The DIIIsmount: Week Eight

So many crazy things happened this weekend! First, history was made in Wisconsin when UW-Stout’s Shadae Boone competed a Yurchenko 1.5. Then in Minnesota, Gustavus took down 2018 national qualifier Hamline. And on Sunday, we saw Ithaca break 190 and claim the win over top-ranked Brockport.

We wanted to show more love to the non-top teams in college gym in 2019, so we broke out our Dismounts into DI, DII (all USAG nationals teams) and DIII. Each week, we’re also dishing out a few superlatives for some of our favorite moments, looks and results from the weekend of competition. Below those, you’ll find your typical results and highlights from every NCGA meet.

Routine of the Week/Stick of the Week/Most Notably Underscored/Best Reaction

Shadae Boone (UW-Stout) – Vault

Shadae Boone gets all the superlatives this week! In case you somehow managed to miss all of the Tweets and Instagram videos circulating around the gymternet, Boone competed and stuck a huge Yurchenko 1.5! After becoming the first Blue Devil to compete a full earlier this season, she now holds the title of first DIII gymnast to compete a 1.5. Things are slightly controversial now that her score came to light and everyone found out she only received a 9.600 from Carol’s evil twin, Judy, but try not to let this take away from her amazing accomplishment and history-making performance.

Top Scores

Gymnast Team Score
Katie Holcomb Ithaca 9.800
Kaira Hammond UW-Oshkosh 9.725
Victoria Gery Ithaca 9.700
Skylar Haas Ursinus 9.700
Stephanie Mager Brockport 9.700
Baylee Tkaczuk UW-Oshkosh 9.700
Erika Briscoe UW-Whitewater 9.675
Emily Gilot UW-Oshkosh 9.675
Franchesca Hutton UW-Whitewater 9.675
Lauren Marshall UW-Whitewater 9.675

The Highlights

No. 44 Bridgeport and No. 81 Ursinus at No. 50 Temple
Full Results Bridgeport: 195.350 Temple: 194.950 Ursinus: 183.300
VT: Castrence 9.850 UB: Aycock, Doran, Tereshko 9.825 BB: Reimers 9.875 FX: Gwinn 9.875 AA: Roland 39.100

The Big Storyline: Ursinus continues to hover consistently around the 183.000 mark. Though this doesn’t help the Bears much in the rankings, it is important to note the huge team effort that’s been happening to keep this team from dipping too low. The fact that they only have five people competing floor and all five continue to produce high-quality, hit routines is amazing and something to be very proud of. During this meet in particular, Skylar Haas was a major player, contributing the team’s top scores on both beam and floor. Matisen O’Brien and Autumn Snape were key lineup members on their two events, which happen to be beam and floor as well.

No. 67 Brockport and No. 82 Rhode Island at No. 69 Ithaca
Full Results Ithaca: 190.350 Brockport: 188.000 RIC: 179.575
VT: Mager 9.700 UB: Hansen 9.550 BB: Holcomb 9.800 FX: Gery 9.700 AA: DiBiase 36.625

The Big Storyline: Ithaca became the second NCGA team to break 190.000 this season and took down No. 1-ranked Brockport in the process. The Bombers also claimed three individual titles at this meet. That said, it did look as if Brockport played with some of its lineups and may have rested some of its usual key contributors—particularly on floor. Considering this, the Golden Eagles actually fared pretty well. RIC also had a good day, scoring a season high on beam by nearly two points.

Controversies: Scores didn’t look particularly low, especially compared to some other meets we saw around the division this weekend. However, there were definitely fewer “high” scores from these teams than we usually see and a Rhode Island gymnast took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the judging.

No. 70 UW-Stout at No. 71 UW-La Crosse
Full Results UW-La Crosse: 187.125 UW-Stout: 186.925
VT: Boone 9.600 UB: Kiloran 9.525 BB: Ahrens, Sirjord, Terry 9.650 FX: Bugge 9.525 AA: Bugge 37.900

The Big Storyline: Welp, where to begin with this one? First of all, this showdown between the current top two teams in the WIAC did not disappoint—with the teams ultimately finishing within two tenths of each other. When these two met up down in Texas earlier this season, the Blue Devils finished over two points ahead of the Eagles, so it was a bit of an upset to see the Eagles pull ahead here; albeit a nice finish for them in their final home meet of the season. But the big story here was Shadae Boone’s history-making vault performance! If you haven’t already, go check out the video of her Yurchenko 1.5 in the superlative section above.

Controversies: The Anti-Carol, Judy, was judging on vault and floor here. Though Boone’s vault was the routine that went “viral,” she wasn’t the only one who fell victim to harsh judging.  

No. 72 Springfield at No. 76 Cortland
Full Results Springfield: 187.225 Cortland: 185.450
VT: Rushlow 9.600 UB: Speciale 9.350 BB: Giardina 9.600 FX: Filipski and Gomes 9.650 AA: Clemens 37.500

The Big Storyline: A highly anticipated matchup between the No. 3- and No. 4-ranked NCGA-East schools, this meet didn’t prove to be quite as close as the WIAC version of this meet (See UW-O and UW-W meet below). Springfield solidified its spot and finished nearly two points ahead of Cortland despite some uncharacteristic mistakes from typically high-scoring individuals on bars and floor. Notably missing from Cortland’s lineups was major contributor Emma Schulz. We do not have details but are hoping she was being rested and is not out due to injury.

No. 75 UW-Oshkosh at No. 74 UW-Whitewater
Full Results UW-Oshkosh: 189.475 UW-Whitewater: 189.150
VT: Gilot and Marshall 9.675 UB: Fossum 9.600 BB: Hammond 9.725 FX: Briscoe 9.675 AA: Bernardo 37.250

The Big Storyline: After a big finish last weekend, UW-Oshkosh was once again able to pull off a win against UW-Whitewater. The Titans had some fantastic performances, especially on beam and floor. However, the Warhawks deserve a lot of credit for their performance. They went from counting five falls on bars last weekend, to counting all hit—and well done—bar routines. Beam was also much more solid than last week, and it should be noted that the five hit sets on both bars and beam came after falls in the leadoff spot—something that’s very difficult and takes a lot of mental strength and confidence to bounce back from.

Implications: UW-Oshkosh officially pulls past UW-Whitewater in the rankings to move into the third spot in the WIAC.

No. 77 Hamline at No. 80 Gustavus Adolphus
Full Results Gustavus: 183.725 Hamline: 180.325
VT: Ardy 9.425 UB: Ardy 9.550 BB: Faust 9.450 FX: Ardy 9.600 AA: Malo 37.450

The Big Storyline: In a pretty big upset, the Gusties pulled off a convincing win against 2018 national qualifier Hamline, coming out on top by over three points. Sam Ardy claimed three individual titles for Gustavus while Lauren Faust took the beam title and claimed Hamline’s sole win of the night. If the Gusties have another good meet against UW-La Crosse next week, they will have set themselves up to be in a better position heading into conference than they have been in in recent years.

Implications: Gustavus moves ahead of Winona in the rankings.

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Article by Rachel Riesterer

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