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Last Week in College Gym: October 28

During the offseason, it can be difficult to keep up with all the news and training updates happening across the country. So each week, we will provide a curation of the most exciting upgrades, as well as other important news happening in the college gym world. Note the majority of the training updates highlighted will feature new skills and not, for example, someone training their same routine from the past season.

Of course, even with eight editors scouring social media for clips, we’ll still miss updates from time to time. Let us know in the comments or on social media if we didn’t include a new skill, injury comeback or more from someone on your favorite team!

Training Updates

  • Washington senior Madison Copiak has been training a double layout dismount off bars, a change from the full-twisting double tuck she had previously competed. Sophomore Hannah VandenKolk was also spotted training beam after not competing during her freshman campaign.
  • Stanford freshman Chloe Widner was seen in an Instagram Story vaulting a Yurchenko one and a half into the pit. She competed a full as a level 10.
  • Air Force senior Anna Salamone is training a Yurchenko one and a half.
  • Alaska junior Sofie Riley announced her medical retirement. Riley’s classmate Izzy Fox showed off a new Deltchev while senior Kennedy Green is training a double front dismount on bars. Winter Osbourne has a new front toss to Korbut combination on beam, and junior Hope Nelson and senior Sophia Hyderally are both training front handspring to Rudi to back layout step-out on floor. 
  • UC Davis shared numerous training updates on its Instagram Story including Shanae Oishi’s back handspring to two layout step outs on beam, Kelley Hebert’s round off half-on front tuck vault, Cortney Cunningham’s Rudi to back handspring step-out and Kaya Madden’s front tuck on beam.
  • Sacramento State junior Courtnee Marquez is training vault—a tucked Yurchenko full—for the first time in two years. Freshman Bella Lahmidi is working on a full-twisting double tuck dismount on bars. 
  • Seattle Pacific also posted numerous upgrades on Instagram: sophomore Ciello Magsanide with a straddled Jaeger and junior Shelbi Spivey catching her first Gienger since having arm surgery last season. Freshman Simone Dumas-Guzman is training a front tuck on beam. On the Tumble Trak, Kylie Reese showed a front double twist and Kayla Chan a tucked double front. Their teammate Zahra Lawal is no longer on the roster and is instead listed as a team manager. 
  • San Jose state junior Raine Gordon, a recent transfer from North Carolina, is working on a Deltchev and a double layout dismount on bars while freshman Alexa Solomon shared video of a switch split to layout step-out landed in scale on beam.
  • Maela Lazaro, and Oregon State senior is training a new back handspring layout series on beam.
  • UCLA sophomore transfer Samantha Sakti is training a new standing layout step-out, layout step-out combination on beam.
  • Missouri freshman Helen Hu is training a Church to Pak salto connection on bars.
  • Natalie Wojcik has added a massive Deltchev to her bars repertoire. 
  • Towson freshman Logan Smith is training a double front dismount on bars. 
  • California sophomores Maya Bordas and Grace Quinn were both seen on an Instagram Story working Yurchenko one and halfs into the pit.
  • Central Michigan senior Denelle Pedrick was seen on her Instagram Story training a Bhardwaj on bars.
  • Eastern Michigan freshman Corey Melcher showcased a new triple series during the team Intrasquad on Saturday, as shown on the team Instagram Story.
  • Iowa State redshirt senior Sydney Converse is continuing to train a double-twisting Yurchenko to a soft landing. Cyclone junior Andrea Maldonado was also shown performing a front triple twist to soft landing. She also showcased a two and a half twist beam dismount at the team’s Fall Showcase.
  • Iowa senior Charlotte Sullivan announced her medical retirement.

Coaching Changes

  • Former BYU gymnast Warde Allan is joining the school’s coaching staff as a volunteer assistant coach.

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