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Most Anticipated Freshmen on Floor

The most anticipated series is back! Since so many of the class of 2023’s elite gymnasts have deferred enrollment until after the Olympics, we’re switching things up this year by combining level 10s and elites into the same articles. We’ll also be a little more subjective with our featured level 10 gymnasts rather than only using data to determine who’s included. This week we’re looking at the top floor workers for 2024.

The Level 10s

Lily Smith, Georgia

Smith averaged a 9.900 on floor in her senior season, including two perfect 10s, a remarkable feat for level 10 which tends to have stricter judging than NCAA. She uses her dramatic and passionate choreography to tell a story with her floor routine, and her flawless basics and superior technique will likely lead to many more perfect 10s in her college career. Georgia will be thrilled to have the top floor worker in the country joining a lineup that is losing its top scorer in Soraya Hawthorne.

Delaynee Rodriguez, Kentucky

Rodriguez has the perfect recipe for being a college star on floor: difficult yet clean tumbling, well-executed dance elements, and an excess of energy that will appeal to audiences everywhere. All of Kentucky’s regulars in the floor lineup are returning in 2024, but Rodriguez–who earned a national title on the event in 2023–is definitely going to make a push to be featured late in the lineup.

Jamison Sears, Alabama

Sears had four scores of 9.900 or above in 2023, culminating in her third national floor title in May. She is an engaging performer who combines tumbling with dance with ease, and with the right choreography she’ll become a fan favorite in Coleman Coliseum.

Kyen Mayhew, California

A 2022 national champion on floor, Mayhew packs a lot of difficulty into her routine, including a piked full-in, a front double twist to front pike, and a double pike. Should she want to simplify her college routine she’ll have plenty of tricks to choose from. Cal is returning five of its six NQS earners on floor from last season, and she’ll be one of the favorites to make that sixth spot.

Creslyn Brose, Kentucky

Brose may not have the national titles that many others on this list have, but one viewing of her floor routine is enough to see that she has star potential in college. Her performance style is distinctive and memorable, and her tumbling is very clean, with straight legs and pointed toes throughout.

Madison Ulrich, Denver

Denver was ranked 26th on floor in 2023, an obvious outlier from the other three events which all finished in the top 10. On top of that, the Pioneers have the daunting task of replacing both Lynnzee Brown and Alexandria Ruiz. Ulrich will be ready to help ease the transition, with a gorgeous double layout and an abundance of energy throughout her routine.

Chloe LaCoursiere, Alabama

While she is primarily known for her work on the uneven bars, LaCoursiere has grown into a top all-arounder over the course of her level 10 career. The near-perfect execution and attention to detail she shows on bars is also evident in her floor routine, where she blends graceful dance with powerful and clean tumbling.

Elites and Internationals

Konnor McClain, LSU

Floor hasn’t always been the cleanest event for McClain, but in the elite world she is competing way more difficulty than will be expected in college. Her easier passes–the ones she’s likely to bring to NCAA–as well as her leaps show her potential on the event, with outstanding form and attention to detail.

Katelyn Rosen, UCLA

Similar to McClain, Rosen’s simpler passes show that she can thrive on floor with the lower difficulty standards in college. She’s also a great performer who will fit right into UCLA’s renowned floor lineup.

Addison Fatta, Oklahoma

With Oklahoma returning its entire floor lineup from last season, we may not see Fatta right away, at least not weekly. However, with her tumbling skills and the way she fully commits to her performance, it’s hard to imagine her not making an impact later on in her career. While we may not see it in college, her back two and a half through to a double back is particularly impressive!

Amari Drayton, LSU

Drayton has flown under the radar as an elite gymnast, but given the right routine construction and choreography she could be a crowd favorite in LSU’s floor lineup. Highlights of her routine include a sky-high double layout and a double back pass with two whips.

Keira Thornton, Bowling Green

Thornton is a natural performer who will stand out in the MAC. While her routine is full of solid tumbling, we’re particularly hoping she keeps her whip to double tuck pass in her college routine!

Honorable Mentions

Hannah Scheible, OklahomaWatch her routine

Olivia Coppola, IllinoisWatch her routine

Ella Zirbes, UtahWatch her routine

Sophia Esposito, Oregon StateWatch her routine

Julianne Huff, AuburnWatch her routine

Kaylee Bluffstone, FloridaWatch her routine

Holly Snyder, GeorgiaWatch her routine

Anne Challman, New HampshireWatch her routine

Natalie Martin, MarylandWatch her routine

Gabi Ortiz, Michigan StateWatch her routine

Emily Todd, PittsburghWatch her routine

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Article by Jenna King, Claire Billman, and Katie Couldrey

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