New College Gymnastics Novel in the Works


There’s a new young adult novel set in the world of NCAA gymnastics in the works. The fictional story will follow the LSU gymnastics team and Cailee Hilton, a freshman, on hunt for the program’s first national championship. Hilton was one of the best level 10s in the country and was highly recruited coming into college. But transitioning from nearly a full-time gymnast to college student-athlete (with all the new experiences to come with it) is harder than she ever imagined.

The team faces pressure too. Entering the season ranked No. 1, injuries and other adversity threatens to derail the Tigers before they’re able to even get going. Perfect 16.0 is a story about hardship and triumph and new experiences.

The story is still in the outline stages but is expected to come to fruition in 2017 or 2018. But until then, the author is looking for the gymternet’s advice and ideas about the story. So if you love to read or just love having an opinion about gymnastics, fill out Perfect 16.0’s survey.

To learn more about the book, including a full description and the meaning behind the title, visit its website.

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