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Last Week in College Gym: September 10

During the offseason, it can be difficult to keep up with all the news and training updates happening across the teams. So each week, we will provide a curation of the most exciting upgrades, as well as other important news happening in the college gym world. Note the majority of the training updates highlighted will feature new skills and not someone training their same routine from the past season, for example.

Finally, note we are only able to share links to updates posted on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and not Instagram Stories or Snapchat. However, we will try to note any clips of note that we see on those disappearing platforms.

Utah Schools Hearing Wedding Bells

Two MRGC seniors got married recently, so keep an eye out for new names on familiar faces. BYU’s Erin Hilton got married, and her married name is Jacobsen. And USU’s Madi Ward got hitched as well, now going by Madi Ward Sessions.

Alex Hyland Prepares for Season

Kentucky star Alex Hyland showed off a training montage on her private Insta as she continues to make upgrades for her senior season. This week’s features fun beam connections, a Tkachev and a Yurchenko one and a half into the pit. If she can get that vault ready in time for season, it will give Kentucky only its second 10.0 SV.

Katelyn Ohashi Upping Her Tumbling Game

UCLA senior Katelyn Ohashi is working a unique tumbling pass. This video shows the Bruin training a split leg double layout.

Instagram Story and Snapchat Roundup

Sydney Converse Tumbles Again

Iowa State senior Sydney Converse, who tore her Achilles last preseason, is tumbling again. She posted a roundoff double twist on her Instagram Story. She starts on the Tumbl Trak, but any tumbling is an exciting development for someone coming off an Achilles injury.

A College Finish on Beam?

Denver senior Kaitlyn Schou is upping her beam game. Apart from perfecting her new series where she connects her front aerial + back handspring + layout stepout to her sheep jump, she has had fun playing with finishing the combination with a college finish. It’s unlikely we’ll ever see something like this in competition, but we’re all for a college finish wherever it may be.

Carly Woodard Trains New Beam Series

Oklahoma sophomore Carly Woodard is training a side aerial + layout stepout on beam. The Sooner performed a front toss + back handspring in 2018.

Bowling Green Upping the Beam Game

Bowling Green gymnasts are working hard at some unique beam skills and combinations on assistant coach Marissa Beucler’s instagram Story. Notably, freshman Kallie Grochowski is training a tour jete half + wolf jump combination, senior Julia Beyer is working a layout stepout into a layout full dismount and junior Taylor Worthington is also training a rather unusual dismount with a hitch kick + side aerial + layout full.

Gymdog Megan Roberts Showcases Tumbling

Georgia’s Insta story this week featured freshman Megan Roberts working a piked full-in. Sadly, this likely means she won’t be bringing her Dos Santos to her floor routine this year, but the full-in looks great all the same.

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