie Nichols’ and Olivia Trautman’s home state reunions to pull an electric atmosphere. This could be a wild one, or Big Ten scoring restraint could make things tight; there’s no way to know ahead of time.

Illinois heads west to Corvallis. The Illini nearly upset Kentucky in Rupp Arena last week and will be hoping to carry that momentum to this matchup with the Beavers. Oregon State has been strongest at home, so it’s a tall order. Either way, this meet has the potential to throw some big numbers.

Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em

Are you struggling to decide when the time is right to pull a gymnast who keeps letting you down? Wondering whether that surprise star has what it takes to score well in the weeks to come? Never fear! We’re going to weigh in.


Elexis Edwards has now competed two very strong vaults for Ohio State and should be in your lineups. After missing several weeks, Anika Dujakovich was back for the Huskers, and her vault is stronger than the Kynsee Roby full she replaced; we anticipate that she’ll keep her spot. Maddie Rau has really settled into her collegiate vaulting role the past few weeks.

Alexsis Rubio had a rough go on bars last week and seemingly tweaked her elbow; we’d hold her off of vault for now if you can. Phoebe Turner has just not been at her best strength here in recent weeks.

Start: Elexis Edwards, Anika Dujakovich, Nyah Smith, Denelle Pedrick, Maddie Rau

Sit: Alexsis Rubio, Phoebe Turner


William & Mary stalwart Katie Waldman has broken out on bars in the back half of the season; she went for a 9.925 last week. Bianca Leon notched a 9.900 of her own; she’s a high fall risk, but if you like the danger, the high ceiling makes her tempting. Kennedi Edney was rested last week, but had returned to the all around the previous week. We imagine she’ll be on all four on senior night.

Marissa Oakley did not finish her set, having apparently agitated her shoulder injury; Courtney Kupets Carter has been conservative with her this year, so expect her to be out this week. Hunter Dula appeared for Utah, but we still believe she is the first alternate and is unlikely to return to make regular lineup appearances. 

Start: Katie Waldman, Courtney Mitchell, Ariana Castrence, Bianca Leon, Kennedi Edney

Sit: Marissa Oakley, Hunter Dula, Sanya Glauber


Arizona’s Zaza Brodevani came roaring back on beam this week; she should be in your lineups. Erin McLachlan is also back for Rutgers and hitting here. Breakout 2019 beam star Emerson Hurst had a slow start to the season but has been strong the past few weeks.

Adnerys De Jesus is a stellar all arounder for Nebraska, but she has struggled on bars; only put her up here if you absolutely need her. Ali Sonier missed last week for Minnesota and was seen in a boot.

Start: Zaza Brodevani, Caitlin Satler, Kelley Hebert, Drew Grantham, Erin McLachlan, Emerson Hurst 

Sit: Ali Sonier, Cydney Crasa, Adnerys De Jesus


We’re not sure why Sydney Soloski sat floor last week, but there’s currently no reason to think she won’t be back. Lauren Guerin skipped floor on Friday in Iowa’s double meet weekend, but competed Sunday. She was likely just getting a rest. Davis’ Gabby Landess has been strong all season and notched a 9.900 last week.

Unfortunately, Paige Williams has just not been herself this year. Skyler Sheppard and Drew Watson have also had rough stretches. If you have other options, keep them on your bench for now.

Start: Sydney Soloski, Gabby Landess, Jordyn Brent, Ariana Agrapides, Lauren Guerin

Sit: Paige Williams, Skyler Sheppard, Drew Watson

Week 11 Pickups

Trying to figure out who to pick up to replace an injury? Looking for a ninja to up your weekly beam total? We’ve got you covered, down to the data on who should still be available.


The Huskers’ Anika Dujakovich (15 conferences) made her return to lineups; her Yurchenko one and a half should be on rosters in all conferences. Stephanie Trevort (34 conferences) hasn’t scored below a 9.800 since early February and notched a 9.875 last weekend. Bri Slonim (39 conferences) matched that number and has a 9.810 average.


Iowa’s Erin Castle (41 conferences) has broken out with three consecutive strong bars hits; given the roll Iowa is on, she’s an easy pickup. Morgan Hart (50 conferences) hasn’t been below 9.800 since a fall in her first appearance of the season. Shannon Farrell (27 conferences) is a rock in the Rutgers’ lineup with only one miss on the year and a 9.875 ceiling. 


The Gopher beam lineup is legendary, and Mary Korlin-Downs (10 conferences) is no exception. She nabbed a 9.925 last weekend. Jessie Bastardi (55 conferences) qualified to nationals on beam last year, then had a rough start this season. She has found her groove the past few weeks and certainly has a high score potential. Mia Lord (15 conferences) had a weaker outing for a 9.775 last week, but her previous four scores were all either 9.900s or 9.875s.


Maddie Diab’s (41 conferences) only miss on floor was her collegiate debut; her high is a 9.925 and she has a 9.870 NQS. Collea Burgess (46 conferences) is back for Maryland, and in her first two outings she has gone 9.900 and 9.825. Isabel Goyco (69 conferences) is holding strong with a 9.825 average and high of 9.900.

Article by Emily Minehart

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  1. Adnerys de Jesus went 5 weeks straight with +9.8 on UB, and when she has an off day it’s still high 9.7s. There’s no way I’m sitting her!

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