The Dismount: Week 8

By Christina Marmet, Caroline Medley and Elizabeth Grimsley


The senior meets have started and the scores are flying—but maybe not from the meets, or even the gymnasts you’d expect. Fans saw perfect 10s from a number of gymnasts this weekend, including Alex McMurtry’s on floor )yes, floor) and Nicole Lehrmann and McKenzie Wofford on bars (finally!). With so much excitement over the course of three days, we didn’t expect you to catch it all. So you can find recaps, results and more for all the meets below.
No. 7 Georgia at No. 1 Oklahoma
Full Results | OU: 197.675 | UGA: 196.925
VT: Snead, Dowell 9.950 | UB: Wofford 9.950 | BB: Capps, Nichols 9.950 | FX: Marino, Jackson 9.950 | AA: Capps 39.475In Oklahoma’s senior night, the team actually saw the opposite most teams experience with its second-lowest total of the season. It wasn’t a bad meet by any means as the Sooners still earned the win as well as event highs on all four events. But they weren’t as “on” as normal either.

Brenna Dowell absolutely nailed a Yurchenko 1.5 in the first rotation for a 9.95, but it could have gone 10.0 and no one would have been mad about it. Sydney Snead followed it up with her own stellarly landed vault for the equivalent score. McKenzie Wofford notched the top score on bars with a 9.95 while Chayse Capps and Maggie Nichols won beam with matching 9.95s. Nichols, who was originally in the floor lineup, sat out the event to let senior Nicole Turner get one last routine in at the LNC. Turner scored a 9.650 for the effort. AJ Jackson and GiGi Marino won that event with 9.95s while Capps picked up the all around win with a 39.475. Georgia also had a solid performance and will take that high 196 road score and add it to its RQS happily. Hitting six-for-six on beam, the team’s rotation was highlighted by Sabrina Vega and Ashlyn Broussard’s 9.9s.
No. 1 Oklahoma at No. 51 TWU
Full Results | OU: 198.175 | TWU: 192.975
VT: Jackson, Marks, Dowell 9.900 | UB: Wofford, Lehrmann 10.000 | BB: Brown, Capps 9.925 | FX: Capps, Jackson 9.975 | AA: Capps 39.625It’s almost like this competition was the Sooners’ senior night and not the meet two days prior. Oklahoma came in and killed it on the very first event. Nicole Lehrmann and McKenzie Wofford earned much-deserved back-to-back perfect 10s on bars for their routines. Brenna Dowell, AJ Jackson and Alex Marks followed with 9.9s on vault and Natalie Brown had a 9.9 on floor to go along with Chayse Capps and Jackson’s 9.975s. Beam wrapped up the performance with a 9.9 from Lehrmann and two 9.925s from Brown and Capps. It all added up to a 198, even without the help of Maggie Nichols who was being rested. The high mark bumped up Oklahoma’s RQS, giving it its highest in program history and a lock for regionals. The competition also allowed some new faces to compete for the Sooners.

Kara Lovan got out on floor for the first time this season while Jackson added a beam routine to her repertoire. Wofford also exhibitioned on beam, Samantha Craus was in the lineup on bars and Nicole Turner performed in the seventh spot on floor as well. TWU didn’t get the total score it was looking for with just a 192 after last week’s 196. But the Pioneers did perform well in the routines that were hit. But the most exciting parts of the meet came from the level of difficult gymnastics being performed. Fans were treated to two punch front mounts on beam, a full-twisting double layout off bars and other unique and different skills across the board. The meet also honored lone senior Katie Simpson, who notched a 9.825 on vault, 9.75 on beam and 9.8 on floor to cap off her career in the Kitty Magee center.
No. 2 LSU at No. 14 Auburn
Full Results | LSU: 197.675 | Auburn: 196.100
VT: Gnat 9.950 | UB: Priessman 9.925 | BB: Finnegan 9.950 | FX: Gnat 9.950 | AA: Hambrick 39.475LSU continued to roll this weekend at Auburn, putting up a score to match Oklahoma’s first competition. Ashleigh Gnat added 9.95s on vault and floor, picking up her 50th individual even win. Lexie Priessman also picked up a win,

