Fantasy Central: Week 6

It’s Tuesday again, and your fantasy lineup is due soon. Not to worry! We have all the info you need to play like a pro this week. 

Injury Updates

Items in bold are confirmed season ending issues.

  • Emily Balasco – Southern Connecticut – torn achilles (2/2)
  • Alma Kuc – Cal – arm in a sling (2/2)
  • Jessie Aman – Cornell – on crutches (2/2)
  • Audrey Barber – Maryland – out due to “academic issues” (2/2)
  • Chloe Camello – Air Force – in a boot (2/2)
  • Rae Balthazor – Illinois – hand surgery (2/4)
  • Mia Sundstrom – Denver – unknown injury during warmups (2/7)
  • Kirsten Peterman – Maryland – unknown injury (2/7)
  • Kaylee Quinn – Nebraska – knee surgery – (2/8)
  • Megan Benzie – Eastern Michigan – medical retirement (2/8)
  • Sophie Bochenek – Pitt – in a boot (2/8)
  • Tyler Davis – Air Force – torn achilles (2/8)

Week 7 Byes and Doubles

Byes: Brown, Northern Illinois, Southern Connecticut, Ursinus, UW-Eau Claire

Doubles: Alaska, Ball State, Centenary, Eastern Michigan, Gustavus Adolphus, Illinois, Lindenwood, LSU, New Hampshire, North Carolina

Experts Say…Your Hot Tip for Week 7 

There are a lot of doubles this week. Be sure that any of your gymnasts from those teams are consistent on the events where you’re putting them up; there’s nothing worse than averaging a 9.900 with a 9.150.

It’s GymQuarters (aka Mardi Gras Invite) week! Scores here have been loose but not off the wall in previous years—this is where Ivy Lu got her beam 10.0 in 2019. Look for Iowa State and Lindenwood get a little boost for competing alongside LSU and the “home” team, Missouri.

Arkansas heads to Alabama this week. The Razorbacks have not scored quite as well away as in Barnhill, and the Crimson Tide has been better out of Coleman than in it by a touch, so this one shouldn’t be a big score bonanza. But it could be. 

The Utes return to the Huntsman Center after a few weeks away to host Oregon State; that Pac-12 matchup is likely to be comfortably scored, especially since the Beavers have finally found a groove. BYU is also at home; the Cougars are stellar in Provo and the judges are not afraid to throw big numbers, so look for a relaxed score scape there with Utah State in town.

Don’t forget that the Monday (New Hampshire at North Carolina) meet counts toward your fantasy total for the weekend.

Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em

Are you struggling to decide when the time is right to pull a gymnast who keeps letting you down? Wondering whether that surprise star has what it takes to score well in the weeks to come? Never fear! We’re going to weigh in.


Madi Dagen sat her new Yurchenko one and a half last week, but we’re confident she’ll either get it under control or go back to the full; don’t give up on her yet. Makarri Doggette made her all around debut with a 9.875 vault. It seems likely she’ll stay in this lineup (she filled the spot that had been held by Kylie Dickson).

It was excellent to see Jazmyn Foberg healthy and vaulting last week, but we have to assume Nya Reed will be back on vault and floor once she recovers from the flu. Ruby Harrold has been off for the last few weeks, as has LSU’s vault situation in general. If you have other players, sit Harrold until she finds her footing again. Hannah DeMers was absent for Central Michigan last week; it seems she has a minor foot injury and shouldn’t be out long, but for now it’d be risky to put her in your lineups.

Heather Swanson wasn’t on her three pieces at UCLA; it could just be that she got beat out (Kennedi Davis had her vault spot, Sirena Linton bars and Courtney Cowles floor), but it could be something else, too. Proceed with caution.

Start: Madi Dagen, Makarri Doggette, Nya Reed, Amanda Elswick, Nicole Biondi

Sit: Jazmyn Foberg, Ruby Harrold, Hannah Demers, Heather Swanson


Shannon Evans made a triumphant return to the all around last week, and she seems extremely likely to remain in all four lineups; the BYU bars lineup has been very chaotic, but rest assured Evans will compete consistently. Norah Flatley skipped bars with a migraine last week but should be back. Alyona Shchennikova seems to have found her collegiate groove, and players should feel comfortable putting her in this lineup. 

Hunter Dula is healthy but was pulled from the lineup after warmups; if you can risk a zero should that happen again, she’s still a start for now. Nina Schank was in the same situation, but given her recent scores it seems less likely we’ll see her compete this week.

All we know about Mia Sundstrom is that she was injured during warmups last week; we’d sit her for now until we learn more about her situation. Kennedi Edney is still limited to beam and floor with a vague arm injury, as far as we know; given that she’s been limited for two outings now, it seems wise to pull her here. 

In a post-meet interview, Dom Palange said Madison Kocian is likely going to be rested this week. 

