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Last Week in College Gym: August 21

Last Week in College Gym: August 21

There’s a lot that happens on the gymternet each week. So much so that it can be hard to keep track of it all. From training updates and COVID year announcements to recruiting rumors and coaching news, we don’t blame you for missing some important points here and there.

That’s where we come in. Last Week in College Gym is your one-stop shop for all the important headlines from the previous week in college gymnastics. No matter if you’re taking a social media break, went on vacation, or just don’t have the capacity to follow every single gymnast, team, and fan, we have you covered.

Newsworthy Items

  • Mariella Brueck announced that she’ll be going to Temple a year early for the 2024 season. 
  • Incoming Southern Utah freshman Rylee Miller was named a recipient of the Roland Michener award from the Canada Games. The award recognizes competitors who show leadership, cooperation, and excellence during the Games.

Training Updates

  • Rising N.C. State sophomore Madeline Reid is training a handful of upgrades into the pit, including a triple full on floor and a tucked full-in dismount, a layout full-in dismount, and a toe-on front dismount on bars. 
  • Rising BYU junior Heidi Schooley is working a front handspring front pike vault into the pit.
  • Incoming Towson freshman Retoshia Halsell is training a full-twisting double layout bar dismount into the pit.
  • Rising Temple junior Hannah Stallings is training a back handspring layout step-out back handspring on beam.
  • Rising LIU sophomore Logan Hinson is training a full-out bar dismount into the pit. 
  • Incoming Oklahoma freshman Addison Fatta is training a Lopez (Yurchenko half-on, layout half) on vault.

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