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Last Week in College Gym: October 22

During the offseason, it can be difficult to keep up with all the news and training updates happening across the teams. So each week, we will provide a curation of the most exciting upgrades, as well as other important news happening in the college gym world. Note the majority of the training updates highlighted will feature new skills and not someone training their same routine from the past season, for example.

Finally, note we are only able to share links to updates posted on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and not Instagram Stories or Snapchat. However, we will try to note any clips of note that we see on those disappearing platforms.

Ben Provost Trains Kovacs

Navy junior Ben Provost is in the process of adding a Kovacs to his high bar routine for the 2019 season. Although it didn’t go well this time, there’s still plenty of time to perfect it before season begins.

Abigail Solari Trains New Vault

California freshman Abigail Solari is training a front handspring tuck full, an upgrade from the half she competed in the past. Upgrading to the full gives her a 10.0 start value.

Adnerys De Jesus Trains 10.0 Vault

Nebraska freshman Adnerys De Jesus is training a Yurchenko one and a half onto a raised soft landing.

Oregon State Gymnasts Upgrade Vaults

Oregon State sophomores Savanna Force and Kaitlyn Yanish are both training upgraded 10.0 start value vaults. Force is working on a Yurchenko one and a half to the pit while Yanish is training a Yurchenko double full to pit mat.

Alabama Ghosts and Goblins Intrasquad

Alabama held its annual Ghosts and Goblins intrasquad this weekend, giving the first real look at many of these gymnasts. Senior Abby Armbrecht looks to be adding upgrades on multiple events, training a double layout on floor and a Yurchenko one and a half on vault. Senior Ariana Guerra is also training a double layout. Junior Shea Mahoney showed a back handspring layout step-out series and a cartwheel gainer full dismount on beam. Junior Wynter Childers is training a front double twist on floor. Sophomore Bailie Key showed at least partial routines on all events (just vaulting a Yurchenko layout), including a back handspring layout step-out on beam and a one and a half dismount. The Tide’s freshmen look strong with Jensie givens showing clean bars and beam work, Asia Dewalt showed a Maloney to Pak combo on bars and clean tumbling on floor and Emily Gaskins showed a Yurchenko full and a solid beam mount.

Instagram Story and Snapchat Roundup

Alicia Boren Training Double Twisting Yurchenko

The Florida senior posted a video on Instagram of her landing a nice double-twisting Yurchenko.

Arden Hudson Adds Unique Tumbling

Ball State sophomore Arden Hudson is training a front tuck step-out + front handspring rudi pass.

Rachel Thompson Back on Beam

Nebraska redshirt freshman Rachel Thompson, who missed all of 2018 with injury, is back on beam. She showed a side aerial to back handspring series.

Lauren Guerin Returns to Vault

Iowa’s Lauren Guerin, who missed her final J.O. season with injury, is vaulting. The freshman is training a Yurchenko full.

Jade Brown Training Again

Jade Brown, a junior at Kent State, showed a big Tkatchev this week. Brown is returning from injury.

Marissa Piper Upgrades Tumbling

Illinois State’s Marissa Piper is training a double tuck. The junior has previously only competed twisting passes.

Spartans Getting Healthy

Michigan State lost a number of routines to injury last season. Maddie McHale, Gabriella Douglas and Roya Shirley were all out for all or most of the season, but they have all been shown doing gymnastics this week.

Alaina Raybon Working Unique Bar Dismount

Michigan State freshman Alaina Raybon is training a toe-on laid out front half bar dismount. The skill is fairly common in elite (and is named after Canadian Victoria Moors), but is a unicorn in college and stands out from the more common tucked variation.

Erin Castle is Healthy and Back on Bars

Iowa’s Erin Castle, who did not compete in 2018, is training bars again after a presumed injury.

Oklahoma Holds Vault Intrasquad

The Sooners held a vault intrasquad Friday, showing Brehanna Showers, Nicole Lehrmann, Anastasia Webb, Olivia Trautman, Maggie Nichols and Brenna Dowell. Showers showed a clean Yurchenko full while the other five vaulted Yurchenko one and a halfs. The vault is an upgrade for Lehrmann and is looking better by the day and was landed well onto a soft landing.  

Erica Fuchs Training New Bars Dismount

Temple Sophomore Erica Fuchs is training an uncommon front one-and-a-half twisting dismount on bars.

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