Start: Shannon Evans, Olivia Aepli, Norah Flatley, Alyona Shchennikova, Hunter Dula 

Sit: Kennedi Edney, Mia Sundstrom, Nina Schank, Mia Takekawa, Mei Li Costa, Madison Kocian


Olivia Trautman has done well filling Maggie Nichols’ beam spot; we assume Nichols is managing her ongoing knee injuries and will be back in the all around closer to postseason, but for now Trautman seems like the more likely beamer. Karrie Thomas is still out for unknown reasons.

Mia Takekawa appeared to tweak an ankle on her vault last week; she then competed bars but was pulled from beam after warmups. It seems likely that it was largely a preventative decision, and we think she’ll be back this week; if you absolutely cannot stomach a potential zero, though, sit her. We don’t know Emily Gaskins’ status.

Start: Olivia Trautman, Mia Takekawa, Ryan Henry, Emma Milne

Sit: Maggie Nichols, Karrie Thomas, Emily Gaskins


Illinois’ Arayah Simons is back from her concussion. Lexi Funk was out of this lineup for Michigan because she was feeling sick; we’ll expect to see her back. After missing early weeks with injury, Gabrielle Cooke has been back for a bit and seems to have found her groove again on floor.

It’s time to say it: Lexy Ramler has been nervy this year, and it shows most on floor; if you have other options, we won’t blame you if you pull her here. We have confirmation that Tyler Davis is out for the season. Jillian Hoffman made her floor debut for Utah; give her one more week to get her feet under her, but keep her in the wings. And if you’re desperate for a floor worker and have her on your bench, put her in.

We don’t really think Shallon Olsen will be out, but do keep in mind that she flew to Elite Canada this weekend where she showed vault and bars. That means she competed Friday for Alabama, Sunday in Canada and will be back for the Crimson Tide’s Friday matchup this week. It is in the realm of possibility that she’ll be rested, so don’t be extremely shocked if that happens. 

Start: Arayah Simons, Lexi Funk, Gabrielle Cooke, Shallon Olsen

Sit: Tyler Davis, Lexy Ramler, Jillian Hoffman

Week 7 Pickups

Trying to figure out who to pick up to replace an injury? Looking for a ninja to up your weekly beam total? We’ve got you covered, down to the data on who should still be available.


We saw Amanda Elswick’s triumphant return to vault this week; she’s available in 22 conferences. Jump on the Southern Utah train: Rachel Smith (13 conferences) is a strong vaulter and beamer. Daisy Woodring (79 conferences) has also been on a vault roll the past few weeks.


In the Audrey Barber and Kirsten Peterman absences, Sanya Glauber has done well two weeks running for Maryland; she’s available in 88 conferences. Clair Kaji seems mostly back to her three-event 9.8-plus ways, and she’s still available in 10 conferences. 

Iowa State has been cruising here. Madelyn Langkamp (19 conferences), Laura Burns (two conferences), Jade Vella-Wright (two conferences) and Natalia Ros Vaquer (one conference) all have some availability.


We saw Ashley Tai training beam this week. She’s available in 77 conferences and worth stashing on your bench if you’re searching for a beamer. Alyssa Worthington remains available in five conferences; the freshman hasn’t scored below 9.800 since week one. Amber Koeth (59 conferences) had some early misses but has found her stride recently. Washington beam specialist Hannah Vandenkolk is available in 24 conferences. Emma Milne (13 conferences) is another great option.


Abby Johnston returned from injury to compete floor for a 9.800 for Nebraska; she’s available in 76 conferences. Emma Winer, who has a 9.842 average, is available in 13 conferences and boasts a solid vault as well. Tara Kofmehl (23 conferences) has a 9.840 average and regularly puts up 9.800 vaults as well. Springfield’s Tali Twomey competed her first meet of the year last week including a 9.825 on floor; she had a 9.750 NQS last year and is available in 88 conferences. Jessica Meakim (38 conferences) is an all arounder and has a 9.820 floor average.

Notes from the Fantasy Roundtable

What a weird week. It seems like everyone is sick or has a mystery injury or is otherwise struggling. We’re not sure what to tell you other than let’s hope the world rights itself and the coming week is a little more normal. Although, what is normal, really, in gymnastics?

Article by Emily Minehart with additional reporting form Rebecca Scally 

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  1. Do you have thoughts or insights about what is going on with Aspen Tucker? Is she injured or still recovering from the flu?

      1. Tucker is concerning because she competed bars after she had the flu but then disappeared again. We don’t have any information about her absence. As for Hebert, yesterday she posted a photo on instagram in which you can clearly see one of her fingers heavily wrapped. I tend to be conservative in my lineups so my general advice would be to keep both of them out unless you have seven other extremely consistent gymnasts on the event.

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