earning a 9.925 on bars, while Sarah Finnegan won beam once again with a 9.95. Myia Hambrick was back on form after a couple of off meets, winning the all around with a 39.475, including three 9.875s on vault, bars and floor. Gnat also competed in the all around, struggling on bars but making up for it on her other three events to total 39.400. Freshman phenom Kennedi Edney, who was feeling under the weather, did not compete, allowing Julianna Cannamela to sub in on vault and Lauren Li to take her place on beam. Auburn had another good-not-great meet, posting a low 196 but showing individual success on many routines. But there were just too many mistakes across the events to put up a truly big number, including a fall on beam and a few too many 9.7s in general. Emma Engler, however, did continue to excel on bars with another 9.9 while Taylor Krippner had a 9.925 on beam.
No. 13 Missouri at No. 3 Florida
Full Results | UF: 197.900 | Mizzou: 196.750
VT: McMurtry, Slocum 9.975 | UB: Hundley 9.975 | BB: Ward 9.950 | FX: McMurtry 10.000 | AA: Hundley 39.625Both teams performed well at this fairly predictable SEC matchup, and though the Gators won, the Tigers put up a season high that will certainly help their RQS. Florida started strong in their first two rotations, putting up a pair of 9.975s on vault from Rachel Slocum and Alex McMurtry as well as another 9.975 on bars from Amelia Hundley. Beam saw more mishaps

again this week, with a major bobble from Amanda Cheney and a fall from Rachel Gowey, but as Alicia Boren and McMurtry followed Gowey, they pulled the rotation back on track and still broke 49 while counting a 9.675. Floor was the true highlight of the meet though, with each of the Gators giving excellent performances, including McMurtry’s season debut of her thrilling triple twist and earning her second perfect 10.0 of the season. Missouri, on the other hand, got their troubles out of the way first and built strength as the meet continued. Britney Ward had a mishap on bars, but the rest of her team came through to put up a strong total, including three season highs. Vault was slow starting out with trouble finding landings, but Ward came through for a big score, 9.9, with her Omelianchik. Floor continued their push forward, with a 9.9 from Becca Schugel and a 9.925 from Kennedi Harris. But it was beam that really sealed the deal for the Tigers, culminating in a 9.95 for Ward, which won her the beam title for the night.
No. 12 Boise State at No. 4 Alabama
Full Results | Alabama: 196.925 | Boise State: 196.675
VT: Bailey 9.925 | UB: Jetter, Bennion 9.875 | BB: Esmerian 9.925 | FX: Sims, Desch 9.925 | AA: Remme 39.375In what was a surprisingly great matchup, Boise State held close to Alabama in Tuscaloosa Friday night, thanks to its typical bars prowess that totaled a 49.125, higher than the Tide’s on the event. While the Broncos only had one 9.9+

across the events with Alex Esmerian’s 9.925 on beam, they had a plethora of other strong 9.8s to stay afloat. Alabama, on the other hand, wasn’t as strong as it couldn’t have been. Dana Duckworth chose to rest Kiana Winston and it showed in the scores as the team only managed a 196.925, causing it to fall to No. 6 in the country after the weekend concluded. But no Winston didn’t mean no good scores. Katie Bailey had a 9.925 on vault for her 9.95 SV vault, Maddie Desch tallied a 9.925 on floor, Nickie Guerrero a 9.9 on beam and Aja Sims a 9.925 on floor to wrap up the meet.
No. 5 Utah at No. 45 Arizona State
Full Results | Utah: 197.600 | ASU: 194. 850
VT: Skinner 9.900 | UB: Lee 9.975 | BB: Skinner 9.950 | FX: Skinner 9.950 | AA: Skinner 39.750Both teams came into the meet with set goals and scores to drop in the RQS picture. Arizona State has improved as of late, posting two 195s in a row and another strong mid-194 against Utah here. The team had some minor mistakes on floor, taking away the potential 195, but proved it can come back from mistakes on the

other events. Utah entered the competition looking to move up in the rankings with a strong road performance. And it did just that, notching a 197.600. While it didn’t change it’s numerical ranking, the score did allow it to move ahead of Alabama as the Crimson Tide dropped to No. 6. In MyKayla Skinner and Kari Lee’s homecoming, the duo shared every event title with Lee winning bars and Skinner claiming the vault, beam, floor and all around titles. Skinner has 9.95s on bars, beam and floor to manage the feat while Lee’s 9.975 on bars sealed the win for her on the event. Those weren’t the only standouts for the Utes, though. Tiffani Lewis had a huge 9.95 on bars and a 9.925 on floor while Baely Rowe added a 9.925 on beam and a 9.9 on floor to help seal the win over the Sundevils.
No. 28 Arizona at No. 6 UCLA
Full Results | UCLA: 197.725 | Arizona: 196.275
VT: Meraz, Ross 9.850 | UB: Ross 9.950 | BB: Ross 9.950 | FX: Mossett 9.975 | AA: —The Bruins were coming off a tough double weekends and a shaky performance on Monday after plugging in some new peeps into their lineups. They performed much better here, although overall looked tight, if not rushed, and had trouble sticking the vast majority of their landings. The vault rotation was a bit underwhelming, with very few clean landings and no 10.0 SV vaults. On bars, the Bruins

