The NCGA Dismount: Week 8

In the final week before postseason (for half the country), the teams of the NCGA came ready to assert themselves. Qualifying for nationals out of the West is going to be a tall order this season. Whitewater, Oshkosh and La Crosse are the teams to beat entering the conference championship, but the results will be determined by which team brings its A game on competition day. Brockport continues to assert its dominance in the East. Which other two teams will join it at nationals? 

Meet Hair of the Week

Ellie Scherwinski, UW-La Crosse

Glitter parts. Need we say more? But seriously, the Eagles’ designated hair braider was killing the game this week. Check out UW-La Crosse’s Instagram for more meet day hair dos from senior night. 

Bailey, Bombers & Beam, LLC

Amelia Bailey, Beam

Some things just go together: beach and sand, milk and cookies or Amelia Bailey, the Bombers and beam. With toe point and elegance like that, who could disagree. 

Soothing Sunday Stick

Gabrielle Nadler, Beam

Sunday scaries? Not with a soothing stick by Gabrielle Nadler. You know how you have a white noise machine to fall asleep? Go ahead and watch this instead as you drift into subconsciousness. 

Overall Standings

4UW-La Crosse189.7188188.818
5Ithaca 188.9813187.122
8Rhode Island184.4375183.858
9Winona State184.0438182.364
10Cortland 183.4563182.189
11UW-Eau Claire183.1625182.088
12Gustavus Adolphus182.3000180.529
14Ursinus 182.850

Top Scores

Olivia KeyesRhode IslandFloor9.875
Alexis Castellaneta BrockportFloor9.825
Kelsey GatesRhode IslandFloor9.825
MacKenzie MacLeodSpringfield Floor9.825
Sydney SchumakerBrockportVault9.825
Alyssa DeLormeUrsinusBars9.800
Kyra Figurelli BrockportFloor9.800
Rachel LewellenUW-WhitewaterVault9.800
Mikala BuggeUW-StoutVault9.775
Sarah KnetzkeUW-WhitewaterBeam9.775
Sophia ParquetSpringfieldFloor9.775
Kamryn RodriguezCortlandFloor9.775
Abby BangCortlandFloor9.750
Rachel Chesley UW-La CrosseVault9.750
Alyssa DeLormeUrsinusFloor9.750
Effie Ferguson UW-StoutBeam9.750
Natalie GaliotoBrockportFloor9.750
Emma GrantUW-La CrosseBeam9.750
Devon RosierSpringfieldBeam9.750
Kennedy SpringerUW-OshkoshFloor9.750
Emma TuckerRhode IslandBeam9.750
Lauren BlairBrockportVault9.725
Genevieve CzaplewskiUW-StoutBeam9.725
Natalie GaliotoBrockportBeam9.725
Lauren GobleUW-WhitewaterBeam9.725
Rahdea JarvisUW-OshkoshFloor9.725
Kaylin KnapsackUrsinusFloor9.725
Maya PecoraroBrockportBeam9.725
Emily Buffington UW-OshkoshVault9.700
Emily Buffington UW-OshkoshFloor9.700
Breanna HoWinona StateBeam 9.700
Kelsey KollhoffUW-WhitewaterBeam9.700
Naimah MuhammadBrockportFloor9.700
Emily NorthUW-WhitewaterBeam9.700
Kirsten PaultreBrockportFloor9.700
Tia RavaraUW-Eau ClaireBeam 9.700
Rae Anna SchutzSpringfieldFloor9.700
Emma TuckerRhode IslandFloor9.700
Ai-Zhen TungIthacaBeam9.700

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Article by Allison Freeman and Tavia Smith

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