2015 Social Media Awards

The NCAA gymnastics season is ALMOST HERE! And with technology allowing fans to be more connected than ever before, we decided to help out those of you still a bit behind on the times. If you call yourself a gym fan, you’ll want to follow these social media accounts in 2016.

  • Utah Twitter @UtahGymnastics
  • Cal Instagram @calwgym
  • Georgia Snapchat @ugagymdogs
  • Arizona Snapchat @gymcAtZsnap
  • Brittany Rogers Instagram @brittyrogers
In case you were living in a hole during the fall and missed all the great things happening on social media, we’ve got you covered with our inaugural social media awards! You can’t go into the 2016 season without first seeing these posts.
Instagram Caption of the Year
Writing Instagram captions has become an art. Yes, we know you are excited for the season that starts in a carefully calculated number of days and you just can’t wait to put on that [insert team name] leotard again. But there’s more creativity out there than that. Here are a couple of our favorites.​At first glimpse Talia Chiarelli’s classic Instagram post after team picture day appears to be like the thousands of others from college gymnasts nationwide. But then there’s the caption. Not one component takes it to the next level, but the sum of the parts — from the first words to the final hashtag — are sure to spark at least a smile. Like Chiarelli, Brittany Rogers frequently sets herself apart in the world of Instagram captions. Not only did she post a nice standing Arabian accompanied by some interesting dance moves, but she also tied it all nicely to the news of Morgan Reynolds’ recovery from an illness making it both timely and heartfelt.

dancing for @morgantreynolds and the function of her kidneys □□

A video posted by Brittany Rogers (@brittyrogers) on

Hashtag of the Year
Now we’re breaking down captions into smaller parts. Hashtags. They’re often overlooked, but can turn an ordinary post into an extraordinary one. Rogers’ #amanoway is innovative and matches her famous post-landing expressions. Bridget Sloan opted to go for a more I’m-going-to-make-fun-of-what-I’m-doing approach with her #somethingontheceiling. April Baker rounds out our top three with a witty, but logical, response to a corny quote.

landing this vault is almost as exciting as seeing my dogs □ #amanoway!

A video posted by Brittany Rogers (@brittyrogers) on

Honorable Mention

So tru Margaret!! #leapinghurtsmykneetho

A photo posted by April Baker (@aprilbaker_) on

Honorable Mention

Comment of the Year
Brittany Rogers makes an appearance for a third time, but on this post, it’s not for something she said. This award is dedicated to the comment of Sydney Soloski who sarcastically noted the young gymnast who appears to be a second star in this Instagram video.

I see you worlds!!!! □ #kindaolddogkindanewtrick

A video posted by Brittany Rogers (@brittyrogers) on

“@syd_soloski Glad you got ur freehip on highbar. About time jab”
Video of the Year
We’re not exactly sure what inspired this video of Taylor Rice, but it’s enough to make anyone laugh. Complete with a strong, but simple, caption that proves to be a nice complement to the tumbling in the video and the solid commentary in the background, this post has all the parts needed to take it to the next level.

2x all american on the floor exercise

A video posted by Taylor Rice (@taylorriceofficial) on

The I Post about My Dog A Lot Award
Most people have pets. And most people love their pets. But when it comes to posting on social media about pets, a couple gymnasts score high on the imaginary pet post frequency scale. We don’t mind, though.

My favorite dog wearing a trendy hat. I love him □

A photo posted by Tal (@taliachi) on

goodbyes are worth the hellos □ I am obsessed with my dog.

A photo posted by Brittany Rogers (@brittyrogers) on

Honorable Mention

The I’m Just Trying to Acclimate to College Gymnastics Award
We all know that the salutes in college gymnastics are a bit different than what club gymnasts are accustomed to. Florida freshmen Peyton Ernst and Alicia Boren decided to experiment with this unfamiliar salute and over-dramatize how extreme flexibility could change college salutes as we know them today.

College finishes got us like….

A video posted by Peyton Ernst (@peytonernst) on

There’s clearly more than 1 type of gymnast in the world……□

A photo posted by Peyton Ernst (@peytonernst) on

The Maybe We Should Stick to Our Sport Award
What better to do in the fall than try a new sport? However, it appears that these athletes might be a bit more successful when they’re flipping on a beam.

When you try to be like @ugawomenstennis □ sorry @ddurante5

A video posted by Morgan Reynolds (@morgantreynolds) on

It still baffles me that they haven’t put me on the track and field team yet…#putmeincoach #imready□

A video posted by Kennedy Baker (@kennedybaker17) on

I can share my secrets if you’d like

A video posted by Ivana Hong (@ivanahong) on

The We Actually Want the Rest of the World to See Our Gymnastics Award
There’s no better gift to gymnastics fans than posting videos of gymnastics (that’s really not too much to ask). These are the two teams that impressed us this fall with their abundance of videos!

  • Denver
  • Iowa State (now all we ask is that you stop using vertical videos)
The Best Non-Gymnastics Snapchat Story Award
While it’s great to see skills on teams’ snapchat stories, Georgia and its “home for the holidays” extravaganza, where most of the gymnasts posted snapchats of their hometown or club gyms on the team’s snapchat, was a fun idea.

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