looked a bit rushed and again had trouble sticking landings. Beam and especially floor showed improvements from Monday’s meet. The big highlight of the evening for UCLA came from senior Hallie Mossett, who nailed her Beyonce-themed routine for a huge 9.975. To the delight of the fans, Macy Toronjo remained in the floor lineup and proved that she deserves to stay in it until the end of the season. It was also a strong meet for the Wildcats, especially on bars and beam, as they earned their season high here in L.A. The team handled the loss of Skyler Sheppard last weekend to hyperextended knees, and showed it had some depth on all events. After one, Arizona was actually in the lead over UCLA thanks to an impressive bars rotation. However and much like the Bruins, the Wildcats couldn’t find their landings on vault and lacked amplitude on the event. But on the positive side, we finally got to see Madison Cindric back on the event after several weeks out due to a toe injury. The floor rotation was highlighted by a fantastic performance from Kennady Schneider who stuck all her landings on her (also) Beyonce-themed routine. The power of Queen B was real at this meet. They closed out the meet strongly on beam and were led by their lead-off Krysten Howard who performed a near-flawless routine. Although that routine at first scored a 9.725 to the surprise of all, that score was thankfully revised to a 9.925.
No. 8 Denver at No. 20 Ohio State
Full Results | DU: 196.900 | Ohio State: 195.225
VT: Karr 9.875 | UB: Ogden 9.900 | BB: Schou, Karr 9.900 | FX: Addison, Mattern 9.900 | AA: Karr 39.425It sounds like a broken record but Denver had yet another high 196, this time on the road, showing improvement away from its home arena and helping its RQS along for the new rankings. While most people thought it was 2016 or bust for the Pioneers to make regionals while Nina McGee was still around, the team is proving it can still be a legitimate contender with no McGee and only five useable floor workers on

the team. The Pioneers won or tied for the win on all four events, including an all-around win from freshman Maddie Karr with a 39.425. The strong start to the team’s double-meet weekend included four scores of 9.9. Ohio State performed well and shouldn’t be overlooked. Alexis Mattern notched a 9.9 on floor to tie for the win on the event, giving the Buckeyes a respectable 195 total.
No. 22 Illinois, No. 54 Illinois State at No. 8 Denver​
Full Results | DU: 196.975 | Illinois: 195.450 | ISU: 192.175
VT: Karr 9.950 | UB: Chesnok 9.925 | BB: Ross 9.950 | FX: Karr 9.925 | AA: Ross 39.475Denver is on a role as of late, posting yet another high 196 score, which pushed the team up to No. 7 in the country after the weekend’s competitions. However, this time there were some mistakes here and there, making the high mark that more impressive. While still putting up

only five on floor, the Pioneers pulled the most they could out of those five. While Nikole Addison had an off routine that scored just a 9.6, Maddie Karr picked up the slack with a 9.925 to balance things out. Karr also added a 9.95 on vault. Julia Ross continued her stellar season with a 9.95 on beam and 39.475 in the all around while Diana Chesnok added a 9.925 on bars to the mix as well. Illinois took a step back to the strong performance it put up at Kentucky Friday. But it was still a solid performance, led by Brielle Nguyen and Lizzy Leduc’s 9.9s on beam. Illinois State wrapped things up with a 192 total, highlighted by Gabrielle Cooke’s 9.9 on beam and 9.8 on floor to lead the team on each event.
Southern Utah at No. 9 Michigan
Full Results | UM: 197.825 | SUU: 196.600
VT: McLean 9.950 | UB: Artz 9.950 | BB: Chiarelli, Karas 9.900 | FX: Artz 9.950 | AA: Karas 39.600It was a day of strong performances all around for both teams as Michigan posted a season high thanks to a stellar floor rotation while SUU put up a strong mark on the road to help its RQS case and drop a fickle 194 holding it back. The Wolverines, in their annual Flip for Chip event,

