The NCGA Dismount: Week 2

We have finally gotten our first look at most of the NCGA teams. Across the board, scoring has been a lot tighter than last year with four teams opening their seasons with scores below 180.000 as opposed to one team in 2019. Overall however, it looks like this season will be quite thrilling with a lot of new skills and added difficulty across the entire division and six teams within a point and a half of each other. Watch for a lot of shake-ups in the rankings these next few weeks once everyone starts settling in and getting more confident and comfortable competing new routines.

Below you’ll not only find fast facts from every NCGA meet this weekend (for more on DI and USAG teams, check out their respective Dismounts), but the overall NCGA standings, top scores and a few superlatives for some of our favorite moments as well.

Routine of the Week

Karina Sabol, a freshman from UW-Whitewater, scored a massive 9.775 for her first collegiate floor routine to claim the event title and lead the Warhawks to a division-high score of 47.725 on the event.

Stick of the Week

Ursinus senior Breanna Couts stuck a nearly perfect Yurchenko layout in the Bears’ anchor spot for an impressive 9.525 on a vault that only starts out of a 9.750.

An Ode to Stick It

UW-La Crosse beam anchor Jess Ahrens had a creative way of covering for a balk on her series. The Eagles senior failed to do her back handspring layout step-out on the first try. And instead of walking back to the starting position or doing a couple poses to get there, she went full-on Stick It and danced her way back up the beam to try again—and hit it on the second try.

Overall Standings

Place Team Average
1 Brockport 186.013
2 UW-Whitewater 185.825
3 Cortland State 182.375
4 Springfield 182.300
5 UW-Oshkosh 181.900
6 Ursinus 181.525
7 UW-La Crosse 181.350
8 Hamline 180.850
9 Gustavus Adolphus 178.625
10 Winona State 178.150
11 Rhode Island College 177.750
12 UW-Eau Claire 177.600

Top Scores

Gymnast Team Event Score
Emma Schulz Cortland BB 9.800
Karina Sabol UW-Whitewater FX 9.775
Taylor Campagnone Springfield FX 9.750
Kaylin Knapsack Ursinus FX 9.750
MacKenzie Macleod Springfield FX 9.700
Kaylin Knapsack Ursinus  BB 9.650
Acacia Fossum UW-Whitewater BB 9.625
Lauren Marshall UW-Whitewater VT 9.625
Alex Panetta Ursinus UB 9.625
Kelly Johnston Winona State BB 9.600
Meg McGinley UW-Whitewater FX 9.600

NCGA-East Meet of the Week

Cortland at Ursinus
Full Results Cortland: 184.275 Ursinus: 181.525
VT: Schulz 9.550 UB: Panetta 9.625 BB: Schulz 9.800 FX: Knapsack 9.750 AA: Hanley 36.125

The Big Storyline: This was the most closely ranked NCGA-East meet of the weekend with either team having a chance to come out on top. However, already having first meet jitters out of the way proved to be a major benefit for the Red Dragons as they easily defeated a rather shaky Ursinus team.

Implications: Cortland improved its team total by nearly four points, making this meet a little less close than anticipated. However, Ursinus will still be happy with this start as it scored over a point better than its 2019 season opener. Kaylin Knapsack played a big role in the Bears’ beam and floor lineups scoring a 9.650 and 9.750 to lead the team on both of her events. Meanwhile, Cortland can attribute its massive score increase to a much stronger bars rotation that was highlighted by a 9.450 from Megan Hanley. The Red Dragons’ performance solidified their second place ranking in the NCGA-East conference.

WIAC Meet of the Week

UW-La Crosse at UW-Oshkosh
Full Results UW-Oshkosh: 181.900 UW-La Crosse: 181.350
VT: Hawkins 9.525 UB: Legault 9.550 BB: Hammond 9.400 FX: Grant 9.425 AA: Gilot 36.075

The Big Storyline: Difficulty, difficulty, difficulty. Between these two teams, there were two double layouts, a double Arabian, front tucks through to double backs, back two and a halves and multiple routines ending with doubles—and that was just floor! DIII is pulling out all the stops this year.

Implications: Though neither team will be happy with their final team scores, both have a lot to be proud of. The Titans came out in full force and with a ton of difficulty. Their vault lineup featured six twisting vaults and bars had six single-bar releases. The Eagles, on the other hand, played it a bit more safe in the first meet of the season by watering down a few of their bars and floor routines, yet were still able to keep pace with a talented Oshkosh team. Both teams will have to work on hitting under pressure if they want to vie for a spot at nationals, but overall this was an extremely promising start for all parties.

The Rest

No. 22 SEMO and UW-Eau Claire at Alaska
Full Results Alaska: 191.125 SEMO: 189.500 UW-Eau Claire: 177.600
VT: Kaziska 9.675 UB: Nelson 9.800 BB: Kaziska 9.875 FX: Fox 9.825 AA: Kaziska 38.950
Brown, Southern Connecticut and Yale at Springfield
Full Results Yale: 191.525 SCSU: 189.475 Brown: 189.275 Springfield: 182.300
VT: Gardner 9.775 UB: Costa and Walker 9.825 BB: Firmstone 9.775 FX: Firth 9.825 AA: Stahlbrodt 38.400
Brockport at Rhode Island College
Full Results Brockport: 186.800 Rhode Island College: 177.750
VT: Castellaneta 9.575 UB: Eck 9.400 BB: Todd 9.425 FX: Castellaneta 9.575 AA: Gates 36.275
UW-Whitewater at Hamline
Full Results UW-Whitewater: 185.825 Hamline: 180.850
VT: Marshall 9.625 UB: Fossum 9.400 BB: Fossum 9.625 FX: Sabol 9.775 AA: Wilson 36.800
Winona State at Gustavus Adolphus
Full Results Gustavus Adolphus: 178.625 Winona State: 178.15
VT: Esteb 9.300 UB: Corbett 9.250 BB: Johnston 9.600 FX: Zehr 9.475 AA: Corbett 36.050

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Article by Rachel Riesterer

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