April 5 Power Rankings

Power Rankings

Regionals are over and we know our 12 teams that will fight to the death — er, nicely — until one team walks out with the title. This week we rank the top 12 teams by which Disney Channel Original Movie we think they resemble most. Which team’s gotta kick it up and which is going zoom zoom zoom and making our heart go boom boom?As always, let us know your top 12 order and which DCOM you think each resembles in the comments or on Twitter. And if you’re a traditionalist, you can check out the official rankings on Road to Nationals.

Oklahoma: Zenon
Oklahoma’s gymnastics is out of this world. It goes zoom zoom zoom and makes our heart go boom boom whenever we watch the gymnasts perform. Every Chayse Capps beam routine or AJ Jackson chalcography we see makes us want to exclaim Zedis Lapedis! Oklahoma’s the cream of the crop and definitely our supernova girls.
Florida: Brink
Florida is the cool team on the block. Everyone wants to be it and everyone is striving to beat it. The Gators are basically the Sud Puppies, right? All we want do is blade, brah — er, do gymnastics.
LSU: Motocrossed
LSU isn’t an up and coming team anymore. The Tigers are national contenders. Just like Andrea Carson started out as a cheerleader, she worked her way up through the guidance of Dean and became one of the best of the best motocross racers. They both started from the bottom and now they’re here.
Alabama: Cadet Kelly
Bear with us with this one. Mary Lillian Sanders was accepted to Marine Corps Officer Candidate School. In Cadet Kelly, Hillary Duff goes to military school. That’s all we’ve got. But in all seriousness, Alabama is tough and hard hitting, doing anything it takes to win.
Utah: Smart House
Greg Marsden was the brains behind Utah’s success for over 40 years. So he was basically the house in Smart House. But now that he’s gone, the Utes are still trying to find their footing after being able to say, “I’d like a strawberry smoothie, please,” and it appearing right in front of their noses. The team has to get out from under Greg’s shadow and make its own name for itself the same way the family had to escape form the Smart House’s control.
Auburn: Johnny Tsunami
Johnny Kapahala left Hawaii where he was the king and went to a place where he was very much the underdog. Auburn is in a similar situation. The team left the afternoon session of the conference championships for the big girl group. Auburn (the Urchins) finally overcame Alabama (the Skies) this season to prove it might not be the underdog much longer.
Stanford: Geek Charming
Stanford isn’t just Geek Charming because it prides itself on being smart (yes, we know nerds and geeks are totally different). But in the movie, the leading male is transformed from geek to chic similarly to how Stanford transformed throughout the season from a hot mess to a nationals-qualifying team.
Georgia: Rip Girls
Rip Girls is all about a young girl trying to learn more about where she came from and her roots. Georgia is definitely trying to get back to its glory days of the Suzanne Yoculan era.
​UCLA: High School Musical
After Sophina DeJesus’ floor routine went viral, UCLA was the team everyone was talking about. When a person on the street thinks of NCAA gymnastics this season, they’ll most likely jump to UCLA. High School Musical is in a similar place. Everyone knows it, and it’s most people’s favorite. It may not be the best DCOM out there, but it’s definitely the most talked about. UCLA isn’t No. 1 but it’s definitely the most well known.
California: Cloud 9
Cloud 9 is one of Disney’s newest original films. California is new to the nationals scene, having finally made it to the big show this year after a few years being the up and coming team. White neither the film nor the team are established quite yet, they are still worthy of praise and have room to grow into something great.
Nebraska: Double Teamed
Nebraska has been riddled with injuries that depleted its depth and lineups this season. But it bounced back to make nationals even when it didn’t seem likely. Double Teamed is all about coming from behind. After moving and their new high school not having a volleyball team, the twins try out basketball. But an injury keeps one sister out of the big game. But she comes back and wins it all for her new squad and her sister and her go on to play in the WNBA.
Minnesota: Gotta Kick It Up
Minnesota started the season off scoring a mere 193 at its intrasquad meet. Pretty much no one thought the Gophers had what it took to make it all the way to nationals. But just like the squad in Gotta Kick It Up!, the team shouted “Sí se puede!” and made it happen.

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