2016 Top Averages and Biggest Scorers

By Elizabeth Jewell

The 2017 season is almost upon us, which means it’s time to draft your Fantasy Gym teams! To help with your research, take a look at last year’s top averages and biggest scorers in the NCAA (including every athlete DI to DIII).
Using data from roadtonationals.com from the 2016 season, we figured out gymnasts with the top averages for four events, three events, two events and one event. No surprises as Chayse Capps, Kennedy Baker and Ashleigh Gnat topped the various lists.
We also took a look at the biggest scorers of the 2016 season. Who got the most perfect 10s, who had the most scores above 9.95 and so on all the way down to how many scores above 9.8 gymnasts had. It’s a useful tool for those playing Fantasy Gym and interested fans alike.
For those using this data for Fantasy Gym research, note it is taken from last season’s stats, so some of the gymnasts may have graduated, transferred, medically retired or otherwise not be competing any longer.

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