started the night off strong with a 9.9 from Olivia Karas and another strong 9.95 from Emma McLean for her new Yurchenko one and a half. The success continued on bars with Lauren Marinez bouncing back from some so-so scores for a 9.925. Paige Zaziski added a 9.925 of her own and Karas contributed another 9.9. On beam, Karas yet again posted a 9.9 to tie Talia Chiarelli for the top mark on the event for the team. But the real high marks came on floor with all six competitors posting 9.9 or higher, including a 9.95 from Nicole Artz and 9.925s from McLean and Chiarelli. SUU, despite losing one of its best competitors in Danielle Ramirez to a season-ending knee injury, posted its highest road score of the year and third-highest overall score of the season, off its season high by less than two tenths. A whopping five Thunderbirds tallied seven 9.875s across the events, including Tyly Bozzuto’s on vault, beam and floor.
No. 10 Oregon State at No. 31 Stanford
Full Results | Oregon State: 197.125 | Stanford: 196.325
VT: Dessaints 9.950 | UB: Aufiero, N. McNair 9.875 | BB: Gardiner 9.925 | FX: McMillan, Price 9.925 | AA: Gardiner 39.450

No. 22 Illinois, No. 39 Northern Illinois, No. 18 Washington at No. 11 Kentucky
Full Results | UK: 196.625 | Illinois: 196.625 | UW: 196.450 | NIU: 193.800
VT: Korth 9.925 | UB: Horth 9.900 | BB: Leduc 9.925 | FX: Leduc 9.925 | AA: Burleson 39.475

No. 19 California, No. 64 SEMO, No. 24 Utah State at No. 15 Nebraska
Full Results | Nebraska: 197.175 | Cal: 196.400 | USU: 196.200 | SEMO: 190.325
VT: Houchin 9.900 | UB: Lambert 9.900 | BB: Seilnacht, Houchin 9.925 | FX: Houchin 9.950 | AA: Houchin 39.650

No. 16 George Washington, No. 32 Kent State at No. 37 N.C. State
Full Results | GWU: 196.725 | KSU: 196.125 | NCSU: 195.550
VT: Winstanley 9.925 | UB: Winstanley, Timko, Brooker 9.875 | BB: Stypinski 9.925 | FX: Stypinski 9.975 | AA: Winstanley 39.550

No. 17 Iowa at No. 34 BYU
Full Results | Iowa: 196.550 | BYU: 196.425
VT: Douglas, Carlson 9.850 | UB: Wilde 9.925 | BB: Youd 9.925 | FX: Snyder 9.925 | AA: Sullivan 39.200

No. 21 Arkansas at No. 42 Michigan State
Full Results | MSU: 195.550 | Arkansas: 185.275
VT: Deans 9.825 | UB: Lagoski 9.875 | BB: Westney, Douglas 9.900 | FX: Frederick 9.925 | AA: Deans 39.175

No. 59 Air Force at No. 23 New Hampshire
Full Results | UNH: 196.050 | AFA: 193.125
VT: Toci 9.800 | UB: Mulligan 9.850 | BB: Lauter 9.900 | FX: Calandra 9.875 | AA: Pflieger 39.050

No. 24 Iowa State, No. 29 Maryland at No. 26 West Virginia
Full Results | WVU: 195.950 | ISU: 195.725 | UMD: 195.450
VT: Sievers 9.925 | UB: Goldberg 9.850 | BB: Muhammad 9.875 | FX: Koshinski 9.900 | AA: Muhammad 39.400

No. 41 Ball State at No. 27 Eastern Michigan
Full Results | EMU: 195.950 | Ball State: 194.225
VT: MacDonald, Slonim 9.825 | UB: Valentin 9.925 | BB: Gervais 9.875 | FX: Menzione 9.875 | AA: Conrad 39.300

No. 29 Maryland, No. 67 SCSU, No. 53 Temple at No. 60 West Chester
Full Results | UMD: 195.225 | Temple: 193.650 | West Chester: 193.600 | SCSU: 191.275
VT: Faller 9.775 | UB: Phillip 9.875 | BB: Valentine 9.875 | FX: Valentine, Farina 9.925 | AA: Valentine 39.300

No. 78 Gustavus Adolphus, No. 76 Hamline, No. 70 Winona at No. 29 Minnesota
Full Results | Minn: 194.700 | Winona: 188.025 | Hamline 185.650 | GA: 184.550
VT: Williams 9.825 | UB: Holst 9.825 | BB: Gardner 9.900 | FX: Abernathy 9.875 | AA: Gardner 39.175

