Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re not sure what we’d do without gymnastics in our lives! So we decided to share with you all the things we’re thankful for in NCAA gym — with a twist!


T is for Tens on tens on tens (but not too many, please)
H is for High-fives — hundreds of them (even after crappy routines)
A is for Attitude turns — because who wants a boring 360 in passé?
N is for New freshmen trying to make their mark
K is for Krystals (go with it, OK?) on leotards that blind us with bling
S is for Senior Night where everyone gets a 10
G is for Grips unless you’re Dabritz
I is for Innovative choreography (hopefully)
V is for Variety in vaults that still start from 10
I is for “I just want to hit four-for-four and take it one meet at a time.”
N is for No more event finals — wait, we’re actually not thankful for that at all.
G is for Gymnastics. Duh.

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