Future NCAA Gymnasts to Compete at Level 10 Nationals This Weekend

Level 10 gymnasts from around the country will flock to Texas this weekend to compete at the Junior Olympic National Championships in the same town that recently hosted the 2016 NCAA National Championships in mid-April. While some gymnasts competing remain uncommitted, the majority of the senior competitors already have their college plans set with a handful of those having already signed National Letters of Intent to represent their university as soon as next year. Find out which J.O. gymnasts are heading where.This is not a complete list of verbally committed or officially committed level 10 gymnasts. Not every university or gymnast committed to a university is represented on the list. If you see someone missing you think should be on the list, please comment below, Tweet us @NCAAGymNews or email us!

Wynter Childers: Region 4 (Sr F)
​Lexie Graber: Region 8 (Sr C)
Alonza Klopfer: Region 7 (Sr B)
Christina Berg: Region 5 (Sr F)
​Heather Swanson: Region 8 (Sr E)
Adra Parks: Region 4 (Sr D)
Taylor Lawson: Region 7 (Sr A)
Arizona State
Jessica Ginn: Region 1 (Sr F)
Cairo Leonard-Baker: Region 1 (Sr A)
Michaela Burton: Region 5 (Sr F)
Sarah Shaffer: Region 3 (Sr F)
Jessica Yamzon: Region 1 (Sr E)
Sophia Carter: Region 4 (Sr C)
Kailey Gillings: Region 3 (Sr B)
Sydney Laird: Region 8 (Sr A)
Katie Becker: Region 8 (Sr F)
Ashley Smith: Region 8 (Sr C)
​Drew Watson: Region 3 (Sr D)
​Boise State
Isabella Amado: Region 7 (Sr F)
Tatum Bruden: Region 1 (Sr C)
Cassidy Keelan: Region 3 (Sr F)
Kyana George: Region 3 (Sr D)
Mariah Peterson: Region 1 (Sr D)
Maleah Pearson: Region 4 (Sr C)
Victoria Salem: Region 1 (Sr A)​
Central Michigan
Sydney Williams: Region 8 (Sr E)
​Kennedy Rae Johnson: Region 8 (Sr B)
Maddie Karr: Region 4 (Sr F)
Courtney Loper: Region 4 (Sr E)
Lynzee Brown: Region 4 (Sr D)
Alexandria Ruiz: Region 8 (Sr A)
Eastern Michigan
Emili Dobronics: Region 5 (Sr D)
Kara Roberts: Region 5 (Sr A)
Charlotte Reynolds: Region 6 (Sr A)
​George Washington
Nicole Rogalski: Region 6 (Sr F)
Cydney Crasa: Region 6 (Sr E)
​Anna Worhol: Region 5 (Sr C)
Rachel Dickson: Region 5 (Sr F)
Ashley Foss: Region 7 (Sr D)
Rachael Lukacs: Region 7 (Sr A)
Rae Balthazor: Region 3 (Sr F)
Brittany Jones: Region 1 (Sr F)
Lindsey Dwyer: Region 6 (Sr E)
Nicole Biondi: Region 6 (Sr B)
Grace Gough: Region 5 (Sr B)
Tessa Phillips: Region 5 (Sr B)
​Erin Castle: Region 4 (Sr C)
​Iowa State
Laura Burns: Region 5 (Sr E)
Cassie Diaz: Region 1 (Sr D)
Sophia Steinmeyer: Region 7 (Sr C)
Mollie Korth: Region 4 (Sr C)
Josie Angeny: Region 7 (Sr A)
​Ella Warren: Region 8 (Sr A)
