Georgia June 2016 Training Updates

Wednesday, June 22
Incoming freshman Jordyn Pedersen is training a new dismount for NCAA — a super clean side aerial to full twist.

New dismount □#ncaahereicome #uga

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Tuesday, June 21
​Junior Natalie Vaculik getting back on bars — but ouch, watch those feet!

When you forget how to gymnastics & fail to realize there is a high bar□ #ilived #nobrokenfeet

A video posted by natalie vaculik (@natalie_vaculik) on

Monday, June 6
​Incoming Gymdog freshmen Rachel Dickson, Jordyn Pedersen and Sabrina Vega are on campus and ready to roll!

Monday, June 6
​Former Gymdog Brittany Rogers slayed at Canadian Nationals — best of luck in her road to Rio!

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