Centenary’s 2018 Outlook

Centenary finished the season ranked No. 70 last season, improving one spot from the previous year. It competes in the MIC, a different conference than all other DIII teams, and finished sixth at its conference championships. Additionally, Ashley White qualified to NCAA regionals as an all arounder and placed second on beam at USAG nationals. The team graduated two seniors in Taylor Le Moal and Allison Scates and will gain four strong incoming freshmen.


The Ladies finished ranked No. 69 last season, scoring in the mid-47s most of the year. The team will need to replace both seniors from the regular lineup but will be lead by rising senior White (9.720 RQS). Additionally, Cami Bea Austin, Aspen Hattley and Travia Smith all had RQS scores above 9.5 and were regularly in the top six. Other returning gymnasts looking to break into the lineup include Evelyn Harris (9.617 average), Kendall Arasmith and Delia Ardoin (9.325 average). From the incoming freshmen, Jerrica Harris scored as high as 9.25 in level 10 and has shown training videos of Yurchenko layout halfs and tuck fulls. Dorothy Mims recorded a 9.4 in level 10 with her powerful Yurchenko layout and Sierra Ponder has shown a stunning Yurchenko layout half in training videos as well. With many challengers for the six lineup spots, expect the Ladies to have a very strong 2018 on vault.


Bars was a weaker event for Centenary. However, it improved one spot in the rankings from 2016. The bar lineup from last season will lose one primary contributor and will again be lead by White (9.730 RQS) and Evelyn Harris (9.590 RQS). Additionally, other regular lineup contributors include Hattley, Smith, and Mackenzie Packer who will all look to appear in the lineup next season. Other returning athletes that competed on bars in 2017 include Ardoin (9.275 season high), Bea Austin, and Natalie Scates. From the freshmen, Jerrica Harris has scored as high as 9.25 in level 10 and showcases lovely power on the event. Additionally, Ponder competed a blind to jaeger to bail to handstand and a huge double layout in level 10 and should expect to make the lineup. Jenny Jackson has a Ray on bars that could be a great addition to the lineup as well. The Ladies will look to improve this season and should expect a variety of strong competitors to make the lineup throughout the year.


Beam was again a weaker event for the Ladies in 2017, but the event was their best for the 2016 season. The team has many potential high scorers but struggled with consistency. White (9.7 RQS) is again expected to lead the team, accompanied by Smith, Ardoin and Evelyn Harris who all contributed regularly and consistently to the beam lineup for RQS scores above 9.3. Navia Jordan and Elizabeth Sander competed beam in 2017 for scores above 9.7 and should challenge for lineup spots if consistent and injury free. Arasmith scored as high as a 9.625 for her routine and should be another contender for a top-six spot. For the incoming freshmen, Jerrica Harris is definitely one to watch with a high score of 9.25 in level 10 and training videos of a back handspring layout layout, front aerial and front toss, which could combine for a difficulty-packed DIII routine. Ponder could challenge with clean form and a lovely back handspring layout and Dorothy Mims, who scored as high as 9.35 in level 10, has a confident set that includes a back handspring layout, switch half, switch leap to back tuck and gainer full dismount that should translate beautifully to college gymnastics. Beam looks to be one of the strongest events for the Ladies next season thanks to increased experience and incredibly high potential.


Centenary has an incredibly strong returning contingent from a team that placed No. 69 last season. Lead by Jordan (9.820 RQS), White (9.780 RQS) and Austin (9.75 RQS), the Ladies will expect huge success on the event in 2018. Olivia Hirsch and Smith both competed regularly and achieved RQS scores above 9.5. Sander and Evelyn Harris both recorded season highs of 9.525 last season, and Aspen Hattley appeared multiple times for scores as high as 9.4. The Centenary freshmen are also incredibly talented this season, with Mims reaching 9.475 in level 10 for her routine with a huge double pike and one and a half to front pike, as well as Ponder who competed both double pike and double tuck in her routine. All in all, expect floor to be the strongest event for the Ladies again thanks to strong incoming freshmen.

Ashley White will again be expected to be an all star all arounder for the Ladies and should lead the team to improved scores and rankings across the board. The team should expect to push and hopefully pull off an upset of some of their DII foes.

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Article by Morgan Bradford

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