​Reagan ​Campbell: Region 3 (Sr D)
Kennedi Edney: Region 1 (Sr D)
Gracen Standley: Region 5 (Sr D)
Alecia Farina: Region 5 (Sr E)
Charlotte Cooperman: Region 6 (Sr C)
Emilie LeBlanc: Region 8 (Sr B)
​Karrie Thomas: Region 8 (Sr A)
Madison Osman: Region 8 (Sr F)
Maggie O’Hara: Region 8 (Sr D)
​Abby Brenner: Region 4 (Sr A)
​Michigan State
Ally Hoyer: Region 5 (Sr F)
Lea Mitchell: Region 8 (Sr D)
Anne Maxim: Region 5 (Sr C)
Madison McHale: Region 5 (Sr B)
Kristen Quaglia: Region 4 (Sr F)
Ryan Stach: Region 6 (Sr D)
Ona Loper: Region 8 (Sr B)
Aspen Tucker: Region 8 (Sr F)
​Trudy Schoepfer: Region 4 (Sr C)
Taylor Houchin: Region 4 (Sr E)
​Megan Thompson: Region 4 (Sr A)
​N.C. State
Melissa Brooker: Region 8 (Sr F)
Alexis Beucler: Region 8 (Sr F)
Drew Grantham: Region 8 (Sr E)
Lauren Kent: Region 8 (Sr D)
​Victoria Prati: Region 8 (Se C)
​Ohio State
Olivia Aepli: Region 5 (Sr F)
Nevin Adamski: Region 7 (Sr E)
Kaitlyn ​Gilson: Region 4 (Sr A)
Jade Degouveia: Region 8 (Sr F)
Anastacia Webb: Region 5 (Sr B)
Abigail Matthews: Region 5 (Sr A)
​Oregon State
Brianna McCant: Region 3 (Sr F)
Alyssa Minyard: Region 3 (Sr D)
Maela Lazaro: Region 2 (Sr D)
Kaitlin Yanish: Region 1 (Sr C)
Madison Dagen: Region 1 (Sr A)
​Penn State
Mikayla Waddell: Region 7 (Sr F)
Kristen Politz: Region 7 (Sr D)
​Alissa Bonsall: Region 6 (Sr C)
​Chloe Devries: Region 8 (Sr F)
​Southern Utah
Megan McBride: Region 1 (Sr E)
Ashley Tai: Region 1 (Sr D)
​Rachael Flam: Region 3 (Sr B)
Grace Glenn: Region 8 (Sr E)
Francesca Lawal: Region 8 (Sr B)
Missy Reinstadtler: Region 7 (Sr E)
Kim Tessen: Region 1 (Sr E)
Sarah Smith: Region 5 (Sr D)
Alexia Burch: Region 1 (Sr B)
Mikayla Magee: Region 3 (Sr B)
Utah State
Ellie Golison: Region 1 (Sr F)
Jazmyn Estrella: Region 7 (Sr E)
Mikeala Meyer: Region 7 (Sr A)
Leighton Varnadore: Region 8 (Sr A)
Evanni Roberson: Region 2 (Sr F)
Kelley Hebert: Region 1 (Sr C)
Geneva Thompson: Region 2 (Sr C)
Hannah Willmarth: Region 3 (Sr B)
Talia Brovedani: Region 1 (Sr A)
​West Virginia
Chloe Cluchey: Region 7 (Sr F)
Cassidy Cumber: Region 7 (Sr E)
Jessie Bastardi: Region 7 (Sr C)
Abby Kaufman: Region 7 (Sr B)
Sydney Marler: Region 8 (Sr B)


  1. Utah State
    Ellie Golison: Region 1 (Sr F)
    Jazmyn Estrella: Region 7 (Sr E)
    Mikeala Meyer: Region 7 (Sr A)
    Leighton Varnadore: Region 8 (Sr A)
    may be others…not sure

    1. Hi, Jen. Thanks for letting us know about those Utah State girls! We’ll work on adding them to the recruit list.

  2. Also missing from Michigan
    Lexi Funk: Region 5 (SR. E)
    Maddie Mariani: Region 1 (SR. A)
    Natalie Wojcik: Region 7 (SR. A)

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