Oklahoma July 2016 Training Updates

Friday, July 29
It looks like Stefani Catour might have a new beam dismount in the works: tucked gainer full from the end of the beam. Check it out here. 
Thursday, July 28
Sophomore Brenna Dowell showing off her UB skills with this Ray to immediate Tkatchev combo. 

Thursday, July 21
Incoming freshman Maggie Nichols is so ready for college gymnastics! Now she just needs to practice her NCAA salute. 

Working on perfecting my college STICK.□

A video posted by Maggie Nichols (@callmeswags) on

July 12
Freshmen Jade Degouveia and Brehanna Showers have arrived in Norman!

July 10
Freshman Maggie Nichols and sophomore Brenna Dowell competed at the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials.

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