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College Gym News 2023 Preseason Poll

As we wait for the official preseason coaches poll for 2023 on Road to Nationals and all the controversy it will surely bring, we once again conducted our own to determine team rankings for the upcoming season in a similar vein to the AP Top 25 for college football.

Our methodology is simple. Each editor that wanted to participate submitted their top 36 teams for the 2022 season. Lists were submitted privately and no discussion was allowed beforehand to be able to produce as unbiased and accurate a ranking as possible. We then assigned a numerical value to each place, with each editor’s first-place team earning 36 points, second place taking 35 points and so on through No. 36. Each team’s points were then added up to determine the overall order.

The top 36, the point totals and the amount of first-place votes where applicable can be found below, as well as additional teams that earned points but did not make the top 36.

Does your order match up with ours? Where would you make changes? Let us know your top 36 in the comments or on social media! Finally, stay tuned for the announcement of the official 2022 preseason coaches poll on Road to Nationals, which should be released soon.

Finally, if you’re interested in the reasoning behind some of our decisions, stay tuned for our roundtable next week where we’ll share the thought process behind some of our choices.

TeamTotal Points
1. Oklahoma (13 first-place votes)640
2. Florida (4 first-place votes)631
3. Utah604
4. Michigan (1 first-place vote)601
5. Alabama571
6. Auburn540
7. LSU522
8. Missouri498
9. UCLA490
10. California452
11. Kentucky448
12. Michigan State446
13. Denver438
14. Oregon State396
15. Arkansas381
16. Stanford374
17. Minnesota364
18. Ohio State337
19. Georgia307
20. Illinois302
21. Arizona State298
22. Iowa286
23. Washington254
24. BYU210
25. North Carolina204
26. Southern Utah164
27T. Maryland163
27T. Boise State163
29. Arizona162
30. Iowa State157
31. N.C. State144
32. West Virginia77
33. Towson72
34. Nebraska59
35. Utah State56
36. San Jose State48
Other teams receiving points: Penn State (43), Central Michigan (30), Kent State (18), Western Michigan (15), Rutgers (8), George Washington (5), Fisk (4), Penn (3), Pittsburgh (3)

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Votes cast by Elizabeth Grimsley, Peri Goodman, Emily Minehart, Alyssa Van Auker, Tavia Smith, Katherine Weaver, Claire Billman, Savanna Whitten, Jenna King, Brandis Heffner, Rebecca Scally, Allison Freeman, Ian LeWarn, Tara Graeve, Emily Lockard, Mariah Dawson, Mary Emma Brambila and Sydney Seabrooks

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