No. 44 Sacramento State, ​No. 47 San Jose State, No. 63 Seattle-Pacific at No. 33 UC Davis
Full Results | UC-Davis: 194.650 | SJSU: 193.875 | Sac State: 193.250 | SPU: 192.600
VT: Nogaki, Shepard 9.800 | UB: Rice, Michovska 9.825 | BB: Hayashida 9.925 | FX: Won, Soliwoda, Jones, Chan, Yektaparast 9.875 | AA: Brown 39.300

No. 62 William & Mary at No. 35 North Carolina
Full Results | UNC: 195.625 | W&M: 191.250
VT: Hedelund 9.850 | UB: Nettles 9.875 | BB: Hislop 9.875 | FX: Lane 9.900 | AA: Lane 39.300

No. 50 Bowling Green at No. 36 Central Michigan
Full Results | BGSU: 195.725 | CMU: 195.625
VT: East 9.875 | UB: Reis, Kaplan 9.875 | BB: Clements 9.900 | FX: Hilliker 9.925 | AA: Feely 38.525

No. 48 Pittsburgh at No. 38 Penn State
Full Results | PSU: 195.200 | Pitt: 193.525
VT: Tsang 9.825 | UB: Garcia 9.925 | BB: Medvitz 9.875 | FX: Tsang 9.900 | AA: Tsang 39.250

No. 40 Western Michigan at No. 56 UIC
Full Results | WMU: 195.300 | UIC: 194.200
VT: Northern 9.850 | UB: Northern 9.875 | BB: Peszek 9.875 | FX: Underwood, Northern, Hasanov 9.850 | AA: Northern 39.325

No. 52 Rutgers at No. 43 Towson
Full Results | Towson: 196.675 | Rutgers: 194.275
VT: McLachlan 9.850 | UB: Harada, Baker, McLachlan 9.800 | BB: Jones, Arduino 9.900 | FX: McKellar 9.925 | AA: Yarussi 39.225

No. 46 Lindenwood at No. 69 Centenary
Full Results | LU: 193.850 | Centenary: 189.600
VT: Sokolowski 9.825 | UB: Sokolowski, Alexander 9.800 | BB: Millet 9.850 | FX: Jordan 9.875 | AA: White 38.975

No. 59 Air Force at No. 49 Bridgeport
​Full Results | Bridgeport: 194.275 | USAFA: 193.975
VT: Lewis, Reimers 9.775 | UB: Campbell 9.850 | BB: Reimers 9.775 | FX: Reimers 9.850 | AA: Reimers 38.900

No. 57 Brown, No. 55 Cornell, No. 61 Penn at No. 58 Yale
Full Results | Cornell: 193.325 | Penn: 192.925 | Yale: 192.875 | Brown: 192.400
VT: Morant, Moore 9.825 | UB: Morant, Ryan, Green 9.850 | BB: Green 9.850 | FX: Morant, Buford 9.850 | AA: Buford 39.025

No. 66 Brockport, No. 79 Rhode Island, Ursinus at No. 75 Ithaca
Full Results | Ursinus: 188.825 | Brockport 187.725 | Ithaca: 186.550 | RIC: 177.900
VT: Brubaker 9.575 | UB: O’Braitis, Chavis 9.625 | BB: Puryear, Roth 9.800 | FX: Schaal 9.675 | AA: Puryear 37.225

UW-Whitewater at No. 68 UW-La Crosse
Full Results | UW-LC: 191.675 | UW-W: 191.275
VT: Wiekamp 9.725 | UB: Enright 9.725 | BB: Spankowski, Willett, Hutton, O’Donnell 9.700 | FX: Spitzmueller, Willett, Pickett, O’Donnell 9.725 | AA: O’Donnell 38.800

No. 70 Winona at No. 76 Hamline
Full Results | Winona State: 184.575 | Hamline: 183.150
VT: Tribbet 9.475 | UB: Reynolds 9.250 | BB: Hasebe 9.550 | FX: Jackson, Tribbet 9.650 | AA: Jackson 37.175

No. 72 UW-Stout at No. 78 Gustavus Adolphus
Full Results | UW-S: 185.350 | Gustavus Adolphus: 183.000
VT: Kopp 9.500 | UB: Nicholson 9.550 | BB: Huseman 9.500 | FX: Jondahl 9.625 | AA: Malo 36.700

No. 74 UW-Eau Claire at No. 77 UW-Oshkosh
Full Results | UW-EC: 185.200 | UW-O: 184.925
VT: LoCascio 9.450 | UB: Tkaczuk 9.600 | BB: Tkaczuk 9.500 | FX: Zurowski 9.550 | AA: Tkaczuk 37.200

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