March 1 Power Rankings

We are now into week two of RQS, but that doesn’t mean we agree with the rankings. RQS typically rewards those with a handful of high scores and not those who are consistent throughout. So this week Casey is our very own Abby Lee Miller and placed our top 15 teams into a Dance Moms pyramid. As always, Let us know who you have in your top 15 and where on Abby’s pyramid you think they belong in the comments or on Twitter. And if you’re a traditionalist, you can check out the official rankings on Road to Nationals.

The Top Tier
These are the teams that performed well last week and all season. If this was Dance Moms they would all be up for solos this week.
​Oklahoma- Chloe
Chloe is a beautiful dancer, and has everything it takes to be on the very top. She even does almost enough awkward squat choreography to be in the OU floor lineup. However, she can get outshone by the flashiness and reputation of Maddie. She does have the a quality that makes people want to root for her.  Just like Chloe, Oklahoma is a fan favorite.  They have what it takes to win, but will the judges see them for their talent? Or will the flashy Florida take the title again?
Florida- Maddie
Florida has the star power. Just like Maddie, they are eternally the favorites. They have been on the top of this pyramid for 3 years now, and despite their 2nd place ranking they are in a place to take the title.  They have an air of confidence that makes you believe they can win at any time. We are seeing a few cracks in their armor, and like Maddie, they aren’t invincible.  We have seen falls from Bridget, and a tough at home loss to LSU.  They need to come back with a fire this week, or they could lose their momentum going into post season. Let’s hope they don’t forget their floor routine like Maddie did in my favorite Dance Moms episode.
Alabama- Brooke
Brooke was the most athletic and talented trickster of the group. Like Brooke, Bama can show some of the most impressive and dynamic gymnastics in the NCAA. Brooke never got the recognition that Maddie or Chloe had, but she always delivered. Even if they are injured like Brooke, Bama has the depth this season to always deliver. That is why they are ranked 3rd. It’s this consistent quality that allows Bama to be a contender for the title every year. It’s why they sneak up and win the SEC title time after time.
LSU- Mackenzie
With their huge win over Florida this week LSU deserves their new ranking in the top tier. However, it’s always hit or miss for LSU post season.  Mackenzie moved from top tier to bottom tier many times during the show.  As the youngest, she needed to get more experience under her belt to truly shine. LSU spent the last few years getting experience under their belts as a top team. This year they need to finally capitalize on their potential and be in that top three. No excuses.
The Second Tier
These teams are doing well, but are still not good enough to be a soloist.
Trio Dance- Michigan,Utah, UCLA
These teams are having a good season, consistent, but nothing spectacular. They aren’t hitting those huge scores, and aren’t immune to a weak performance.  The team that has the best last few meets will set itself up to be in that coveted top six ranking. Of the three UCLA has the most room for improvement, but Utah also has some wiggle room in it’s scoring potential.  Michigan needs to get back on their consistency train, as the past weeks average showing is not setting them up for a post season climb.  Any team that wants to make super six needs to be getting better now so they can peak at the right time.
Duet- Auburn, Arkansas
These two teams are neck and neck. Abby loves to put together two similar girls and see who comes out on top. These two SEC teams have been having similar solid and consistent seasons. The real battle is for the second session at the SEC Championships. With Georgia having a inconsistent season, to say the least, this opens up that 4th slot to one of these two teams. Auburn made it to the second session last year, can they repeat? Or will Arkansas sneak in? This weekend will be a good indicator as both teams compete away against SEC teams.
The Bottom Tier
Boise State, Cal, Denver, Missouri, Nebraska, Oregon State, Stanford
These teams are stuck in the group number. No primetime for them.  Stanford and Oregon both had good showings during their Monday meet moving them up the rankings.  However, both need to keep up that streak if they want to be in a good position for regionals.  Boise State, Cal, and Denver are having great seasons for relatively under the radar programs. They still have a ways to go if we want to see them make it to tier 1 or 2, but I think at least one of these three will make a strong post season run. On a good day all three of these teams could take advantage of not stellar performances from the top tiers and work their way to nationals.  Missouri and Nebraska are in danger of dropping down if they don’t have a good next meet.  Georgia is looking to drop a beamplosion and OSU/Stanford could jump above them with another strong showing.  They need to dig deep these next few weeks.

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