QUIZ: Answer These Questions to Find Out Which Smaller Conference You Should Follow In 2020

We all have our tried and true favorites, but there are so many great teams just waiting to be discovered by college gym fans like you. Let us help point you in the right direction by taking our custom quiz below. Simply keep track of the number of As, Bs, Cs, Ds and Es you select to find out which “smaller” conference you should support this season.


  1. What’s your favorite major conference?
    A. Big 12
    B. SEC 
    C. Big 10 
    D. MRGC 
    E. Pac 12
  2. Which of the following teams is your favorite?
    A. Denver
    B. Auburn
    C. Minnesota
    D. BYU
    E. Oregon State
  3. Pick a mascot:
    A.  Panther
    B. Bear
    C. Eagle
    D. Human
    E. Hornet
  4. What do you consider the most valuable qualities in gymnastics?
    A. Clean form and solid technique
    B. High difficulty and risky skills
    C. The ability to bounce back from adversity 
    D. Grit and perseverance 
    E. Personality and expressiveness
  5. Which of the following teams has the best leos?
    A. UCLA
    B. Oklahoma
    C. Florida 
    D. LSU
    E. Utah
  6. Who was your 2019 Fantasy Gym secret weapon (or who do you wish you had on your team)?
    A. Khazia Hislop
    B. Izzy Herczeg
    C. Jovannah East
    D. Mary Elle Arduino
    E. Sophia Hyderally
  7. What’s the best kind of meet?
    A. The teams are neck and neck until the very end.
    B. You have no clue what the outcome will be heading in.
    C. Things play out more-or-less as expected. 
    D. The underdogs come out on top. 
    E. Lots of ups and downs.  
  8. How do you feel about the perfect 10?
    A. Carol is correct; the crackier, the better!
    B. They should be reserved for special occasions only.
    C. I don’t care what the scores are as long as the final rankings are correct!  
    D. The lower the scores, the more accurate the judging.  
    E. Overrated.
  9. What’s your favorite color? 
    A. Blue 
    B. Black 
    C. Orange 
    D. Red 
    E. Green 

Scroll down to see your results!





Mostly As: EAGL (George Washington, New Hampshire, North Carolina, N.C. State, Pittsburgh, Towson) 

You’ve probably seen most, if not all, of these teams compete at some point. Though they don’t get the most coverage, don’t underestimate them: This is a conference on the rise! You’ll see plenty of big skills (Lauren Diggan’s hop full to Gienger combo is INCREDIBLE) and big scores,  and maybe even a postseason appearance or two.  

Mostly Bs: ECAC (DI: Brown, Cornell, Penn, Temple, William & Mary, Yale; DII: Bridgeport, Southern Connecticut, West Chester) 

These ladies are high achievers in and out of the gym. Tune in for some of the most unique skills and combinations in NCAA gym (Emma Hansen’s sissone to layout stepout on beam; Lindsay Chia’s full-twist bars dismount). Though scores trend lower, you will see some very well-deserved 9.9-plus scores.  

Mostly Cs: MAC (Ball State, Bowling Green, Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Kent State, Northern Illinois, Western Michigan) 

MAC teams might not be the most consistent, but they’re a lot of fun to watch! Bonus: Most of their meets are broadcast on ESPN3 during “off” times, so you can add them into your weekend viewing schedule with very little fuss. Plus, their standouts REALLY stand out (Danelle Pedrick, Jovannah East and Emili Debronics to name a few).

Mostly Ds: MIC (Centenary, Illinois State, Lindenwood, SEMO, Texas Woman’s)

This is the conference of scrappy underdogs, as shown by Lindenwood’s record-breaking season and (*sob*) UIC’s final bow. What it lacks in size, the MIC makes up for in passion and determination. Don’t let the mix of DI, DII and DIII teams throw you off; these teams can—and do—give higher-ranked teams a run for their money. 

Mostly Es: MPSF (Air Force, Alaska, Sacramento State, San Jose State, Seattle Pacific, UC Davis)  

MPSF exudes west coast flair and personality. Consistently inconsistent, these teams can score anywhere from sub-190 to 195 (and honestly, that uncertainty is part of the fun). From Anna Salamone’s high flying (and high scoring) bars to Taylor Chan’s show-stopping floor, there is never a shortage of exciting skills, funky choreography or talented gymnasts.

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